Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 2


Nandini comes back to her house smilingly. Her mom sees her smiling.
“What happen Nandu?”, her mom asks seeing her smiling completely lost.
“Found my true love”, says Nandini who was still lost.
“What did u say?”, her mom asks noticing her completely.
“Mom I will tell later, after dinner, OK, right now going to my room, m tired”, Nandini says still smiling and kisses her cheek and goes to her room.

(Nandini’s room)

Nandini keeps the jar of fireflies on the bedside table and sits in front of the mirror and removes her earrings and smiles at her reflection.
Nandini’s POV:
Who was he ? I couldn’t even see his face completely, I want to meet him again, after all he’s my true love, I know these fireflies can’t lie to me, but partially I saw him, cute guy he is, if destiny wants we will meet again.
End of POV

She takes out comfortable clothes from her cupboard and goes to washroom. She comes out wearing hot pink cotton nighty which reached her mid legs and looked beautiful as usual.

She goes out of her room for dinner.
“Mom, what have u made in dinner?”, she asks eagerly.
“Chinese”, her mom says plainly.
“Yayyy, Chinese, thank u mom, u r the best”, Nandini says praisingly and the trio (Nandini and her parents) sit for dinner.

They talk on random topics while eating and soon the dinner was done. Nandini was going to her room but then she was stopped by her mom.
“U promised to tell me the reason of ur smile after dinner, I mean that u were completely lost that time, I felt something different”, her mom asks with a straight face.
“Mom, u still believe that fireflies theory?”, asks Nandini dreamily.
“That true love theory?”, her mom asks raising her eyebrows.
“Yes mom, today I collided with a man while coming home and both of us touched the jar of fireflies and it glowed, I found my true love”, Nandini says with her eyes twinkling like a star.
“Nandu my baby, be careful, world is very cruel and u r very innocent, don’t ever trust anyone blindly, anyone can fool u”, says her mom concerned.
Nandini sits beside her and hugs her. “Mom, I will take ur advice seriously, and don’t worry, if anyone does that I will punch that man right on his face”, Nandini says and her mom smiles.
“U r mad, now go and sleep, u have college tomorrow”, her mom orders.
“OK mom good night sweet dreams”, she goes kissing her cheeks.
She goes to her room and lays down switching off the lights, she hugs a pillow like a child and soon drifts into sleep.

A big lavish mansion named as Malhotra mansion is shown.

A boy is sitting in his room with his back resting on bed board.
Boy: When will this tension end? Tomorrow is college and then after some days I have to go out of country, don’t know if I will ever come back from there, now me, myself, Manik Malhotra the handsome hunk is going to die soon.

He says chuckling on his own thought. He sleeps turning off his phone. God knows why he said he’s going to die. Soon, it was morning. Nandini wakes up after her alarm rings, she goes to freshen up and comes out wearing blue zebra striped tank top paired with black shorts, casual jewelry and black shoes and grabs her clutch with house keys and car keys.

She goes out of her room downstairs and does a quick breakfast, she goes bidding bye to her parents. She goes out of her house and unlocks her girly pink car and sits on driving seat.
Nandini: its fun to drive.

She drives to space academy and soon she reached, she opens the door and steps down the car, she locks the car and goes towards the gate of college, every boy was staring at her.

As she steps inside the college she goes through the hall and someone palms her eyes.
Nandini: who’s it?
Navya: its me. Remember we met that day?
Nandini: yes, so u got admission?
Navya: yes.

They were going through the college talking when Nandini collides with Manik and falls in his arms, they have an eyelock.

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