Hii guys, thanks for your response on previous part. Well you all had guessed laksh being swara kidnapper , let see you are right or wrong.
Unknown place
A girl is lying over some bed. She trying to open her eyes, after so much efforts she successfully open it. For fraction of second she become afraid but remembering something she smiled little.
Someone come and throw cold water on her. Due to weak body, she started to shivering badly but smile not faded from her face. Seeing her smiling face anger raises in his eyes. He tightly pull her hair and slap her.
Girl; you can physically torture me as much you want but remark my word if this time something happen to me na Sanskar will not going to leave you.
Up started to laugh at her.
Swara: laugh as much you want, I can see your end now. Soon he will come and take me from here.
He again slap her , due to weakness she become unconscious.
Up: sahil, where is Sanskar?
Sahil: you don’t need to worry, He is in jail only. Mainly he don’t have any idea about our plan.
Up: you don’t know him, he is like Strom. Who can destroy everything. Call your men and ask about his latest location.
Sahil called someone, after talking sometime he became shocked and phone slip from his hands.
Up: what happen?
Sahil; we are going to die. He run away…
Ragini place
Ragini is desperately waiting someone. A guy come he is fully injured.
Ragini: arre Sanskar how this happen?
Sanskar: leave all this, now tell me how do you know Laksh is alive.
Ragini bring first aid box, she began to clean his wounds. He is resisting her but she just ignore him. After forcefully dressing his wounds she kept box again at same place.
Ragini: you are just like swara, she never care for herself and you too.
He angrily glare her.
Ragini; okay sry Sanskar but if you will not take care of yourself then how can you save her. Laksh and sahil are very dangerous, you need to strong for her.
Sanskar: I understand it, but laksh can’t do it I had seen fear in his eyes that day. Pls tell me how you come to know about laksh being alive.
Ragini: I found his bracelet near refrigerator. After enquiry from my sources I come to know about him and he himself called me.
Sanskar: no Ragini , this can’t be possible. He was not so fool that he easily come in someone notice, it must be someone plan.
Ragini: Arre but on that bracelet his initial name is written.
Sanskar; ragini, he had allergy from anything wearing in his hand then how could it possible that bracelet was his.
Ragini: and his call
Sanskar: do you ever before listen his voice ?
She nodded in negative.
Sanskar: that means someone want to make you believe that laksh is behind all this. How do you know about swara’s kidnapping.
Ragini: he informed me and I myself checked there.
Sanskar: can you explain what exactly happened that day?
Ragini; after receiving call, I immediately dial kabir no but his no was unreachable. So I decided I will myself check her. When I reached there laksh had already kidnapped her.
Sanskar closes his eyes for understanding everything. After sometime he bang his hand on wall.
Sanskar: ragini , how could you be so irresponsible ?
Ragini; what do you mean?
Sanskar; They wanted to reach her through you. That’s y they call you.
Ragini: but Sanskar when I reached there she was not in that room.
Sanskar; do you had checked all rooms?
She negatively nodded.
Sanskar; that means only after your arrival they kidnapped her and until you don’t leave that place she was there only.
Ragini; it means, due to my carelessness she is in danger today.
Sanky: this time is not playing blaming gaming. We have to save her.
Ragini: but how? , we don’t have any idea who kidnapped her and where is she?
Sanskar; I know who it must be.
Up: I already told you, finish that girl but you didn’t listen me even for once.
Sahil: i warned her but if she didn’t listen me then what is my fault?
Up: it is my fault only I trusted you?
Sahil ; don’t forget you are alive due to me only. If that day I didn’t reach on time you were surely planning something in hell. Because after your crimes you doesn’t deserve heaven.
When Sanskar happily went from there, sahil came with his men and save that person. Expect that person everyone was already dead.
Fb end
Up: I remember everything sahil, how Sanskar killed everyone. But by luck only my leg was damaged that day and how I saved by you. I can’t forget the way he killed everyone especially my laksh.
Sahil: don’t worry by killing Swara we will take our revenge.
Up: make all arrangement, he shouldn’t reach here.
Sahil: don’t worry it’s next to impossible to come here.
Ragini: who??
Sanskar; Mr durga prasad maheswari.
Ragini; but how can be you so sure?
