Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 4


It was 8 in the night, both Manik and Nandini were thinking about each other.
Manik’s POV:
I was sitting on my bed and all I could think about was either my death or Nandini, there’s something different in her. I met so many girls and never felt like this with anyone, why with her?

I was thinking all this when doorbell rang, oh God, who’s it? I m so weak because of cancer and every time I m resting this stupid doorbell has to ring. All servants were busy, I got up from bed and I peeped through the hole in the door before answering the one at the door. Fab5?! Why are they here? I don’t want to meet them, but who knows this is our last meeting before my death, I should meet them. I opened the door and they all hugged me.
Aliya: Why don’t u meet us?
Mukti: yes why have u stopped meeting us?
Cabir: he was busy with flirting with a girl
Manik: when did I?
Cabir: u were hugging her, u made her sit in car, u held her hand, u r fast, agree guys?

Everyone bursts out in laughter.
Manik: she met me today only and she collided with me and fell, I was just helping her.
Dhruv: buddy u can tell us, we won’t make fun of u, don’t tease him Cabir.
Manik: only u understand me.
Cabir fakes tears: dost dost na raha, pyar pyar na raha
Mukti playfully hits him on shoulder to keep him quiet.

Mukti: is Cabir right Manik?
Manik: yes
Mukti: who is she?
Manik: Nandini Moorthy, why? Do u want a target for your pranks?
Mukti: no
Cabir: chill bro we don’t have to do any pranks with anyone, we just want u back in fab5
Dhruv: yes
Aliya: yes Manik plz agree, and there will be some solution of ur cancer
Manik: there’s no solution
Cabir: there us a doctor of cancer who I know, and we will fix your appointment with him, and he has treated many patients like u

Manik: OK fine, I agree I should come back to fab5…so? Won’t we have a group hug?

Everyone smile and have a group hug. We remained like that for much time and finally came out of the hug.
Manik: I m tired, I want to rest, u all should go home
Everyone looked at each other and then at me. They shrugged and agreed. They leave and I close the door and went to my room. Nandini’s face reflected in front of my eyes.
Me: before I get attracted towards her and she too gets attracted towards me, and before it gets difficult, I will have to go from here ASAP.

Thinking all this, I slept. I woke up in afternoon at 12. Cancer has made my body very weak. I lazily got up from bed, and did a quick breakfast and got ready in a red buttoned shirt and black jeans. I know I look cute in every attire, he he. I brushed my hair and wore my shoes and took my car keys. I unlocked the car and settled inside and closed the door. I opened it and closed it again because I didn’t do it correctly and glanced at my house. I miss the days when I was a little boy and how my parents treated me like a prince. They went from this world and my life and happiness ended there only. I got teary eyed recalling their last day in this world.
As usual I was asleep and my mom (Nyonika) came to wake me up and I showed tantrums.
Me: mom plz na 5 minutes, I m ur cute baby boy and your prince na, let me sleep.
She laughed on me. She always said this when I was sad.
Mom: baby plz wake up, OK I will call ur dad.
I woke up with a jerk.
Me: no I woke up, mom when is our flight?
I asked as we were shifting to Mumbai from Dubai to our grandparents house.
Mom: in 2 hours, go and freshen up
Me: OK mom
So after 2 hours we were at airport and it was time for passengers to get seated in aeroplane. We all went inside and settled. All the journey was really good. After 3 hours we reached, we waited for a cab and told the driver the directions of the house. We reached and Mom and dad (Ramesh) went inside the house, grandpa and grandma greeted us with a hug and soon we were on the couch talking on random topics and I was eating my favourite parathas.
After a lot of talking, mom and dad had to go somewhere, I stayed back. They took so long. I couldn’t bear staying away from them so I insisted grandma and grandpa to call them. And when they called, they got a shocked expression on their face. The phone slipped from grandpa’s hand. I asked what happened. They didn’t say anything, they just told me to come with them. They took me in a car. After sometime it stopped outside a hospital.
Me: why are we here?
Again no answer. They again said to come with them. We went inside and after walking for sometime we went inside a room which was “morgue room”. I didn’t knew it’s meaning, I was little, 10 years old. I asked them many times what does this mean but they just cried. They took me inside near a bed with a covered body. I stood there blankly. They uncovered the body.
Me: mom!
I screamed.
Me: will they wake up grandma? Are they going forever? Why arent they listening to me? I know she will wake up, she doesn’t ignore my voice. Mom! Mom wake up!
I kept shouting shaking my mom. She was ice cold. My grandma caressed my hair as I cried. I asked where is dad, and next we went to another bed with a covered body and when uncovered, my blood ran cold. I was all numb now, I was calling him again and again, my grandma and grandpa took me away and I kept shouting. From that day, grandma and grandpa took care of me and when I was 16 years old they died. From that day I m all alone.
Fb end.

I was crying by now, I wiped my tears and drove off to college, I was a bit happy that I m dying, at least I will get my lost family back. As I parked the car outside the college, my friends were there waiting for me, they waved at me, I waved back. I locked my car and went towards them and a group hug took place. They make me feel like I m not alone. During the hug I noticed someone’s gaze on me, I turned my head to see who’s it. Nandini, she was gazing at me smilingly, I smiled back, she was wearing a white crop top and a white and pink floral maxi skirt which complemented her beauty. Her hair were hung down. I think I have already started loving this s*xy b*t*h.
End of pov.

Nandini’s pov:
Manik was looking so dashing in black jeans and red shirt, he attracts me alot. I wanted to kiss him right there. Control Nandu control yourself. Its too early ?

So Manik broke the group hug and was chatting with them, he had smile on his lips but his eyes said something else. Whats this pain, this sadness in his eyes? I wish i would have been able to ask him and lessen his pain. He kept glancing at me every now and then and i went from there shying away.

So as usual there was 3 hours of lecture and then a break. In break i was sitting with Navya and i told her everything.
Navya: first u become his friend, get to know him and then try to know.
Nandini: hmm thats right.

So we were talking and talking till a guy interrupted us. He was wearing an orange shirt with off white jeans, he had a face similar to a potato (sorry for this funny description), his nose was like a pakora and his face was similar to Manik’s size of face (i think i said alot, sorry to his fans).
Guy: hi guys, you both are new girls?
Me: yes who are u?
Guy: i m Harshad Saxena
Me: ohhh, I m Nandini Moorthy and she’s Navya Naveli…why r u interested in us?
As I asked this, Navya kicked me under the table.
Navya: if u want to say anything useless, go and say to someone else.
Navya said rolling her eyes.
(Navya is not coupling up with Harshad in my ff)
Harshad: that was rude, I just wanted to join u both, may I?

Navya kicked me again under the table and stopped me from saying anything as she knew I don’t like being rude.
Navya: no ways
“Hey go away Jerkshad(jerk+harshad)” a voice said from behind me, I looked back to see who’s it, it was Manik. He was boiling in anger.

Harshad stood up and held him by his collars and got angry.
Harshad: what did u say?
Manik: I said what u heard.

They get into a fight, Nandini, Navya and Fab5 froze on their place shocked.

Hey people out there, u r liking my ff right?

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