Hii guys anniya here, sry yr I am very busy that’s y I don’t able to give any updates.
On previous part , response is very less . tell me if you are not liking I will also not waste my energy and time by writing it. So clearly answer me, should I stop this story?this is reason also I don’t felt writing next part necessary.
Thanks to them whoever comment on that part…

A guy slap girl due to it she fall on floor.
“ how dare u say this thing about my parents, they are my god” guy
Girl is still on floor, somehow she managed to speak
“ Sanskar, don’t u trust ur swara. I can’t lie to you plz trust me, not only ur parents but also my father and bro are involved in it” Swara
“ I can’t ever imagine my own sister defame me. Sanskar don’t believe her she never liked me that’s y she is defaming me” sahil
“ ha beta, sahil is right. This girl always wants extra money to live lavish life that’s y she want break your family” shekhar
“ I never like her but thinking about ur happiness I said yes but this girl” Dp
“ stop it, no more words” someone

Ragini is worridely walking here and there . Her phone started ring , she received the call
“ mam, information is 100% right. He is alive” up
Ragini cutted call again she received another call
“ oh, so you come to know everything. Don’t dare to open your mouth warna I will finish your besti.” Up
“ u can’t, u even don’t know where is she? “ ragini
Up started laughing loudly and says : oh my baby doll, she is with me totally lifeless but yet looking gorgeous. If you not able to believe me than call kabir” up

Sanskar is restlessly waiting for someone. A person come in black dress , he is covered fully only eyes can be seen. Sanskar and he/she discussed something.
After 15 minute the person go from there .
“ I am coming swara, to save you again” sanskar

Any guesses now what will happen
How swara show true color of Ap,Dp, sahil and shekhar. Is Sanskar believe her?
Who is alive and what is connection between him and swara. Is ragini able to find her besti
Who come to meet Sanskar, is Sanskar able to save again his princess or he will loose her permanently
Next update ; Wednesday
Again sry for delay,
Bye, take care and love u all.

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  1. Tamanna

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      I will update as soon as possble

  6. Mica

    O.o what will happen to swasan? *sleeping until wednesday

    1. Anniya

      Don’t disturb them, let them sleep peacefully who knows what is going to happen in next part

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  7. Interesting waiting

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    Dont stop it dr…. Its very very nice…. Post soon

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    Maybe laksh is alive???

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      May be or may be not

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