Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 3


Nandini falls in Manik’ arms and they have a cute eyelock. They keep looking at each other for sometime and notice people staring at them. They straighten and introduces themselves.
Manik: hi, I am Manik Malhotra

He forwards his hand for a handshake. She shakes her hand with him.
Nandini: m Nandini Moorthy

Both get a strange feeling in their heart as they hold hands. They slowly free their hands.
Nandini: so?
Manik: You are from where?
Nandini: Mangalore and u?
Manik: Mumbai

Bell rings, it was time for their class. After talking and becoming friends they go different ways.
All day in college was hectic, Nandini was going to the gate of college when she collides with Manik and falls on the floor twisting her foot.
Nandini shouts: can’t u watch where u go?
She stops seeing Manik.
Manik: u have collided and u r fighting? Never mind, I can help

He comes towards her and pulls her up taking her in a hug. Her hands travel to his back for support, his hands were around her waist.
Nandini: thanks for helping and sorry for shouting.
She says with her head on his chest.
Manik: its OK, come I will drop u
Nandini: no, I will go by my own car
Manik: how will u drive, u r hurt, I will tell my driver to drop ur car outside ur house, just tell which one is it?
She tells him the car and address and he takes her to his car and makes her sit with him on front seat buckling the seatbelt, he closes the door and goes to the driver seat and sits inside the car and drives off.
Manik’s POV:
Whole drive I just thought about my death, I m going to die because of cancer, but whenever I looked at Nandini, I got attracted towards her and forgot everything, I was looking at her while driving when a sudden jerk came and my head bumped to the steering wheel. Stupid me for not wearing seatbelt.
She: u OK?
Me: yeah m fine
She kept rubbing my head, don’t know why but I felt relieved.
Me: m fine, it was just a small jerk.
She bent towards me and buckled my seatbelt.
She: don’t forget to buckle ur seatbelt while u r driving, something might have happened to u.
I smiled at her concern, she is so cute, just like a doll. What m I thinking? She and me can never become we, I shouldn’t make her get attached to me. Soon we reached at her house, not house, actually it was a beautiful mansion but not beautiful than her. Pehla nasha, pehla khumaar hahaha. Uhh no more praising please stupid heart. I came out of the car and went to her side and helped her out.
I left her till the door of house and watched till she rings the doorbell and goes inside. I went from there to my house and asked my driver to drop Nandini’s car to her address, of course I went with him. Not to see Nandini but to make sure he gives the right car. So after a long hectic day I was on my bed. M so tired, this stupid cancer. Its said that good people die soon, but I m not good, why God? Why me? I will try to become bad, maybe then u will cancel my date to die. Huh, going insane. I looked at the portrait on the wall which had a boy with balloons of every smiley except a smiling face and a girl giving him the smiling face balloon.
This boy is me, and I dont think a girl will come in my life to make me happy, I have a short life. I wish I could feel the feeling of love, only once, even for few days. No girl is made for me.
End of pov.

Author’s POV:
Little did he know what God had planned for him? Manik was the person who lived alone, no family, he had just fab5. He was away from them also, he wanted to teach them to get habitual of being fab4 and not fab5. He went with them only for performance. He had planned to go out of country for 1 year, maybe he gets a hope to live.
End of my POV.

Nandini’s POV:
I went to my house and had a quick lunch and rested all day. I was just thinking about Manik, I felt good hugging him, he’s a cool guy. I layed down and didn’t knew when I dozed off to sleep. I woke up at night and picked up the jar of fireflies to express my feelings to them telling them about Manik. Guess what? They glowed, is he my true love? Maybe yes maybe no. But one thing I know for sure, I like him.
End of pov.

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