Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 9


Nandini’s POV:
I slept back after Manik’s call. It was just 5 minutes ago I slept and then the phone again started ringing, now it was irritating me, I m sleepy damn it! I picked my phone with closed eyes and threw it away.
Navya: Nandini, what r u doing, its ur phone.
I heard Navya say as I threw the phone.
Me: yr its again someone calling, I want to sleep.
I complained.
Navya: who sleeps at 6 in the evening? If u sleep top much right now, u won’t be able to sleep at night.

Yeah she’s right. Again the phone started ringing. God! I got up lazily from the bed and picked up my phone from the floor and it wasn’t damaged thank God. It was a call from unknown number. I received it.
Me: hallo….Harshad u? (She looks at Navya and she signs her to keep phone on speaker.)
I put my phone on speaker.
Harshad: why didn’t u come to college? If u would’ve come, we would’ve been able to practice.

He said angrily.
Navya: she was sick.
Harshad: did I ask u? Don’t poke ur nose in between.
Me:hallo teeth less man, she is also a part of our band
Harshad: (sighs) forget it, r u people coming tomorrow?
Me: yes coming, how much days left in competition?
Harshad: 1 week
Me: OK bye talk to u later

I disconnected the call and laid again on the bed.
Navya: why r u getting too much sleep?
Me: no m just lazy, Manik called me, and his answer is yes

I told happily. She hugged me.
Navya: m so so happy for u.
Me: thanks it all happened because of u.
Navya: Nandu, mom was calling for dinner
Nandini: yes let’s go.

We both went for dinner.
End of POV.

Manik’s POV:
I was playing my guitar nervously, it was like death is on my head and I m not sure what to do. I got a call and I immediately put down my guitar and picked the call, it was a conference call from rest of fab5.
Me: hello
Mukti: hi, where are u busy?
Dhruv: yes you only talk to Cabir.
Cabir: that too about his love story
I could hear a group giggle.
Aliya: guys let him speak.
Me: thnx Aliya…I m nervous yr, what to do, day after tomorrow is surgery, feeling heavy
Aliya: everything is going to be fine…lover boy
Cabir: how’s everything going on?
Manik: fine
Cabir: we’ll be coming to u on ur operation day
Manik: thank u m missing u guys a lot
We kept talking for an hour or so and I kept playing guitar whole night.
End of POV.

On the day of Manik’s surgery:
Manik in the OT, fab4 outside the OT. All were roaming here and there in tension.
Dhruv: I hope buddy gets fine
Cabir: I too hope so
Mukti sits holding her head in tension. Aliya keeps quiet.
Dhruv: when will it be over yaar?
Cabir: don’t know.

Doctor comes out: Manik’s surgery is successful, he will take time to gain consciousness.

Mukti: thnx doctor

He nods n goes.

After one week, on the day of competition:
Nandini and Navya in their room.
Navya: we decided not to go in competition, what to do?
Nandini: let’s have fun, go to the bar and get drunk.
Navya: but mom
Nandini: don’t worry we won’t drink too much that we lose senses
Navya: u sure?
Nandini: yeah let’s go

At the bar:
NavNi decided to have only one shot but they loved it too much that they drunk too much. Here they were walking here and there with blurry vision in front of them, stumbling on every step, not knowing what to do. Nandini stumbles, someone holds her.

Hey guys, I hope u remember me n my ff, college has started so its too stressful to write ffs daily…

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