Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 8


Nandini’s POV:
After crying for good 15 minutes, I pulled back myself from Navya’s hug and shut down the laptop. Manik is my new friend and I m feeling too much for him, I went and washed my face. I felt as if I m wounded on my heart greatly. I told myself that its because he’s a good friend but my heart kept shouting I love him. I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes, I wanted to sleep but it was far away from my eyes.
Me: Navya, I m going outside the house, m not feeling good, I will be back in sometime.

She nodded and I got up from the bed and went out of the room then outside the house. I walked slowly towards the swing and sat there looking at the stars. Cool breeze touched my face, I closed my eyes to feel it. A smile curved on my face. I felt better. I gazed at the stars and talked to them for hours. It felt like it connected me to Ayyappa. I prayed to him to make Manik fine I caressed the friendship bracelet he gave me and remembered his words, “Hold it in case u miss me”. Tears came in my eyes, I wanted to hug him right now. Plz Ayyappa, make him fine. I went back to my room and then somehow I slept. Next day I woke up with puffy eyes and they were burning too. I went to the mirror and saw my eyes fully red. Anyone will recognize I have cried. I decided not to go to college today and told Navya to not tell anyone about me crying last night. I slept again.
End of POV.

Manik’s POV:
I woke up and quickly made breakfast and got ready as today’s my appointment. I ate and went to the doctor nervously. After a long check up, he told me I have lungs cancer. Oh God, now there’s no way I will be alive. Don’t know how to feel. My another appointment for surgery was fixed after 2 days and I was given medicines for body pain. I went back to my home and sat on my bed. I got a call from Cabir. I received it.
He: hey bro, what did doctor say?
Me: he gave medicines and said I have lungs cancer, next appointment is after 2 days.

He: if u have any problem, tell me I will come there.
Me: no u chill, I have no problem.. How’s others?
He: they’re fine, did u talk to Nandini?
Should I tell him or not?
He: tell na
Me: Cabir, I have something to talk about her.
He: say?
Me: she gave me a letter (he told him everything that was there in her letter and asked him that what should he say to her)

He: do u like her?
Me: sort of
He: tell her, u don’t know u r gona live or not, do one thing, give her all ur time.
Me: u sure?
He: yes m sure.
Me: OK

Call disconnects. Next I picked her letter and dialed the number written on it hoping she picks up and she did after long.
Me: hallo Nandini
She: hallo (in a sleepy voice)
Me: its me Manik, did I disturb u?
She: no ways, I was waiting for ur call since long. So what’s ur answer?
Me: its yes, I love u too
I felt her smiling.
She: I have smiled first time today…by the way I know u have cancer.
Me: I couldn’t tell u yr, I didn’t feel like doing so
She: its OK. I will talk later.
End of POV.

Hey guys, now that my college has opened, I wont be able to update much, I hope u don’t mind, love u all, happy friendship day

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