Love Is The Sweetest Poison Ever chp 14 to 16 combined

Everyone looks at Cabir confusingly as he doesn’t sings on his turn.
Manik: what happen bro? Y r u so lost?
Cabir: nothing just need some rest

He says with a faint smile.
Mukti: tell na what is it? Do we look like ghosts to u that we will eat u up?

Cabir giggles.
Cabir: no no…can I tell later?
Manik: yes u can
Cabir: i want to eat something…someone coming?
Mukti: Cabira the bhukkar is back…m coming
They both go from there.
Manik: hey buddy…what u think about Cabir’s behavior?
Dhruv: he’s bothered about something, remember the morning gathering in front of the soft board with the camcorder and their video played? The deal got ended but i saw how sad he felt, let’s go talk to him about it.
Manik: yeah let’s go..Aliya, coming?
Aliya: yeah sure

The trio leaves as well. In the cafeteria, while trying to spot Cabir and Mukti, Manik sees Nandini laughing and chilling out with Navya, but Navya was just too lost. It seemed like she also felt the same as Cabir. His thoughts were broken by Dhruv’s voice and he realizes he was in deep thoughts staring straight at Nandini and blushes a little.
Dhruv: Manikkkkkk?
Manik: yeah, when did u started calling me by my name?
Dhruv: what to do? U r the one who made me do this, calling u from so long, not answering me, who r u looking at? I found Cabir…let’s go

He pulls him taking him from there and they sit on the table where there was Cabir.
Cabir: the others were also hungry but they were shy to tell us.

He whispers to Mukti and they giggle.
Manik: What r u giggling at?
Mukti: u
Manik: y?
Mukti: he’s saying u…
Cabir: shut up Muku, tell Manik what u saying?
Manik: feeling bad?
Cabir: about what?
Manik: Navya
Cabir: yes a lot…want to say something about it…arz kia hai…usey na thi mere pyaar ki khabar, wah wah, usey na thi mere pyaar ki khabar, gazal galat hogai rubber do rubber

All start laughing.
Manik: u can’t distract us, tell clearly n we will tell u solution
Cabir: while acting, I had a feeling not to let her go, don’t know what is it about, even if there is friendship it will be ok
Manik: u can ask her for friendship then, what say?
Cabir: I will try but if she won’t agree, I m going to sing a song for her than, in front of her…done?
Manik: ask her haha
Cabir: not funny
Manik: I will keep Nandini with me, then u ask her aaram se ok
Cabir: OK

Manik stands up and goes to NavNi’s table. Navya was gone to take her food.
Manik: hi girlfriend
Nandini: hi boyfriend.
Manik: will u mind joining us on our table?
Nandini: sure

She stands up picking her bag.
Nandini: but Navya?
Manik: to be honest, she’s not coming with us…will u mind if Cabir and Navya talk in loneliness? Think about them, they are not feeling good.

Nandini: ok

She goes and sits with them while Cabir goes to the table where Nandini came from and waits for Navya to come back. Navya comes and sits there next to Cabir.
Navya: Nan… Cabir what r u doing here? Where’s Nandini?
Cabir: listen to me for once….she’s on our table, if not lovers, can we be friends?
Navya: not sure
Cabir: anything wrong with me Desi girl?
Navya: no…not ready
Cabir: I m talking about friendship yr…what kind of excuse is it?
Navya: no means no
Cabir: don’t blame me later than
Navya: for what?
Cabir goes and brings Manik’s guitar. He plays a romantic music looking straight in her eyes and everyone hoots, Navya looks here and there and goes, Cabir follows her starting to sing.

This is my story
This is what I feel everyday.. So lonely!

In my city, I am alone
Main hi na janoon
Ke main hoon kaun
I love you lady, please be mine
Jo haan tu kar de
Then I’ll be fine

He sings following Navya coming in front of her again n again.

In my city (city)
I am alone (alone)
Main hi na jaanun (jaanun)
Ke main hoon kaun (kaun)

I love you lady (lady)
Please be mine (mine)
Jo haan tu kar de (kar de)
Then I’ll be fine (fine…)

Din ho chaahe raat ho
Rahe yeh bas aashiqui ka maara
Hai apna dil to awara (x2)

In my city (city)
I am alone (alone)
Main hi na jaanun (jaanu)
Ke main hoon kaun (kaun)
I love you lady (lady)
Please be mine (mine)
Jo haan tu kar de (kar de)
Then I’ll be fine (fine..)

Baaton baaton mein woh kya baat ho gayi
Ajnabi si khalbali saath ho gayi
Dil ki jeet par meri maat ho gayi, maat ho gayi
Lab khule nahi magar aankhon se yeh kar gaya ishaara
Hai apna dil to aawara

Din ho chaahe raat ho
Rahe yeh bas aashiqui ka maara
Hai apna dil to awaara

He sits down kissing her hand, she looks away.

Mausam aaj toh bada beqarar hai
Aise mein mujhe tera intezar hai
Kar le ishqbaziyan din hi chaar hai
Din hi chaar hai
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Teri hi beqaraari mein bichara
Hai apna dil to awara

Din ho chaahe raat ho
Rahe yeh bas aashiqui ka maara
Hai apna dil toh aawara

Hai apna dil to awaara

He ends the song and Navya looks on teary eyed.Navya: does this song calls for friendship?

She asks raising her eyebrows at him.
Cabir: no it doesn’t, but the truth is that I love u.
Navya sighs.
Navya: I don’t want to talk about it.
Cabir: so tell me that u don’t have any feelings for me?

Navya is speechless.
Cabir: unable to say? I saw u were sad, u ended it because Nandini said so, tell me what u want?
Navya: I felt uneasy while ending this.
Cabir: so? U want to stay with me or not?
Navya turns to go, he holds her arm, she tries to make him leave but his grip tightens.
Navya: OK, I don’t want to end it, I want to be with u, but I don’t want that my friendship gets ruined in all this.

She again turns to go, he pulls her.
Cabir: she cares about u, don’t u think u should think about yourself?
Navya: for now, leave me alone.

She runs from there, Nandini goes after her. Navya runs upstairs and goes to terrace, tears come in her eyes as she is confused on what to do. She looks up in the sky.
Navya: Mata Rani, I shouldn’t have made that deal, what have I gotten myself into? Nandini was right, love shouldn’t be like this.

Nandini comes and puts her hand on her shoulder, Navya turns.
Nandini: give it a break, u will get to know what to do, don’t rush.

Navya hugs her. Later it was time to go home, Nandini meets Manik.
Manik: hey, what about we share a kiss before going?
Nandini: OK

They have a lip lock, he holds her waist and she encircled her arms around him, she parts away and blushes going away. Nandini with Navya drives back to home. Little did they know what’s waiting for them at their house?

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