Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 6

Scene starts with Nandini thinking how to give Manik the letter.

Meanwhile Manik thinks to shift outside country 1 week before the appointment.

Nandini thinks to keep it in his bag by hiding.

Fab4 books tickets for Manik and his flight gets fixed for the next day, whole day in college MaNan can’t meet in college and Nandini also couldn’t keep the letter in his bag.

It was time to go home, she drives to her house with sad face. At night she was in her room when her mom calls her saying Manik has come to meet her. She takes the folded letter and goes downstairs outside her house. Manik greets her with a friendly hug, she hugs him back in a shock

He breaks the hug and tells that he’s going outside the country for one year and that he has come to say bye. He asks her to close her eyes. She does and he makes her wear a friendship bracelet with a pinky promise and peace symbol.

He asks her to open her eyes and she does.
Manik: I know we don’t have a special friendship but this bracelet is a symbol of our friendship, in case u miss me see this. Oh n yes keep it with u always.
She smiles and hugs him keeping the letter in his back pocket. Soon they broke the hug and he went.

Nandini goes back to her house and soon she slept. Next day, Nandini goes to college and meets Navya, they were talking when Harshad comes and joins them.
Nandu: hi my teethless friend

She mischievously winks at Navya.
Harshad: yeah whatever, will u join my band?
Nandu: do u think we respected girls will make a band with a teethless man like u?
Navya giggles.
Harshad: no problem I will ask someone else.
He was about to go but Navya stops him winking at Nandu.

Navya: we will join ur band.
Harshad: ok see u later.
He goes, Navya and Nandini laugh and does a high five.
Nandu: we’ll teach him a lesson.
Navya: yes

Guys, sorry for short update but I didn’t had energy to write today…bash me if u want, see u all later.

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  1. Sindhu_Varma

    After a long time u updated, hope u r doing well!
    And this part was awesome, no one will bash so chill

    1. Salley145

      Thnx Sindhu, m OK, I write 4 stories altogether so I write 1 everyday, ek saath kese likhu ?…I hope so no one bashes me…

      1. Sindhu_Varma

        I knw that u write 4 stories ?

  2. Mahi13

    The update was amazing. So there’s no chance that anyone will bash u. How r u? Take care n update soon 😀

  3. Tash

    Hey no one ll bash jst chill..u r an awesome u need to stay fit before if u write 4 ff!! Plzz take care n write aaram aaram tension..n stay…
    BT one question!! Do u REALLY WRITE 4 FF??????????
    I mean hatts off to u…how?? How do u manage to write 4 ffs and all sooooo good…u r too talented must say….keep going dear..n tc

    1. Salley145

      Thnx tash, yes I write 4 ffs jisme se ek completed hai, thnx for ur lovely comment ?

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