Sanskar; only he can plan this much. If I am not wrong then his one leg must be damaged.
Someone come from behind and put his hand on Sanskar shoulder.
Someone; you are right, Mr dp is behind all this.
Ragini: what are you doing here? You are also involved in that na.
Sanskar; Ragini, relax I called him here. Kabir was trapped In same way as you were trap.
Kabir: yes Ragini, that day someone had msg me from your no you want to discuss something about Swara.
Ragini; but I didn’t
Sanskar; leave all this, this doesn’t matter how you both trap in their plan.
Ragini; but kabir how you knows about dp is alive.
Kabir: ragini you are forgetting I am doctor. When I didn’t found swara I immediately checked , is someone had undergone any big treatment after Sanskar being in jail. From one hospital I got to know some aged man had treated his leg.
Ragini; may be he is someone else , how could you be so sure he is Dp only.
Kabir; you are still not trusting me.
Ragini: vo I just have some doubt.
Kabir; when I ask them send every information, they deny me first but by bribing them . I received all details, it confirmed my doubt. If you have still any doubt I can show you those details, in that details is clearly maintain person has burn marks on body and someone had brutally beaten him. Most importantly in his leg also he had bullet mark.
Ragini: then why you not tell these things before itself.
Kabir; I don’t get that much time.
Ragini: but..
Sanskar: if your both doubt session is over can we discuss something.
Both nodded in yes, after deciding further plans all leave to work on it.
Swara is still lying there, some men are surrounded her. She again open her eyes after seeing so many men there she become frightened. While up and sahil are enjoying everything.
Swara: who are you all?
Up same near her , tightly held her hands.
Up: they all want pleasure from you.
Swara : what do you mean?
Up : simple they will not kill your body only but soul also.
Swara; do you think I will let them successful in it?
Up: still your pride is same as before. You don’t need to do anything they themselves will do it.
Swara: try as much you want but they can’t even touch me. Only wait for 1 hour my Sanskar will surely find me.
Up: this time he can’t even reach you. In his dream also he can’t imagine who is behind all this and where are you?
Swara; don’t live in dream world Mr dp, he is your son only. If I am right he must has guessed you are behind all this.
Sahil; this time it can’t be possible swara. We have spread trap like that only he will think laksh as kidnapper.
Listening it she become little tensed, how will he able to save her? But again she smile showing them she has trust on him.
Dp: you have so much trust na on your love then let us make one deal.
Sahil: uncle what are you doing?
Swara: what deal?
Dp: sahil u keep quiet, ha if Sanskar not come in one hour you yourself cooperate with all of them.
Swara; if he come then,
Dp: then you can go freely I will not even touch you both.
Swara: you don’t need do any favour on us Mr dp he will himself save me from you and my so called brother.
Dp: so you are ready to make deal?
Without even thinking for second,She says yes.
All are finding her in diff possible places but every time only unsuccessfulness is coming in their hand other side police is finding Sanskar .
After half an hour
Trio are still finding her.
Sanskar; I don’t know how will I save her by passing time I am losing all hopes.
Kabir; don’t worry dude we will surely save her.
Ragini; yes, kabir is saying right.
Kabir; thank god, you agree with me at least in something.
Ragini: still I am not convince.
Sanskar: Ragini the way swara trust you I also trust him.
Kabir; leave it Sanskar, she will not understand. We should only focus on Swara. You know Sanskar if I have kidnapped someone na and hide them somewhere which place I will choose?
Sanskar;( uninterestedly) where?
Kabir: That place which is well known by my enemy.
Ragini; why?( angrily)
Kabir; arre simple yr they will check everywhere but not check that place.
Sanskar and ragini looks each other and smile.
Kabir; arre why are you both smiling?
Sanskar immediately hug and thanks him to solve their problem.
Kabir; arre tell me na atleast ( with pout face)
Sahil; now only 15 minutes are left.
Swara; good , keep going on. Your death is coming soon.
He become angry by listening her talks. He throw coffee on her. She scream in pain. He presses burning place tightly which increase her pain.
End at determined face of ragini sanskar, Confused face of kabir, Angry face of dp and sahil, Painful face of swara.
Precap: 100% last part.
Sry for not ending in this part. I just wanted that one more part.
Bye , take care and love you all…


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