love symbol… teman forever (prologue)

Hai guys this is shrilatha..i think u know me I am glad to be the first one to write ff on our favourite matter what even If they change everything and spoil it it will always be teman only for this ff will be only about will be different from the show..teni will be also different…aman will be a bhanushali..real brother of parth… so here it is..

A big house is shown..a young and dynamic man is shown doing workouts..a young and dynamic man is shown doing workoutshe was too good to watch he was shirtless and was sweating as if taking out his anger…
He wipes himself with the towel and moves towards a photograph..his face is reflected in the glass of the mirror…its none other than our aman…Aman Bhanushali…
He becomes emotional looking at the picture..
Aman: where r u shorvari…u know I miss u..I wish u could be here….I want to share my pain with u..he kisses the photo..
He keeps the picture back in the drawer..

It has been difficult for him to manage himself since 3 years..its been 3 years since SHE left him…everything just collapsed like a house of packs…
He closes his eyes..
A girl opens her eyes..she is folding some clothes..
Girl: this nanny ..she is supposed to take care of me..but I have to take care of her instead..her face is revealed to be teni..she turns around in hurry and is about to fall but someone holds was a young was young man..
The man: teni di..take care of ur self(this is played by parth’s brother.of the show..I don’t know his character’s if anyone knows please tell me)
Teni ‘s baby bump is shown..
Teni: thanks yaar….u r always there for one thing become my nanny..
He pouts..
He: where r u going..
Teni: for searching job..we need money to live na..
He: be careful..
Teni : haa.
She goes to a photo graph…which had garland…
Teni: see parth how difficult u made this life for me…why did u leave I am a single mother..I have to take care of our child alone..if u were here I would have not talked to u…but what to do I love u…
Epi ends with teman faces..

Precap: teman face off..
..guys don’t worry..its pure teman only..I love them..and sorry about parth..but his flash back will be there..
Okay this is not shrilatha she is not well I am her cousin posting this..she wrote this and I am posting this on her behalf..hope u like it.please tell through ur comments..whether to continue or no..

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  1. Pinkpearl

    i love AmNi

  2. Annie1

    Keep writing

  3. Didn’t understand a word. Please avoid posting if you can’t write properly .

  4. Presha


  5. i know you love teman and i also do but i love pari more than teman . So i really didn’t like that you made them aman and teni’s wife and husband other than that i really liked the story .

    1. Shrilatha

      No dear it’s amni and pari only….u need read more ..more is coming

    2. Shrilatha

      Never have I mentioned shorvari as Aman’ s wife or parth as Teni’ s hubby even I like parth and shorvari

      1. thank you so much and sorry for misunderstanding

  6. Angel_writer

    wow dear…actually i was searching for a story to read on AmNi/TeMan..n here i got it..
    loved the prologue…its awesome..
    eagerly waiting for the updates..
    can i request u something plzz…can u send me message when ever u update…
    thnq in advance

  7. Great keep going. Its really interesting. Will parth and shorbori be in this too? I can tell there will be teman nok jhoks coming up. Awesome prologue Dr.

    I think Parths brothers name is Suyog.

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