Hii, thanks for your response on previous part.
By passing time Swara’s tension is increasing. Now only 5 minutes are left. But there is no sign of Sanskar. All started to coming closer to her. She is moving backward with smiling face. Seeing her smile anger raises in dp heart. His anger reach at peak level when she spit on one of his men. From inside she is hell scared yet don’t want to show them.

Sanskar is driving like crazy one. Kabir is still not able to understand what is going inside his mind. While Ragini is busy in making some preparation.

2 minutes left
Sahil again come near her and slap her. He throw hot water on her leg. He started to beat her with chabuk( like belt). Dp is insisting him to beat with more force. He wanted to give her same pain which Sanskar had given him. She is winching in pain. Now her body is again not supporting her, she is loosing all physical strength.
1 min left
Dp come near her, she is lying on floor in pool of blood. He pull her hair and made her sit.
Dp: where is your Sanskar?
Swara: ( not able to speak due to pain, yet manage to mock him) I don’t know , you are desperately waiting for your death. I think you don’t love your life. It’s okay I will tell him to give you worst death than your family.
Dp: you don’t need to think about me.Think about yourself now, these men are like hungry lines who are ready to eat you.
He pushes her, she has hitter her head on wall.
Time over

Dp give instruction to them attack on her . all of them started to touch her like mad one, who are hungry from many ages. One of them torn her dress near shoulder. Sahil and dp are laughing on her helpless. She is just praying to send Sanskar to save her respect.
One of them started to dig his neck but before he can do further someone hold his collar and pull him with as much force he could apply. Sensing no one is coming closer to her, she open her eyes.
Swara: I knew it, you will definitely come. ( she turned her face toward dp) I told you na Sanskar will come to save me.
Sanskar come near her and hug her tightly, due to wound she little winch in pain. He immediately leave her, kabir give him jacket to make her wear. He wrap jacket on her and made her stand. While kabir is fighting with dp’s men.
Sanskar: sry princess, I again not able to save you.
Swara; don’t say like this, as usual you come on time.
Ragini come near her and side hug her. Sanskar made her sit in corner and give instruction to ragini not leave her alone.

Kabir managed to kill many men. Now only two of them are alive, sahil and dp are seeing it from little distance. Dp signal sahil to go and stop kabir further kill their men. Sahil went near him, from back he tried to attack on him. Nick of time Sanskar reaches there and save kabir.
Now kabir is fighting with two men and Sanskar is beating sahil. Sometimes sahil overpower him.
Dp started to go near swara, but Ragini manage to save her everytime coming between him and swara. She kicked him on his man part. He fall there. Swara started to encourage ragini to beat him more, she give her chabuk to beat him.
Now only sahil and dp are alive, both are in pain. Sanskar tied both of them in chair. He make swara come near them and support her in stand.
Sanskar: swara, they both torture you na. Now its your turn to torture them.
Swara; Sanskar, I want you to give them pain. I know more than me you are in pain seeing me in this condition.
Both are seeing each other with mixed emotions pain , happiness and anger.
Sahil broke their trance
Sahil: what kind of sister you are? You are saying your lover to torture me, swara remember I am your same brother whom you used to tie rakhi.
Before swasan can speak, Ragini come near them angrily and started to slap him. She stopped only when her hand tired to slapping him.
Ragini ; now you are remembering she is your sister, does only it’s sister duty to save her brother. What you had said” rakhi” . do you even know hen a sister tie rakhi on his brother hand , she expect her brother will save her from all bad eyes of this world. Instead of saving her you enjoy her helpnes.
Sahil: you don’t need to come between me and my sister. What will you understand , what is relation? Who herself is blo*dy orphan. Stop giving me lecture.
Listening sahil taunts , her eyes turned moist.

Someone slap sahil tightly, he become shock seeing his sister has slap him.
Swara: you blo*dy man, now you’re saying I am your sister. Where was my brother that day, when I am pleading him to leave me. Where was my brother that day, when laksh is giving me shocks. Where was my brother that day, when ap is slapping me like animal. Where was my brother that day, when Shekhar gadodia is spreading salts on my wound. I can tell you, where was my brother he was busy in giving me more pain. He don’t stop there only, he ready to make me wh**re. I wish like Ragini I also don’t have any father and brother in my life.
Sahil: I am sry swara, pls leave me.
She turn her face before slapping him once more. Ragini take her and made her sit on bed.
Sanskar: I think great dp ji not told you about my some clauses.( he turned toward dp, who is seeing all this in anger) arre dp ji, you should tell him na I hate family related any word.
Kabir: so what happen Sanskar, now you told him na. He will not repeat his mistake again( sahil become happy listening kabir’s talk) but Sanskar I think you missed the opportunity that day na.
Sanskar: I miss it very badly. But now I will not going to leave this chance.
Sahil again gulped in fear, he started to shiver remembering death bodies condition.
Swara: Sanskar, sahil love hot water treatment. You don’t know , he always bath only with hot water. Can you plz give him hot water?
Sanskar; oh my bil love hot water, I should fulfil it na. ( kabir bring boiling water from kitchen) Sanskar take it without even wasting fraction of second he pour all it one ago.
Sahil started to scream badly.
Swara: Sanskar, he love knife also. Pls again fulfil my wish.
Sanskar: anything for you.

Sahil started to scream
Sahil; pls leave me, I beg you all. Atleast give me death but don’t torture me like this.
Kabir: Sanskar, are you doctor?
Sanskar nodded in no
Kabir; then give me knife I will do operation.
Ragini: not fare, I also want to do something. So give me that chabuk, I will beat saint man” dp”. Till then you spend some quality time with swara.
Sanskar handed her chabuk. He himself seat near swara, Swara is resting her head in Sanskar lap.
While kabir had cutted sahil fingers, blood coming out from his hand. Ragini is enjoying her beating session.
When both kabir and ragini became tired they again give knife and chabuk to Sanskar.
Dp; you all are not doing good.
Sanskar himself beat him and cutted his leg full this time.
Sanskar: we know, you deserve more worse punishment but now we all are tired. So let us give u death only. He burn them alive.
Both started to scream but they all happily went from there.

All of them are cross their every limit in each other love. Ragbir has crossed limit in friendship. Sanskar ‘in her love’.
Police again aressted Sanskar. Swara plead them to leave him but they don’t listen her. Sanskar signal Ragini to take her.Kabir and Ragini forcefully take swara with them. Both are going in different direction while crying.
Again same place give justice to swara, which once had seen injustice with her” maheswari mansion”

Precap: epilogue

Sry, today I don’t have much time so not going to update ff and also sry for mistake I don’t able to edit it today.
Do you want epilogue or not?? Or I should end there only.
Bye, take care and love you all…

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