Love (Swasan) two shots – 2 last

Thank you guys for all your comments and I really apologize for not giving the warning. I also appreciate the ideas that you guys gave me for continuing this ff and they all were amazing than mine but sadly, I already wrote the ff so you guys will have to forgive me and tell me how you liked it. Let’s get started…
*Warning*- mature content

Swara’s point of view
This light will kill me and this nonstop headache will be the death of me. I am never drinking again in my life. It’s like someone is hitting my head with a sledgehammer. I sat up on the bed and opened my eyes aware of the headache. The bed was empty so Sanskar was not in here. Then she looked at the nightstand and saw Advil and a glass of orange juice with “eat me” and “drink me” written on the paper. The orange juice looked appealing so I gulped it with the Advil as I needed it badly. The door opened to the bedroom and Sanskar came in freshly showered and wet hair which was making her thirsty. She needed this dumbass man but he won’t budge. But this time, something in his expression was changed like he could read into my thoughts. I was a statue who could just stare at his s*xy as hell stubble and the smirk but not do anything. He was definitely making me crazy and I couldn’t do anything like a scapegoat. He came very near to me and took the blanket and draped over my shoulders. Until then, I didn’t even realize that I was almost half naked sitting in front of him. What is wrong with me? I was embarrassed and my cheeks were heating up.

“I would love to lick those beautiful tits sometime but right now, you need a hot shower to ease down that headache of yours.” He said and left to get the breakfast leaving me shocked as hell and I am pretty sure that my mouth was still open. Ok, so this was not normal. Something changed but what? Did I say anything last night when I was drunk? I went under the shower and tried to remember something. Then, it hit me that I basically just begged him for s*x.

I am the stupidest person and now, I don’t know how to face him. I got out of shower and changed to my shorts and a simple tee. When I went outside the room, the breakfast was already there and left untouched as he was busy talking over phone. Something about the meetings but I barely heard anything when I saw my favorite breakfast waiting for me to attack.

Eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I sat and started eating and he joined me after a minute. When we were finished eating, he asked if I wanted to go outside and roam the city and I basically yelled, “hell, yeah.” We both laughed forgetting the awkward night and got ready. It was the beautiful day and I never had more fun than today. He pampered me today just like old days when we used to be best friends. We had so many shopping bags and we were back at night in out hotel room. As soon as we got inside, he closed the door, dropped the bags and pulled me in a passionate kiss. It was like he was devouring me and his hands were on every inch of my body. My body was actually burning in flames from his kiss. Did that man kiss? If there was an award for the best kissing, he would be definitely on the top. My hands were around his neck and then, fisting his perfect soft hair. He tilted his face to have a deeper kiss and it was just the perfect kiss.
“I was waiting to do this since forever.” He said in between the kiss and I gasped in surprise. Before I make out anything of that sentence, he was already lifting my shirt. I pulled out of the kiss and looked at him in question.

“You are not doing this because of the last night, are you?” I asked him to confirm that he wanted to do this. He took my hand and pressed on his bulging cock to prove that he needed me. He wanted me and it was all I needed. I kissed him again and we both resumed to our make out. I didn’t even know when he was half naked and I was holding on to my bra and panties and we were both in our bedroom. I was aching everywhere and I needed him everywhere. I pulled him close to tell him what I needed and soon, he unhooked my bra and started kissing, nibbling and licking my br*asts. It was pleasure I never experienced before.

“This shouldn’t be legal.” He chuckled, I moaned and fisted his hair like I needed something to hold on or else I will die with pleasure and tomorrow’s breaking news would be ‘A girl died due to her husband’s sheer perfection of giving pleasure on bed.” Those thoughts earned a smile and he suddenly stopped and looked at me in amusement.
“Care to tell me where are your thoughts right now?” He raised his eyebrows
“Nothing, just continue.” She pulled his mouth to her br*ast and arched her back. He resumed that mind blowing torture when the earth shattering orgasm broke her. He didn’t even touch down there and she was already coming. When she came back to senses, he kissed her and removed her panties and he inserted two fingers inside her suddenly. It was a bliss. He started touching her and she felt so exposed. She started rocking on his hand and he groaned. Then, she touched his hard on and got one more growl out of his mouth.

“I need to be inside you right now or else I’ll die.” He said and took the con**m out of the side drawer, put it on and thrusted into her without any warning. He started rocking and kissing and caressing her br*asts at the same time. This was heaven; him inside her and they became one that night. He f**ked her hard and she came again with more intense orgasm. When she done coming, he thrusted two more times and came inside her. He dropped his weight on her and she started to soothe his back by rubbing her hand on it. After a while, he pulled himself out of her embrace, discarded the used con**m into garbage and pulled her in a perfect embrace. He gave her a soft kiss and said, “Sleep tight now, princess.” Soon, he dozed off as he seemed tired but she was wide awake. Sleep was far away from her eyes but she was in the perfect place; beside him in his embrace.
She tightened her embrace and said, “I love you, Sanskar.”
He came more closer and said, “Love you too, Swara.” For a second, she was still with a shock. Did she even hear it right? How can he? When she looked at him, he was already in a deep slumber. He said it and she heard it right. Was it slipped from his tongue or did he really mean it? She let her thoughts wander before falling in a peaceful and content sleep.

The next morning, she found something soft against her neck. She didn’t want to wake up from her dream but he said, “Wake up, sleepy head.” But she groaned. Then, he started kissing his way down and suddenly, she was wide awake having his cock pressed against her clit. She moaned and with one thrust, he was inside her. They both went back to their love making. After, they were laying beside each other. She rested her chin on her elbow and said, “That was the best wake up call I ever got.” He smiled, “Good because I intend to give you one every morning,” and then he kissed her again. The whole two days, they were in their hotel room ordering room service and making love again and again.
The day before they had to go, they were having dinner and talking about how they will go back to their jobs. Sanskar seemed a little nervous about something but Swara couldn’t figure out what.
“Ok so what’s going on? I am noticing you from last half an hour that you are distracted.” She said putting her fork down.
He took a deep breath and said, “I have to tell you something.”
“I am listening,” she said impatiently
“Well, I don’t know how will you react to this but it’s time to tell you this. I am preparing myself to tell you this from past 2 years but I never got a chance and then, we got married. We both were trying to adjust to these new relationships and surroundings…” He was continuing but she interrupted him.
“Where are you going with this?” She said frustrated
“Stop talking first. Look, I love you and I know that things will be different from now on. You can take as much time as you want. I know we are husband and wife but first, you are my best friend. You can take as much time as possible and I will not…” He was still talking but Swara stopped listening to whatever he was saying after he said “I love you.” She couldn’t digest the fact that he loves her.
‘’Swara, are you listening?” He said waving his hand in front of her eyes. She cleared her thoughts and stared at him.
“Yeah, I am sorry.” She said
“Here I said I love you and all you could say is sorry.” He said nervously.
She got up from her seat and sat on his lap. She took his hands and wrapped them around her waist. She put her arms on his neck and kissed him softly. He was looking so confused and she smiled. “I love you too.”
He looked startled and when he registered her words, he picked her up and twirled her. She laughed and he put her down. He cupped her face, said sincerely “I love you so much, Swara,” and kissed her passionately..
***************The End**************
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