Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 7


Nandini’s POV:
  After a long, hectic day, the college hours were finally over and I was way too tired to drive. I sat with Navya in my car and drove off from there.
Navya: u drive very well.
Me: thnx, but where do u live? I don’t know actually.

Navya told me the directions and I dropped her to her house and waved her bye. I was still there outside her house, don’t know why but I felt something is wrong with her. I opened the buckle of my seatbelt and opened the door stepping out and closed the door. It was a small bungalow, it had many windows, some were open and other were closed. I went to one of the open windows and peeped inside. I saw Navya standing there talking a woman whose back was facing me.
Navya: I don’t want to marry.

I heard her say this sadly.
Woman: u will have to do as I say else get ready for the consequences.

She said this and went, and Navya stood there crying. How can someone decide a marriage of a girl who’s just 17? No, I can’t let this happen with my best friend, I will help her. I pulled out my phone and messaged her, “Don’t worry, I heard everything that woman said, u do one thing, come outside, m still there, let’s run away from here.”

I pressed the send button and I saw her reading my message, she looked around and finally caught me looking through the window. I signed her to come out fast. She quickly came and opened the door of her house and closed it. We quickly sat in our car and drove off from there.
Me: who was she?
Navya: my mom
Me: why was she forcing u to marry?
Navya: she’s not my real mom, my mom is long dead, I wished to run away but where would I go?
She said with tears in her eyes.

Nandini: u can stay with me.
Navya: what if she gets to know?
Nandini: she won’t.

We finally reached our house and stepped down the car and went inside. I hugged my mom and kissed her cheek.
Mom: who’s she?
Nandini: she’s Navya, and Navya she’s my mom.
Mom whispered to me, “is she staying with us?”
She sounded happy, I nodded yes and told her everything.
Mom to Navya: beta u can call me mom if u want, and don’t hesitate to ask for anything this is ur house too, I will treat u just like a daughter.

Navya’s face lit up with happiness and I was happy as we will be as sisters. So we went to our room and I took my clothes and went to freshen up. Later we were sitting together.
Me: Navya, we joined Harshad’s band but how will we teach him a lesson??
Navya: we won’t go on stage on the day of performance.

Nandini: we won’t go college too that day.
Navya: hmm, did u talk to Manik?

Damn it, how did I forget him? But what has happened to me? Love too soon is not a good thing. I told myself several times.

Me: oh I forgot.
I took my laptop from the bedside table and switched it on and went to browser and went to Facebook, I searched for Manik Malhotra. I saw his pic and clicked on the profile link. I sent him a friend request and scrolled down on his wall. I saw many posts, happy and sad both.

1 day ago:
Leaving the country for the treatment of cancer, don’t know if I will be able to come back or not, I will be in touch with u all

That was his last post and as I read it my jaw dropped open, I felt a shock of 60 volts running down me. Manik has cancer…oh God. I got teary eyed and soon the tears were rolling down my cheeks.
Navya: what happen?
Me: Manik has cancer.
I cried a lot and she hugged me.
End of POV.

Manik’s POV:
I was sitting with laptop in front of me when I saw a friend request, it was of Nandini Moorthy. I accepted it and then I remembered something, I got a folded note in my back pocket which I forgot to read. I had kept it on my desk, I stood up and went to my desk and picked up the folded note and unfolded it. It said,
“Hi Manik, I want to tell u something about my feelings for u. Manik, I like u or maybe I love u, I feel good with u around me, I know its too early for us to be in love, I understand if u don’t want a relationship with me, we can be just friends. Tell me your answer soon, I will be waiting, Nandini.”

I got teary eyed reading it.
“Sorry Nandini, me and u can never become us.” I convinced myself to let her go, I dont deserve her, but deep down my heart, I knew I had same feelings for her.
Tomorrow is my appointment with the cancer doctor, I hope so that I live.
End of POV.

Author’s POV:
Both loved each other that too in such a short time, Nandini confessed and Manik too confessed to himself that he loves her but wasn’t ready to make her his girlfriend just because of cancer. He made his mind to let her go. But did destiny had planned their separation? Or their unity? Its said that loving too soon is wrong, but was it wrong for MaNan too? But if God wants that what can he can’t do? Maybe they unite, maybe they separate. But whatever happens is for good.
Dear readers out there, love carefully and don’t trust anyone blindly and don’t care too much, that too much can hurt u so much.
End of my POV.

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  1. Anandi

    Manan will unite…I hope so…desperately….it was such a happy and sad episode…both at the same time…keep writing dear…

  2. personally i loved thank you so much but plzz update asap plzz plzz update soon bcz i love 2 read MaNan

  3. Amazing loved your all update s keep going

  4. Mahi13

    Superb update. The way u described their emotions it was amazing. Hope Manan’ll be together soon. Update soon n take care :-):-)

  5. Sindhu_Varma

    i loved it

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