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Swara reaches outside Dp’s room
Dp: laksh , can u now explain me why u made us agree for marriage.
Laksh; dad relax, I only told u say yes to this marriage because we have profit in it.
Ap: explain us clearly, I seriously hate that girl. U know na she is journalist, if she come to know our real identity. We all are gone. And most importantly she is our rival daughter.
Dp: He has not only rival in our business but also in our illegal activities.
Laksh: dad and mom, just relax just think now swara is married to Sanskar. Shekhar gadodia not able to harm us now. Now if he make any plan we may use swara against them. Not only this even we can blackmail for partnership. He will become our puppet, whatever we want he will not able to deny it.
Dp: do you think it is so easy? As much I know him he will never agree for marriage without any profit. He must have some own plan.
Ap: laksh ur dad is saying right, how can you forget sahil. He is main player.Do you ever think if Swara ever come to know anything? Our all hard work will destroy.
Laksh: relax mom, bhai never came to know anything . Then how is possible that girl who has come now will be dangerous for us.
Dp: you should never ignore sometimes even an ant is dangerous for elephant.
Laksh: dad u r thinking so much. In any case if she come to know anything then we will remove her from our way.
Dp; okay, now go to ur room and do u send Sanskar out or not?
Laksh; ya, dad don’t worry they will not to come close. I am going now.
Laksh went from there, Swara hide behind wall. After Laksh going , she also went in her room.
Swasan room
Swara: ( monologue) I can’t even believe that they all together. Which work they all are doing? Dad and sahil also involve in that kind of work. I have to tell all this to but if he not believe me then, I can’t take any risk. First I have to know about which work they all are talking.
Next day…
Swara: (monologue) where is Sanskar? I hope he is fine. Mom and dad also not at home, whom I ask? Swara u r really an idiot. U have good opportunity, no one is at home. I can find something against them.
Ap and Dp room..
Swara began to search that room.
Swara : (monologue) They are so clever, not even single proof in this room. Now where I check. May be in store room I will get something. God help me in finding truth.
Store room
Yes, finally I find some proof. How can anyone stop so low for money. They are well known drug seller not only this even they have business of woman trafficking. Now I have many proof, I will their true face to world. First I have to know truth of dad.
Someone shouted from behind
“ so u finally come to know everything. Dad was saying I should made them agree for marriage. But u don’t worry I will not disclose anything . how can I loose this chance.
Swara: u don’t worry about me laksh. I will not only disclose ur real face to Sanskar even to this world. U should think about ur self.
Laksh; oh common bhabhi, do u think so, I will let u win so easy.
Swara: I have proof against u and ur family.
Laksh: till now I thought u r strong player. But u proof me wrong , if u will dispose us then think about ur dad.
Swara: what do u mean?( confuse)
Laksh; oh common baby, don’t act like this u don’t know anything about ur family. If anything happen to us even ur family will suffer.
Swara: I don’t mind, If they will get punishment for their deeds.
Laksh: ( coming closer to her) and ur mom?
Swara: ( moving backward) nothing will happen to my mom.
Laksh: ( moving more closer to her) u r forgetting ur mom is heart patients. How will she react after knowing her daughter in laws are involved in illegal things and her husband whom she always worship like god and most importantly her son. I think she will surely die after knowing all this.
Swara : ( moving backward, now her back is touching wall) u don’t know my mom. She is strong lady, she always stand with justice. She will surely understand.
Laksh: so u are like ur mom, but one u don’t know till now. My real reason behind this marriage.( touching her shoulder sensuously.)
Swara: ( in weak voice due to so closeness) I know everything, u wanna partnership na.
Laksh : babes, this is not real reason.
Swara : (trying to push him) then what u want?
Laksh: ( pull her more closer) you
Swara: ( more struggling to free herself form his strong grip) do you even know , what r u talking? I am your bro wife.
Laksh; so what?, I always want you on my bed but my bed luck u never give me look. When I got to know ur love story, that I felt like killing Sanskar. How can he even eye on my property.
Swara: I am not any property. Sanskar is far better than u. U r really disgusting one. I hate you.
Laksh: ( now there is not even single gap for passing air also) Sanskar, Sanskar always . what is in him that I don’t have?( shouted)
Swara: ( push him with all energy, he fall on floor) you will never understand.
Laksh: ( hold her pallu) after today no one able to accept you even Sanskar.
Swara; what do u mean?
Laksh: (tear her blouses from both sides) I am going to satisfy my self.
He dig her head on her neck,
Swara : ( trying to free herself form his clutches) I said leave me. Sanskar plz save me( tears starts to flow)
Laksh began to kiss her neck wildly
Swara: laksh, plz leave me( trying hard to push him) Sanskar plz come ur swara need u( loudly)
Laksh: oh common baby , he will not come to save u. Let me enjoy myself.
Someone hold laksh coller started to punch him.
Guy; how dare u laksh to touch her. Whenever swara needs her Sanskar, he will definitely come to save her.
Laksh: Sanky, she herself invite me.
Sanskar: no words against her Laksh, before I forget u r my brother leave this house.
Laksh: believe me Sanskar, okay ask her what she is doing here?
Sanskar see toward swara, swara is not in any state to answer him.
Sanskar; see toward her. Her tears are saying u r at fault. I don’t need her answer I can believe my swara . I am finally give u warning just go away from here now. Warna I will not even think even for single second to kill u.
Laksh run from there, giving warning to swara through eyes
Sanskar: swara I am sorry , I don’t able to fulfill my duty as husband to protect u.( he cover her with his blazer)
Swara; no sanskar, if today you don’t reach on time I don’t know..( put his finger on her lips)
Sanskar; forget all thing. I assure u laksh will get punishment. ( he kiss her on forehead)Come with me, I will do your first aid.

Fb end..
Due to sudden sound, ragini stop reading further.
Kabir; sry to disturb u, but we need to check her now.
Ragini; it’s kk, if u don’t mind can I take this diary with me.
Kabir; ya, I don’t have any problem.
Ragini; I am going, if you need anything regarding her treatment just infrom me.
Kabir; kk
Ragini ;( monologue) how lovely Sanskar is, he go against his brother to save swara. But what happen further he have to kill his family. And about Swara’s family also not anyone know, I am sure they also has some major role in it.
Precap; Sanky slap swara, attempt to murder, attempt to rape..
don’t feel bad for laksh characters. I only choose laksh because it will be easy to imagine me for writing their scenes and Its important according to story line. If you don’t like laksh character then sry…
Give me ur views for this part..
If comments will good I will give u next part as soon as possible. Truly saying one thing today if comments are good then there is really exictment for writing next part. Hope u all understand. So whoever reading it, plz comment.
Next part base on ur comment.
To know more, stay tuned with Anniya..
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  1. ragsan lover

    I don’t why always all swasan fan trying to show others bad. if u really swasan fan then stop writing it. mainly this so called Ts. Really hate u and swara

    • Anniya



      U know wat I always use to thought u comment on story without reading it, but u proof me wrong. Thanks 4 reading, I know I am very bad writer. I also know I don’t able to explain things clearly. Don’t worry about my so called Ts , I am ending it in one or two parts. What to do I hate leaving work incomplete. I don’t need to proof I am swawan fan or not.
      Keep commenting on all swasan ff/os/ ts

  2. Mica


    |Registered Member

    i love namish, but it’s okey for me that he is being -ve character..
    luv it anniya..
    please don’t let swara/ragini raped, huhuhuhu

  3. rags

    ragsan lover u are right these swasan writer don’t know anything about writing to show Swara mahan and good . they can stop so low. stop writing, it’s better to leave incomplete..

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