Love Is The Sweetest Poison Ever chp 19


Next day, in space academy, Navya enters in the college with Nandini.

Navya: I m a bit nervous.
Nandini: nothing will happen…chill

They walk inside and just then fab5’s jeep stops outside the gate of space academy. They all step down and make a stylish entry. Navya and Nandini continues walking inside.

Cabir: Bhabhi ji
Manik: mine is also there

He giggles. Manik goes and holds Nandini’s hand pulling her away from Navya and signs her to be quiet. Cabir goes and walks behind Navya. She doesn’t notices Nandini gone. Manik and Nandini walks on one side, Dhruv and Alia behind them and Mukti walks alone. Abhimanyu comes behind her and palms her eyes.

Mukti: who’s it?

He doesn’t replies.

Mukti: look stop messing with me.

Abhimanyu moves his hands away from her eyes and comes in front of her.
Abhimanyu: oh really?
Mukti: u?
Abhimanyu: now we are friends, aren’t we?
Mukti: yes so?
Abhimanyu: so let’s meet often and get to know each other what say?
Mukti: yes sure.
Abhimanyu: by the way u have beautiful eyes.
Mukti smiles: thnx

She goes, he smiles. Manik and Nandini walk holding hands.

Nandini: what r u up to?
Manik: I want ur best friend and my best friend to propose each other.
Nandini: oh, Navya is nervous, Cabir is frank enough to do that
Manik: don’t know who will do it first.

Navya: Nandu m thinking to go and talk to Cabir right now, can’t wait more
Cabir: about what?

Navya turns and sees everyone walking separately, she sees Nandini away from her with Manik and Cabir behind her.
Navya: Cabir I

She lowers her eyes in nervousness.

Cabir: I what?
Navya: I love u
Cabir smiles: u what?
Navya: I love u

Fab4 and Nandini claps and Cabir smiles at Navya whose eyes were down, he makes her look at him.

Cabir: I love u too.

He says enthusiastically and lifts her giving her a twirling hug.

He puts her down. Nandini comes to her.
Nandini: I told u that u can do it.

They have a hug. Later in cafeteria, fab5 were on one table and Navya and Nandini on other table.
Navya: it’s feeling so good.
Nandini: same here.

Cabir calls Navya from his table. She excuses herself and goes to him. He stands up from the table and takes her to a side.
Navya: what happen?
Cabir: let’s go on a long drive today at night, what say?
Navya: ok
Cabir: I will meet u outside your house at 8.
Navya: ok

She was about to go, he pulls her and gives her a quick kiss on her cheek and goes while she stands there blushing. Manik sits beside Nandini.
Manik: cutie pie
Nandini: hmm
Manik: love birds united
Nandini: so?
Manik: party time
Nandini: but only with u
Manik: done

He moves closer to her and kisses her cheek.
Nandini: stop acting like a child
Manik: aww now i cant even kiss my gf

He makes a cute pout and goes, Nandini smiles.

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