Love Is The Sweetest Poison Ever chp 18


Everyone go to Manik’s room as the party only had the rest of Fab5 and NavNi. They sit in a circle on the couches present in his room with a table in between. Manik and Dhruv on two seater couch, Cabir and Mukti on another couch, Alya on armchair and NavNi on one couch. Cabir spins the bottle and the top of it points at Navya and the bottom points on Manik.
Manik: truth or dare?
Navya: (in her mind) if I take dare, I m not safe and even if I take truth, I m not safe, what to do? (After thinking for sometime she finally says) Dare

Manik raises his eyebrows at Cabir and looks back at Navya.
Manik: u and Cabir have to look in each other’s eyes without blinking, once anyone of u blink, they’ll be out

He winks at Cabir, Navya feels her face getting hot by shyness.
Manik: your time starts now.

Cabir and Navya stare into each other’s eyes, her eyes gets irritation but she keeps them open, Cabir blinks intentionally seeing this.
Manik: u were really gud at it, now what happened?
Cabir signs him with his eyes about Navya and Manik curves his lips into a perfect o shape teasingly.

Mukti spins the bottle and the top of it points at her and Nandini.
Mukti: truth or dare?
Nandini: truth
Mukti: what made u love this lion?
Nandini: excuse me?
Mukti: hehe, I mean Manik
Nandini: firstly his looks, second thing I don’t know
Mukti: oh (whispers to Cabir) their story is like beauty and the beast.

He giggles.
Manik: stop whispering, will u plz?
Cabir continues laughing.
Mukti: ok
She playfully punches Cabir asking him to stop, he does.

Dhruv spins the bottle and the top points at Alia and the bottom points at him.
Alia: truth or dare?
Dhruv: dare
Alia: u have to drink 6 shots
Dhruv: seriously?
Alia: u chose the dare

He helplessly stands up and brings beer bottles from kitchen and drinks 6 shots and sits with a jerk. After sometime the game ends and they head home, NavNi in one car, DhruLya in one car and MukBir in one car.
Navya: Nandu, Cabir loves me a lot, he intentionally blinked seeing me getting irritation, did u notice?

Nandini: yes I did, so u accept his love? Don’t say anything forcefully.

Navya: yes, I will give it a chance.

Nandini: I m very happy for u.

In MukBir’s car:
Mukti: so lover boy, r u moving on or waiting for her?
Cabir: she didn’t reply yet
Mukti: how does it feels to be in love?
Cabir: very great
Mukti: y u intentionally lost?
Cabir: her eyes werent ok
Mukti: ohhh someone is in deep love

They laugh.

In DhruLya’s car:
Alya was driving the car, Dhruv was totally drunk now. She drives to his house and applies a brake, she comes out of the car and goes to his side.
Dhruv: helloooo beautiful

She pulls him out balancing him by his waist and takes him to the door taking the keys out of his pocket.
Dhruv: beauty beauty, y u don’t say anything?
Alya: u r too drunk
Dhruv: no I love u, u r just so cool, what to do?
Alya: sleep

She lays him on bed and pulls the bedsheet on him. She was going when he pulled her, all her hair come in front.
Dhruv: love u

She goes.

Cabir drops Mukti to her house and she finds a note outside the door with a rose over it.
“Hey beautiful, why not we meet tomorrow?”….unknown

She throws them and goes inside. Cabir goes to his house and thinks about Navya all the time. Manik calls Nandini.
Nandini: hallo
Manik: was this the serious reason?
Nandini: yes
Manik: seriously?
Nandini: it eventually just happened.
Manik: oh so tomorrow is no college? Mind if we go for an outing?
Nandini: yeah sure

Call disconnects. Navya too thinks about Cabir all the time. Love is really beautiful, it’s really the sweetest poison ever that makes your life beautiful.

[A/N: This story is not ending anytime soon so chill ?]
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