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Ragini: (monologue) Sanskar, now only u can save her. Again she needs. But still I have question if whole family is behind jail, then what is need to kill them. Oh God again I have read the diary.

Swara pov
Now one month is passed. Everything is sought out. Laksh is also behind jail this time due to solid proof, no one able to come out. Ma is living with us from past month. Sometimes I am really jealous of Sanskar, he snatch my mom from she love him from than me. Sometimes we both had cute fights over it. I know from that day my Sanskar is only living like dead one. His sadness can be seen in his eyes. I really want him bring out from this sadness. After 1 week is Sanskar birthday, I will plan some surprises for him.
POV end

Someone silently entered in room and shouted in swara ears. Due to it she became frightened and started to hit him from her hands. Her eyes are still closed in fear. Listening swara’s shouting shomi also reach there. That person is only standing there adoring her.
Shomi: swara, why you shouted? ( she saw she is hitting someone) swara you don’t have values, does anyone hit her own husband.
Sanskar started to shed fake tears.
Sanskar: ma, u don’t know your daughter always do it. This time she is only beating me with hands but ma many times she beat me with belts. See there are several mark on my body. ( he tried to open his shirt).
Swara also open her eyes, she becomes shocked seeing her husband acting skills. If anyone see him today no one able to deny it really his wife is doing harassment on him.
Shomi again question her.
Swara give death glare to Sanskar,

Sanskar: ma see how she is looking at me? Like she is going to eat me.
Swara: ma , he is doing drama.
Sanskar: ma,your daughter now blaming me. You your self saw na how she was hitting me.
Swara; ma, he was at mistake. He woo in my ears, due it I become frightened. So I started to hitting him.

Shomi understand their cute antics. She goes to Sanskar and hold his ears.
Shomi: Sanskar bad habits, don’t always irritate her.
Sanskar: ma leave na, my ears are paining. Ma you don’t know your daughter always…
Swara: don’t listen him he again going to start new drama.
Shomi: you both shut up. now listen me I am going Varanasi for one month.
Sanskar: but ma why sudden?

Shomi: beta, I just want some peace. For someday
if I live far away from all these it will be good for me. And I also want give you some space. You both are newly married. Just spend sometime with each other.
Swara: but ma how will you manage?
Sanskar; ha ma, you even not know anyone there.
Shomi; oh! Oh!, how much you both speak? My friend is living there I will live with her. Sanskar, I always consider you my own son. Don’t u fulfil your mother wish.
Sanskar nodded in yes,
Shomi; That’s like my good son.

Swara again become irked by seeing their love.
Swara: ma, if your love end for your son then give some love to this girl also.( pointed toward herself)
Sanskar: ma, there is some smell( he started to squeezing nose). Ya I get it someone is burning in jealousy.
Swara: I am not jealous.

Sanskar: I don’t take anyone name.
Swara again going to speak something, shomi stopped her.
Shomi: you both will never stop fighting na. If you will keep this fighting always then how can you able to gift me.
Sanskar; do you want something? Tell me I will bring it from anywhere.
Swara: yes ma, atleast tell us na.
Shomi: that thing I want only you both will able to give me when you guys will stop fighting.
Sanskar; ma, don’t give us puzzle.
Shomi: I want someone who can call me nani .
Sanskar: only this, I will give you many ones who can call you nani . just tell your daughter to cooperate with me.
Swara become shy listening it, she hitted Sanskar with her elbow.
Swara: Sanskar you,
Sanskar: ma, see her she always ready to fight with me.
Due to shyness swara run away by giving some excuse.
Shomi also went from there. In evening shomi leave the house for varansi.
Same night
Swasan are resting with each other.
Swara: Sanskar, are u missing ma.

Sanskar: yes swara, I am missing her very much. She never make me feel I am her son in law not son.
Swara: Sanskar I am asking about your ma.
Sanskar: swara I don’t wanna discuss about it.
Swara: par Sanskar
Sanskar stand from there and started to going toward door.
Swara: where are you leaving?
Sanskar; you sleep I will come in sometimes.

Swara: but Sanskar…
Without listening further, he went from there.
Swara also become sad seeing Sanskar leaving.
Swara : ( monologue) again I hurted him. I have to do something for make up his mood.( she started to think about how she will do it, soon her face light up)
She started to doing something in room.
Study room
Sanskar is silently sitting there , his eyes are red due to crying. In his hand there is one family pic.
Sanskar monologue
Why dad?, for some money u all stop so low. You never thought about me na. How I will feel when I get to know everything. It will be better if I died in childhood or I am like you. So today I don’t get this much pain. I am missing all of you, specially mom. How she always used to feed me with her own hands. But you all destroy it. Now I started to hate you. Do you listen I Sanskar maheswari is hating his family.
His trances are broken by swara’s scream
Listening swara scream he immediately run there.
Sanskar reached there , he become more afraid seeing dark. He started to take her name.
Someone patted him from back, he immediately turned that side. Light also turn on , seeing that person he become speechless. He lost his all sense. He managed to speak only ‘ swara’
Swara is there standing in red saree. She is looking like breath taking.
Soon Sanskar come in sense and tightly hug her.
Sanskar: ( with crying voice) swara are you fine? , why you shouted?
Swara also respond him,
Swara: I am aboustely fine. This was my plan to call you.
Listening it, he become mad on her. He separated her from himself.

