Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 10


Nandini stumbles and someone holds her. “Who’s it?”, says Nandini in an inebriated state not able to see clearly. “You need help, you are too much drunk, come both of you, I will drop you to your house”, says the person and Nandini senses something touching him. “Who are you? Have I met you?”, Nandini asks stumbling again and falls, the person holds her. “Look please come with me, you need help,” says the manly familiar voice. “And if you try to kidnap us then I will beat u”, says Nandini showing him her fist.

“Come”, he says and takes then outside the bar, Nandini sits on the front seat and Navya on the backseat. He too sits inside and drives the car. “Looks like you know where we live”, Navya says doubtfully. “Oh yes tell me where you live?”, he asks them. Nandini and Navya tells him directions and he drops them till the door, then they went on their own.

Nandini and Navya goes to their bedroom and Nandini immediately runs to bed laying down, Navya does the same. “Who was he? Why did he looked so familiar?”, asks Nandini to herself in her mind but sleeps as she was too drunk. Its morning, the sun shone brightly, Nandini hides her face but her alarm rings and she switches it off. She gets up holding her head and wakes up Navya as well. “Navya, wake up, its college today”, she says in a sleepy voice. “I don’t want to go”, says Navya. “Please”, Nandini insists.

“I m not going,” Navya says. “OK fine,” says Nandini and goes to freshen up. She gets ready in a red net dress which reached her knees, she keeps her hair in front from both sides and does natural make up with black wedges. It was a casual day but still she felt like getting ready in this way, she gets flashes of the day before and the familiar person. She wonders who was he.

She takes her bag and does quick breakfast and goes to college by driving. As soon as she reached parking the car stepping out, every eye was on her as if she’s an alien. But it didn’t matter, she went straight to the college building through the corridors. Soft music played from one of the rooms around her on a little distance.

She keeps walking following the music and a familiar voice sung in his usual style:
Zara nazar utha k dekho
Betthay hain hum yahin
Bekhabar humse kiun ho?
Itne bure bhi hum nahi

She finds the source of music and goes to a jam room, there was a man with his back turned towards her, unknowingly a smile curved on her lips. The man on sensing her presence turns to her and on seeing him, Nandini smiles brightly. It was Manik. He continues singing the song.

Zara nazar utha k dekho
Betthey hain hum yahin
Bekhabar humse kyun ho?
Itne bure bhi hum nahi,
Teri aankhon ka jadoo puri dunia mein hai,
Dunia ki is bheer mein sabse peechhe hum khade

He stands up while still playing the music of between the stanzas and goes towards Nandini slowly wiping her tears of joy which she had shed.

Mehfilein aai or gai,
Log aaye or Gaye,
Tum Jo aaj aye ho,
Dil mein ho bas Gaye

She smiles.

Muskura k baat taalo na
Phir milogay Jo kahin
Dekhna yun hi kaho gay
Itne bure thay nh
Teri aankhon k jadoo puri dunia mein hai
Dunia ki is bheer mein sabse peechhe hum khade

He sofly kisses her forehead and puts down the guitar while the rest of the song plays in the background. He forwards his hand and she places her hand on his palm and he holds her hand, he keeps her hand around her waist and she keeps her hand on his chest.

Zamane ki baaton mein uljho na
Hai yeh aasan Jan na
Khudse Jo agar tum poocho hai hum tumhare k nahi

They dance according to the song.

Teri aankhon ka jadoo puri dunia mein hai
Dunia ki iss bheer mein sabse peeche hum khade

He twirls her twice and his front touches her back, they were still holding hands having a romantic eyelock as the song ends. “I missed you Manik,” says Nandini in the same position. “I also missed u,” he replies smiling at him and she gets blurry flashbacks of the unknown person who helped them in the bar.

“Did u come back yesterday?,” asks Nandini curiously. “Yes, I even…,” he stops in between. “Was it you who dropped us home when we were drunk?”, she asks. “Yes it was me, I didn’t told u that time I wanted to surprise you,” says Manik. “And you are really good at it,” she says praisingly.

“Thanks, I love u Nandini, forever”, he says huskily. “I love u too Manik,” she says and hugs him smilingly.

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