Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 5

Harshad and Manik get into a fight, NavNi and fab4 gets shocked and runs to them to make them stop. Everyone tries equally to separate them but Nandini tried the most. Harshad continuously beats Manik being on top of him and Manik too beated him but Harshad beated more. Now they were really angry. Cabir beats Harshad but he pushes him away and he ends up falling and getting hurt. Dhruv beats him too but he pushes him even, now the four girls were left. Aliya goes to Harshad, she can’t beat him as he is her elder brother so she tries making him away.
Aliya: bhai leave him na plz, for me
Harshad: for u? Why? Did you ever do anything for me? You left me because of them and now telling me to leave him for you.
She pulls him with all the force but he was too strong, Mukti and Navya too tries but in the process of pulling him their hands get tired.
Nandini: guys, move away, I will do your work
They look at her in shock as what is she up to?
Navya: Nandini you will get hurt
Nandini: no I won’t
She pulls Harshad away from Manik making him stand holding his collars.
Nandini: are you done with settling your scores? So its my turn now

Harshad: am not done yet
He was about to punch Manik but she comes in between stopping him.
Nandini: if he didn’t beat you doesn’t means he can’t, and if he didn’t beat you I will do.

She punches him hard on his face and half of his teeth breaks and falls out. Navya and fab5 are first shocked but end up bursting in laughter while Nandini and Harshad give cold looks to each other.
Nandini: I m warning u, don’t do this again else u will be totally teethless then. Navya, let’s leave.

She says to Navya who was laughing hard, Navya goes with Nandini and Fab5 were still laughing on Harshad who was standing there holding his jaw. Manik comes near him.
Manik: will u go or u want more?
Cabir comes forward.
Cabir: no he won’t go like this, the dose is still not over, he wants to be fully teethless.
Mukti: if Nandini didn’t do then I will do, my punches are also good, so do u want?
She says making a punch.
Aliya: Bhai go, I don’t want more fights, just leave.
She leaves from there followed by others.

Navya (still laughing): have u learnt karate? U give a brilliant punch

Nandini: I didn’t do like this before, I don’t know why I did this, I got a sudden upburst of care in me that too for someone who I hardly know.
Navya: u like him Nandu, I bet
Nandini smiles: yes I do Navya, I like him
She walks further with her smilingly.

Fab5 were roaming here and there but with silence. Aliya breaks the silence.
Aliya: Nandini did what she wanted but bhai won’t leave her, he can hurt her
Cabir: yes but what was I saying that who gets so much care and love for someone in one meeting? The matter is something else, she loves u Manik.
He smiles recalling what she did.
Cabir whispers: u got feelings for her already?
Manik glares at him.

Navya: why don’t u tell him Nandini?
Nandini: m not sure about him, what if he says no?
Navya: what’s wrong in telling him?
Nandini: I don’t want to lose my friendship with him, and he will get so many girls, he will forget me in all that, I don’t want any risk to fall in love.

Navya: u r scared?
Nandini nods in yes.
Navya: jab pyar kia to darrna kia? (Why getting scared when u loved) u should tell him, u r hesitant to say face to face right?

Nandini: yes, I won’t be able to do this
Navya: there’s a way, u can write to him
Nandini: I m still scared.
Navya: I will tell u what to write, come.
They go from there.

There were 10 minutes left for break to be over, fab5 were sitting together in the jam room.
Cabir: guys we r together so let’s jam, its been so long
Manik: OK

(I don’t want to bore u all with long lyrics, just writing everyone’s thoughts)
They sing daaru desi (cocktail)
Manik was all time thinking about Nandini and smiling like a fool. Aliya and everyone else were just singing the song getting lost in their sweet moments of friendship. None of them were in a relationship (I will show every couple’s love story, slowly slowly). They end the song and do a group hug.
Cabir: I never laughed too much before, my stomach is still aching, how is she such a champ in karate?
Mukti: exactly, no one dared to do so and she did it.
Cabir: u always say this only lady bheem, should I find a boyfriend for u?
He says teasing Mukti. She hits him playfully.
Mukti: I don’t want, I don’t like that stupidity of janu and babu I hate it
They laugh.
Manik: ignore him, I will find u one who will love u more and give less nicknames, I will try

Mukti: I hope he exists

Aliya: he will, there is someone for everyone
Manik: but not for me
Dhruv: u will get one too, make sure she is not a karate champ

He giggles and do a high five with Cabir who also giggles.
Mukti whispers: he is not in a mood to joke
Cabir: oh oh, Manik baba got angry
Manik: Cabir m serious yr, did u fix my appointment?
Cabir: oh yes, its after 2 weeks
Manik: thnx bro, miss me
Cabir: u will be alive, u will live, God will make u live, else who will i torture?
He jokes to enlighten his mood
Manik: u wont change
Mukti: yes yes u will live
They assure him and hug him.

Navya: all is done, now u just have to give him, u think all that
Nandini hugs her: thnx for your help
Navya: anytime

Hope u like it, sorry for no MaNan and less masti, just some episodes more

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