love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 3)


Hi guys pls pls pls pls pls keep showering your comments like so let me start with the epi
Recap- Lee la says twinkle that she fixed her marriage with yuvi and its final and tommorow is her marriage twinkle informs this to kunj next day morning Lee la is standing outside twinkles room and saying her to come and she noticed that the room is open and went inside and is shocked and starts shouting twinkle
So here I go
The epi stars with leela shouting twinkle
Twinkle is falling unconscious in the floor and Lee la goes takes twinkles head an places it in her lap and suddenly she saw a knife with full blood and notices that she had cut ten her wrist and she saw a letter and opens it and reads
Maa mai jhanthi houn ki apko bohot takhlif hogi par mai yuvi ke sath shaadi nahi Kara sakhti houn kyunki Maui kunj se pyaar karti houn Maa Mao aaploho as bohoth door jarahin houn love you Maa and kunj
Lee la starts crying seeing this letter and she cals Raman sateschim take her to hospital
Manohar mansion
Lee la goes to manohar house and starts shouting kunj and kunj rushes from his room to the hall and leelpa cals everyone are shocked to listen that twinkle cutted her wrist because she fonts want to marry yuvi instead she’s wants to marry kunj
And all the members are hell shocked to hear that and kunj rushes to his car and goes to hospital

City hospital
Kynj comes to reception and asked about twinkle and they said that she’s is in icu
And kunj rushes to icu and ask doc how is twinkle
D who are you Mr
K iam her husband kunj sarna
D now she is out of danger
K she is in conscious mood
D yes you can go and see her
He goes inside the room and sees twinkle sitting in the bed
K twinkle Thune aaisa kyun kiya ek baar mere bare mai toh such no chaoya ta ma tumhe kuch ho jaata hai toh mera Kya hogs
T pls Maine yeh there lieu hi kiya kyunki Maine soch mai aaisa Karin toh Maa hamari shaadi kiliue Haan kar degi
K tike aab dekh mai kya kartha houn
And he cuts hithumb and puts the blood in twinkles forehead and takes his gold short chain and makes twinkle wear it and all the tanejas and s arnas enter the room and are hell shocked to see twinkles forehead which is filled by K unjs blood
********* epi ends here ************

Credit to: tanishaa sharma

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  1. good u r fab tanisha keep going ….n if u post 2-3 epi daily then lenght doesnt matters

  2. callmeprincess3

    Just loved the epi tanisha….keep up the good work and yeah plzzz post d next epi as fast as you can cuz i just cant wait .

  3. thank u very much tanishaa
    you are just superb

  4. Nice but if it could be in English cause some words are hard to understand overall it really good

  5. awesome episode….. loved it …. wtng fr d nxt one….

  6. well written tanisha…keep going dear

  7. Can you translate the words hindi in english because we are not all Indians. Thanks ?

  8. Anisha (Phycho)

    Amazing episode Taanishaa i just saw it now…n it’s brilliant…
    Good going………

  9. Amazingg epi!! Keep writingg

  10. wtf this fanfiction is so horrible i fell asleep after a sec like this sucks

    1. Mind ur language
      Ur words sucks not the ff
      U better not comment again

    2. hey maya better be in ur limits this ff is vry unique and i think u r jealous coz u can not write a ff

  11. What ever others say I just want to say I loved it

  12. Awwwwwww sooooooo sweet
    I will get diabetes by ur sweet episodes ♥♥♥

  13. Wowww..Kunj has done a hero wala kaam

  14. I love it vry mch God bless you Tanisha

  15. Loved it a lot

  16. awesomee tanishaa it was really gud
    keep it up and keep updating.

  17. Really nyc

  18. Osm tanishaa gud

  19. tanishaa sharma

    Baby ,callmeprincess3,Fiona,panchi ,ishra, aakanshaa,amoula,anisha (phycho),sunaina (SUU),sanam,krystal
    Aarti ,deemahe,salma,mia, ritzi,
    Zikra thank you sooooooooooooooo much for you beautiful comments love you guys???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????

  20. Hey..thus is going on really nice???

  21. Wonderfull nice dear nice.

  22. Lovely episode tanishaa

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