Sanskar; swara, are you thinking everything as game ? You even can’t imagine , listening your scream for some moments I became mad but you always do childish thing. He jerked her shoulder.
Listening it, swara eyes turned moist tears start flow from her eyes.only she managed to speak” I am sorry” saying it she run away from there. Soon Sanskar reliases he almost shouted on her. After seeing room that is fully decorated he started to feel guilty.
He started to call her but she is not giving any response.
He began to search her everywhere, at last he founded her in kitchen. There she angrily eating chocolate.First seeing her this side he little smile again he becomes angry on himself. Tears are continuously flowing her eyes. He started to feel guilt.
Sanskar; princess , I am sorry.

Swara don’t even give him single look. She continue her work.
He turned her to his side, first he wipe her tears. But she don’t looked at him.
Sanskar: sorry na, swara. I promise I never shout at you.
She is giving him popular treatment that’s silent treatment.he continuously pleading her to speak something but she continue her treatment. Now he is also losing his control. He immediately captured her lips. He started to kiss her passionately seeing it swara become shocked first later she also started response him. They broke their kiss after 10 minutes. Swara become shy after it, she started to go from there. But Sanskar stop her holding her hand he go toward her ears and silently wishper “ we shouldn’t waste your work” saying it he lift her and go inside there room.
Lights off..
Next week, Sanskar birthday
Whole mansion is decorated with sanskar favourite flower. Sanskar doesn’t have any ideas about his wife surprise. Due to sudden meeting Sanskar is out of station , he supposed to come today.
Diary end.
Ragini started to become ready to meet someone. She covered herself fully. Only her eyes are seen. She silently leave from back gate.
At unknown place
A girl is lying there lifelessly. Slowly she is opening her eyes. Her body attached to wire she started to remember that evening which changes her life.

At anytime Sanskar supposed to come. Swara is becoming ready for him. After becoming ready she saw time , now it’s 6:00 pm. She closes all lights. Now she is desperately waiting for him.
Soon she heard some foot step. She on the light for giving him surprised . instead of giving him surprised she her self become surprised.
She become frightened seeing scenario in front of her.
Laksh, ap, dp, sahil and shekhar are standing there.

She began to go backward , all of them also coming toward her. Before she run away from there laksh catches her.
Swara started to struggle to comeout from his grip. She bite his hand due to it his grip become loose, she started to run from there but this time Ap holded her and slap her tightly .
She fall there, all of them make circle around her.
Laksh: oh god baby doll, you are looking stunning in this attire.( she is wearing blue knee length dress)
Sahil: laksh , how can you speak like this in front of her brother.
Laksh: ups, sry sahil but I can’t stop my self . that time I don’t able to complete my work due to my brother.
Shekhar: This time you can complete all of your work.But before this we all want our revenge.
Ap goes toward her and stared to slap her. Her cheeks become red due it. They all tied her in chair.

She began to struggle to save herself but all going in vain. Her legs and hands started to bleed.
This also not give them rest, now all of them started to torture her more.
Sahil started to give her cuts on her hands. Ap continue her slapping work. Shekhar and dp silently watching them with smiling face. Laksh bring out some electric wire. He touch that to her chair that is giving shocks to her. Her body to started to become numb. Now shekhar bring salt from kitchen and put it on her cuts. She shouted in pain. She plead them to leave her, but none of them listening it.
Sanskar ‘s side.
He is taking flower for swara. He buy her favorite chocolates and a pendant. He smilingly sitted in car and started to drive.
Swara’s side

All are still torturing her.
Dp: I already warn you, but u don’t listen us. Now see the result of your deeds.
Shekhar: I always considered you as a princess but u send us jail.
Saying it he slap her once more. Her whole bad has several marks. Whole parts are bleeding continuously.
Laksh again started to give her shocks, now after this much pain she finally faint. Her lips are also bleeding. They give her injection.
They heard car horn, they all become panic. Ap bring kerosene from store room and spread it on floor. Shekhar lit lighter and throw it there. All of them run from back door.
Fb end
That girl again closes her eyes.

Sanskar restlessly waiting for someone.
He Started to think that life changing moment.
Fb begins
Sanskar happily entered in mansion with chocolate and flower.
His smile faded seeing fire is whole mansion. All things fall down from his hands. Everywhere there is fire, whole house is burning. He started to shout swara name.
No response.
Somehow he managed to enter inside and become shocked seeing the scenario.
Precap; Sanskar revenge…
Bye, take care and love you all.

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