Love (Swasan) two shots – 1

Hey guys, I hope you didn’t forget me. I actually wrote this fan fiction and I am going to update in two shots. I hope you love this and if you do, plz comment..

It’s been 3 weeks since our marriage and he still did not touch me. I mean we are on our freaking honeymoon and he is busy with his business meetings. We were best friends before the marriage and we had couple of relationships but not with each other and then, from nowhere our parents decided to get us married. Who does that? We both were directly clear with each other about this marriage on our very “first” night. We needed time to grasp all these new surroundings and our new relationship so we gave each other space but now, it is enough.

I had a crush on him since I can remember but not to ruin our friendship, I buried those feelings inside me. Who wouldn’t? He is incredibly hot with his perfect copper hair which is always messy and his hazel eyes always seem to penetrate into my eyes. In short, he is a Greek God and a ruthless business tycoon. However, the only problem is that he is a dumbass in the relationship department. He had many relationships but he had a commitment issue and that is why, his parents decided to marry him. His parents are adorable and so loving. This whole week, I am wearing those short satin shorts with the blouse to seduce him but he is so oblivious. I remember the last night incident which was hilarious but frustrating at the same time.

I was looking for my comfortable night clothes in frustration as he was in the meeting for the whole day and didn’t even show up to our sight seeing plan. I went there alone with a driver, f**king alone on my own honeymoon. I saw the satin shorts and decided to distract him. When I entered in the bedroom, he was working on his laptop furiously typing and barking orders on the phone at the same time. At first, he didn’t notice me but when he lifted his beautiful eyes, he was shocked, appalled, hungry and full of desires, I think. Maybe, I was just imagining his reaction. However, when I thought that my seduction was working, he stupidly got up from the bed and went to the living room saying, “I have to finish this very important assignment so I’ll be late. You can go sleep now and if you need anything, I’ll be outside.” Without hearing my answer, he just left. Are you f**king kidding me? The only thing I need right now is him and I have no idea what’s going on in his mind. I thought I was pretty clear that I am ready to move on in our marriage. I should have listened to the seduction tactics from my best friend, Ragini but I thought I was pretty enough to not have to use these to lure men. But I guess I was horribly wrong. I had never self doubted myself and my body but since, he entered in my life, I am starting to think that I am not good enough for him.
And now, I am in the tub filled with bubbles and hot water just to distract myself and I also stole Vodka from the mini fridge in this hotel suite. My head is dizzy and I am feeling too giddy right now to care about him. He can enjoy his business meetings and I can enjoy my bath ALONE!!!

Sanskar’s point of view
“Shit” I muttered before going to our suite. This meeting took a really long time and Swara is alone in the room probably cursing me. I have no idea what is going on in her mind since the last week. She is wearing these s*xy clothes and my dick is responding to her fully but I have to think with my brain not with my dick. We both need some time to ourselves before we take this relationship ahead. I don’t want Swara to regret anything before we even start. I love her, as simple as that. I loved her since our first day of high school. We became best friends but I never let her show my feelings. She had boyfriends and I had girlfriends. But still, deep down in my heart, I never stopped loving her.

I took the elevator and opened the door of our room. Is that a crying sound? Is Swara crying? I locked the door and ran to the bedroom when I took a sigh of relief hearing it is actually Swara singing. She has a terrible voice but she is singing now in the bathroom. I was chuckling and saw her clothes thrown on the floor. I picked them up and then saw the empty Vodka bottle on the nightstand. Ok, so she is drunk and that explains the slurring of the words she is singing. I was still deciding whether to enter the bathroom or not in a hope that she didn’t hurt herself when I found myself turning the bathroom knob.

I peeked in and saw her covered up to her br*asts with bubbles. She had her hair tied in a bun and she was looking adorable and hilarious at the same time. I laughed out loud and she stopped singing and looked at me with the frowning face. My eyes darted to the V shape formed between her eyebrows and I had a sudden urge to kiss it. I covered my mouth with my hand to stop laughing and also to stop my hunger for her as she wasn’t looking happy. She seemed frustrated and really vulnerable with all of her guards down.
“Care to explain what are you doing?” I asked amused.
“Care to explain why you left your s*xy wife alone in the hotel suite?” She asked and I was shocked. She is drunk.

