Love is the sweetest poison ever (promos)


NavNi and Fab5 are shocked as Harshad continues beating Manik and it gets difficult to make him away from Manik. Harshad was about to punch Manik but Nandini comes in between and stops him.
Nandini: Stop it, don’t u dare touch him, he didn’t beat u in return doesn’t means that he can’t, and yes if he hasn’t beated u so I will do.
Nandini punches him hard, half of his teeth breaks and falls out, Navya and Fab5 bursts into laughter while Nandini and Harshad give cold looks to each other.
.     .    .     .     .     .      .      .      .      .   
Aliya to fab4: Nandini did what she wanted to do, but bhai won’t leave her, he can hurt her.

Cabir: hmm but what was I saying that who gets so much love and care for someone just in one meeting? Nandini has met Manik just one day ago and so much care?

Manik smiles recalling what she did and this is noticed by them.
Cabir whispers: u have feelings for her already?
Manik glares at him.
.    .    .    .      ..   .     .     .     .      .      .

NavNi were talking when Harshad comes and forcefully joins them.
Harshad: hey guys
Nandini winks at Navya mischievously.
Nandini: hi my teeth less friend
Navya giggles.
Harshad: yeah whatever, I came to ask will u join my band?
Navya: why? Do we want to make fun of ourselves by singing with a teethless person?
Harshad: no no, I was just asking, OK I will find someone else.

Navya winks at Nandini and stops Harshad.
Navya: we will join ur band
Harshad: great, meet u later.

NavNi does a high five and laugh.
Navya: we’ll teach him a lesson
Nandini: yes
Fab5 looks on
.    .     .     .     .     .     .     .        .         .

After 1 week, its singing competition. Harshad and NavNi’s turn comes, Harshad goes alone on stage. NavNi doesn’t appears.
.    .    .     .     .    .     .     .     .     .     .

NavNi in car drives towards bar, they drink a lot and gets high.

What will happen? Will Harshad win? What will happen to NavNi, what’s between Manik and Nandini? Excited? Stay tuned.

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  1. Mindblowing promo can’t wait for updates pls update soon loved the promo

  2. Mahi13

    Interesting promos
    Plz update soon.

  3. Sindhu_Varma

    Super sally
    Nd sry for not commenting on the previous part I had some problem with my net ?

    1. Salley145

      Thnx, no prb

  4. Emmett Schrodt

    Insightful post by the way. I personally don’t think that human’s have the capacity to grasp what the true essence of love is because it’s an abstract and we are for all intents and purposes particulars or physical beings. That is not to say that we don’t have none physical attributes and that we aren’t non physical beings having a physical experience, but we are so bogged down by the physical world that we have little time to contemplate the nonphysical. I was married for a time to someone I did not love. Currently I’ve been in a relationship for the last 10 years with someone I do love. I think I did it backwards.

    1. Salley145

      What do u need to say? Say clearly

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