love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 6) maha episode


Hi guys iam here with my sixth epi

Leap of 1 month as there is no important things happened
so here I go
As its karvachauth twinkle is feeling dizziy from morning and its night time now
Terrace for braking the fast
Twinkle standing in the terrace along with all ladies
Twinkle also breaks her fast and she going to take food for everyone and come while coming taking the food suddenly she feels dizzy and dropped all the food plates and all are shocked to hear that sound and rushes to the kitchen and finds twinkle falling down unconscious and kunj lifts her and takes her to their room and kunj calls the doc and doc comes and check twinkle and comes out
K doc my wife is alright n.a.
D yes she is fine and she in concious mood
Kunj rushe’s inside the room and sees twinkle smilling and blushing
K twinkle why are you smilling and blushing
Twinkle takes Kunjs hand and keeps it in her belly
K is there is some problem in your belly
T kunj your soon going to be dad
K I knew that but there is some other problem in the belly and he realizes what she said and askes her what she said
T kunj your going to be a dad soon
Kunu hugs twinkle a start carrying her hair screen freezes in the face of both twinkle and kunj
guys iam very srsry fir a very boring epi so pls comment support me with sweet and heart touching comments of every one pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls comment pls

Credit to: tanishaa sharma

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  1. It was very good but i wanted more

  2. This is your maha epi……. so smalll……….wat yaar write long one na dont be lazy k………..
    I am waiting for long one……………

  3. Can write better
    But this was ok……..

  4. No it’s not boring it’s interesting pls continue. And know twinkle is pregnent wow its so beautiful…

  5. it was nt boring …. it was gd …. bt pls make it a longer one ….

  6. Anisha (Phycho)

    Awesome epi Tanishaa

  7. Very nice…post the next 1 asap

  8. A longer one naa tanishaa

  9. Plz longer 1
    From next time

  10. No dear its not boring!! Good going keep writing. ?

  11. pls make it long dear otherwise its too good. pls write next onr

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