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Swara POV..
Somehow I managed to enter in his cabin. His back is facing me. His cabin is really worse than dustbin.All files are here and there, paper balls are on floor. I called him but it seems he is lost in his own world. This time I nearly shouted ‘sir’, due to my act he turn toward me. His face is full of sweat, more than me he is looking nervous. Like I am boss and he has come to give interview. I sided my thoughts, he take my file and offered me seat. Someone knocked on door, a boy enter in cabin, ya he is laksh maheswari. I quickly recognized him due to mostly he is news headlines. May be this time he doesn’t notice me, he directly began to talk to sanskar. There conversation really give me a big shock. How can any one know about it.I began to think about it. After conversation laksh go out from his cabin but this time he notice me and give smile. I really wanna break his jaws. I can easily conclude after seeing him medias report about him is not wrong. He is really womanizer. I again shifted my gaze toward Sanskar, he is again lost in dream world.

Sanskar monologue
My heart is still beating fast. I heard knock on door , I quickly turn other side. I sense her presence in my cabin, still I don’t turn toward her. She called me I again lost in her voice. She again called me this time loud,I turn toward her. Just like her name ,she is damm beautiful. Anyone can fall for her, I sense her gaze. I offer her seat. Suddenly laksh enter in my cabin like storm. His statement give me big shock to me, how can any media people entered in office. He informed me a girl from media came here for job. I assure him I will check everyone profile with full concentration. But again I lost in swara thought. This girl is making me crazy really.

Swara monologue

I again shouted sir, he started to seeing my file. By seeing his expression I can easily conclude that he is impress. Now I am staring him just like idiot. I am fully lost in his charm. He also began to stare me. It’s like that we both r lost in each other, our eyelock break by another knock. One peon come give him coffee, he began to ask me some question. I answered all of them with confident. Nearly after 30 minutes I leave the cabin.

Next day, Swara home…
I received phone call from Krama industries, I got selected. This is my first step toward my success. I went there to receive appointment letter, but my bad luck or I say my good luck. I dashes with SM. I close my eyes in fear.

Sanskar monologue
Whole night I don’t able to sleep, I am lost in swara thought. She is really perfect girl beauty with brain. By seeing her knowledge I am impressed by her. I selected her as my pa. While coming office I am just praying god , it seems god also want to fulfill my wish now she is in arms. I again became loss in her eyes. Due to sounds we came in sense. I made her stand.
“ vo sry I didn’t notice u’ swara
“ it’s okay “ Sanskar

Swara monologue

After composing my self , I went from there. Omg , I should say thanks to him. I cursed my self for this behavior. I decided to say thanks tomorrow.
Next day….
I reach office, I began scan it. Really office atmosphere is diff. I directly went Sanskar cabin.
“ sir, I wanna say something” swara
“ what” sanky

“ Thanks 4 saving me yesterday” swara
“ I am not going to accept ur thanks” Sanky
“ why” swara
“ if u become my frnd then I will think” sanky
After thinking sometime I finally say yes but again his answer give me shock.
“ still I am not going to accept ur thanks” Sanky
“ Why it so, I have accepted ur frndship. Now u should also accept my thanks” swara

“ it seems u don’t know rule of frndship , in frndship no sorry no thank u. Still u wanna say thanks u can give me coffee treat.” Sanskar
“ kk sir, no thank u. After office coffee treat from my side.” Swara
“ I should also call u mam.” Sanskar

“ why sir” swara
“ swara we r frnds na then call me by my name.” sanky

“ oh, that’s then u should call me mam. “ swara
“ why, u don’t like my name “ sanky
“ no I didn’t in fact I love ur name sanskar.” Swara
“ no one can say u r so mischievous“ Sanskar
“ yup, ya I am. Kk now I am going . if any work u have call me.” Swara
After 1 month…

Swara monologue

Many things are change in this one month, my and Sanskar frndship turn into love, we both confessed each other. Our all small moments made us so close to each other. Knowingly he always used to call me , I also love his company. When we both fell in love we also don’t know, still I don’t tell him anything about my media connection, I have fear after knowing truth he may think as traitor. One thing also I got to know things are not like that it seems, I mean laksh and Sanskar
are totally opposite side of coin. I come to know Sanskar is really clueless about his brother activities. I gather many proof against laksh, first I decided to show sanskar. So , I can saw him true face of his brother and also I wanna tell him about my identity. I hope he understand.

Sanskar monologue

One month is completed of swara coming in my life. Now I am totally love with her. Today I decided to propose her for marriage, I don’t want any delay in it. I can’t trust my fate..
Same day, evening
I reached at park where I had called swara. I saw her coming toward me, this is first time I saw her nervous. Now she is near me, I simply kneel down and proposed her for marriage, I saw her face now she is more nervous. I stand up hold her by shoulder, I ask her tell the matter that making her nervous.

Swara monologue

Today Sanskar called me at park, when I reached there by seeing arrangement I really become shocked. When he proposed me for marriage, only one thought come in my mind I AM JOURNALIST. He sense my nervousness, he ask me the matter. I just close my eyes I told him I am journalist, I only came his office for my mission. His grip on my shoulder become loose but his answer give me biggest shock.” I knew it, from first day I know ur real identity”

I asked him with shocked expressions then why not u exposed me and how u come to know about it.
He simply replied, when laksh told me about a media girl is coming for job I sense fear at ur face but also honesty in your eyes. Then I decided to keep eyes on u without ur knowledge, from my informer I come to know about it. Not only this but also u r daughter of our biggest rival shekhar gadodia. That time I really become angry, I wanna kick out from my office but ur honesty that I have seen that day don’t let me take this action. I started to know u, from that I come to know whatever u r doing it must have some reason. My love and respect toward u increase day by day, only one thing I want. U ur self come to me and tell me ur identity. Now see my trust on you is won. Yet I love u, do u accept me as ur husband.

Swara monologue
I nodded yes, I say I am ready to become ur wife.I decided not to tell him about his brother. We both decided to tell at our home.

Sanskar home,
When I tell dad, about my love and swara motive he quickly denied me but my lovely brother convince him about swara. I hug my bro and say thanks to both of them..
Swara home,
My Hitler bro is taking my side, he is fighting with dad for my love. I thought before I faint I should go to room, when I turned to go my dad says yes for alliance. I hug both of them, I really felt bad thinking wrong about them.
I informed Sanskar about yes from my family side , he also told me same answer. Now I again going to faint, totally unexpected.
After one week…

Marriage day…
Now we both are married, I am going to start new life with my sanskar. Before going to change I decided to talk to my MIL. When I reached there, I again received shock…..
Precap: real reason of agreeing for marriage from both side, molestation,fight began for love….

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