Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 1


A girl is sleeping on her bed when her alarm rings, she gets up and switches off the alarm. She takes out her clothes and goes to take bath, she comes out wearing a coral pink top and white jeans with matching jewelry, her hair were pulled back in a ponytail.

She wears her slippers and goes out of her room downstairs.
“Good morning mom,” she says with a bright smile.
“Good morning Nandini”, she says greeting her back.

Nandini Moorthy~ kind girl with cute looks, smile is always there on her lips, hopeful girl, never gives up on people, loves fireflies and her family to the core, believes in love, single.

She sits on the dining table and eats quickly and chokes. Her mom gives her water.
“Eat slowly, food won’t go anywhere”, says her mom concerned.
“Mom if I won’t eat quickly, I will be late, today I have to go for admission”, Nandini says while eating.
“OK now don’t speak while eating”, her mom says scoldingly.

Nandini makes a sad pout. Her mom laughs on her childish expression. Soon the breakfast was over and Nandini goes bidding bye to her mom. She reaches the college Space Academy, all the formalities of admission were done and the news that she has got admission made her jump in joy. The people giggles on her and she stops jumping, she goes from there and bumps into a girl.
“Sorry”, Nandini said apologetically.
“Its ok, did u get admission?”, asks the girl who Nandini just met.
“Yes”, Nandini exclaims.
“I am so tensed about it”,the girl says tensely.
“U will get it, no worries”, Nandini replies giving her hope.

“Tere munh mein ghee shakar, by the way I am Navya Naveli”, she says introducing herself forwarding her hand for a handshake.

Navya Naveli~ Town girl, in other words u can call her Hindi dictionary ?, singing is her passion.

“Nandini Moorthy”, says Nandini holding her hand.
“So friends?”, Navya asks.
“Yes of course, ok so now I am going good luck, see u around, bye”, Nandini says with a smile and waves her bye.
She reaches her home.
“Mom”, she exclaims and runs to the kitchen, “mom I got admission”, she says happily.

“Congrats beta”, she says with a smile and Nandini goes from there.

Later that day, Nandini talks to her friend Inaara on phone.
Nandini: Hi Inaara, how’s u?
Inaara: fine n u?
Nandini: I m happy, I got admission in Space Academy, how’s ur love story going?
Inaara: very good
Nandini: I think u people should date.
Inaara: we’re already dating, will u meet him?
Nandini: yes

They talk for some more time and call disconnects. Later at night Nandini goes to meet Inaara and her bf and sees them fighting.
Nandini: what happen Inaara and Laksh? Why r u fighting?
Inaara: he always starts the fight first
Laksh: What did I do? I accidentally slapped u m sorry na baba..
Nandini: guys don’t fight, Inaara if he’s saying he’s sorry then forgive him na
Laksh: m sorry Inaara
Inaara: tell me u love me
Laksh: I love u not
Inaara gets annoyed. Fireflies appears.
Nandini: liar Laksh, don’t get sad I can prove he loves u, look fireflies, they represent true love

Laksh: I was joking Inaara, I love u
Inaara: I love u too
They share a hug, meanwhile Nandini catches fireflies in the jar and smiles. She always keeps a jar with her in case fireflies appears.
Nandini: OK bye guys, it was nice meeting u two, don’t fight again, bye
She goes towards her house and collides with someone which causes the jar of fireflies to fall but he holds it on time and returns it to her. Their hands touch and the fireflies start glowing.
Nandini: thank u
She sees his face from side pose and he goes. She notices the fireflies glowing and smiles looking at the boy who was leaving. Screen freezes on her smiling face.

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    Keep going….

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    Today’s epi was superb… Keep going

  5. Wow! Nice start sara…waiting for the nxt update…and the boy must be our dear manik…?

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    Ur this story is amazing
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  7. Hello, such a sweet and wonderful start… 🙂 it’s vry nice… and also the title 🙂 cs is simply sweet 🙂 Update soon…

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