“Well, it seems like you are really drunk so let’s get you cleaned up and then to the bed.” I told her moving forward and grabbed the towel on the way.
“No, I like this. Oh, you know what I will like more? I will like it more if you join me in the bath. It’s pretty comfy here.” She pouted and I didn’t know how to react except my dick. It was already semi-erect by her naked body. The bubbles were barely covering her br*asts but I didn’t want to do this. I ignored my dick and asked her to stand up.

“Why won’t you touch me? Am I not s*xy for you?” She said again and tried to stand up but I held her shoulders and made her sit again. For God’s sake, she’s naked and I don’t want to push mine and my dick’s luck by seeing her body without preparing myself for it before. She sat down helplessly.

“Well for now, you are way too drunk and I am way too sober to touch you and have my wicked way with you.” He said after a deep breath and tried to think about something else other than her s*xy body and her deep eyes.
This time, he held up a towel for her to step in so that he can wrap her before peeking on her body. He closed his eyes and asker her to stand up. When he felt her breath on his neck, he quickly opened eyes not before he wrapped the towel around her. They both were lost in each others’ eyes and he felt that she could see everything under his soul but he couldn’t allow himself to avert his eyes from hers. It was like she had some driving force that was pulling him towards her. After what seemed like hours, he took few steps back and tried to think of the dirty socks or a dumpster to calm down his dick but nothing worked. She was way too close and he could smell her lilies scent which was intoxicating.

She took a step forward and said holding the half-empty bottle, “Then drink this vodka and be drunk just like me. It does feel nice and much lighter.” She offered him with a s*xy smile but he turned down the offer and instead, offered her to come to bed. He took a hold of the bottle and drained the other half down the sink. Then, he put the bottle on the side and asked her to come.

“Let’s get you to bed now and get something inside of you to get a little sober.” He forwarded his hand so that she could balance herself but she was stubborn enough to let go of his hand and just stood there with a pout.

“But I like it here.” She said and when he looked around the bathroom, he raised his eyes.
“If you like it here, then you will like the bedroom more. Let’s go now.” He said and took a hold of her right hand.
“Why are you fussing over me?” She said irritatingly which was making him more irritated.
“Can we just sleep now? You will regret drinking tomorrow morning after drinking this much and the headache will be the worst.” He said and picked her up in his arms in a bridal style where she started beating him on his chest. But after they got out of the bathroom, she took a deep sigh which looked like came out of bliss and content and it surprised him. She put her arms around his neck and rested her cheeks on his chest. It was like a punch to his gut of how this little gesture of hers brought so much pleasure. Oh how he loved her but he was determined to give her time so that their perfect friendship doesn’t get ruined.

He put her in bed and tried to cover her with a blanket before sliding the wet towel from her body. When he was done with the work, he slid her wet strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead. When he looked at her eyes, he was surprised to find the desire and hunger.
“I need you inside me right now, Sanskar.” Her words shocked him but his dick responded in the pure bliss. He was dying to be inside her as much as he needed to breathe. But she wasn’t in her senses.
“f**k, Swara” he growled and took a step backward but not before she caught his arm, “you should go to sleep right now.”

“It can be a quickie. Please, Sanskar.” She was looking desperate but he knew it was the alcohol who was speaking. He had too much experience with the drunk Swara and this was no different. His dick was all ready to get to action but his brain was just saying the opposite.

“When I make love to you, it will be anything but a quickie. I will take it slow and make you come too many times before I give in. But right now, you should sleep.” He said and retreated but her next words stopped him in the middle.

“Then I am looking forward to it like my next breath.” When he looked at her face, she was already falling to peaceful sleep. He need a cold shower to get his senses back.
After an hour, his emotions were still intact just like an hour before when she literally asked him to make love to her. He couldn’t sleep on the same bed as hers without waking her up and do as she said. So, he went to the gym of the hotel and burned all the energy that was running inside her like a thunder. Sometime around 3 in the morning, he got back and went to sleep beside her but he was exhausted so he went into a restless sleep as he hit the bed.

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