Our love – A swasan story Part 3

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As soon as Sanskaar entered in his room he directly engulfed Swara in a hug and he did not shut the door. While swasan were lost in the hug Swara had a naughty smile in her face and she slightly pinched Sanskaar’s waist due to which he broke the hug and she ran in the room in order to avoid next which was coming all the way around. Sanskaar was happy seeing Swara laughing and soon he ran behind her to catch her and their laughing sound was echoing in the room.
Outside the room Laksh was passing through the corridor as he came home along with Adarsh for lunch while Ram and DP were in office.
On hearing the laughter sound Adarsh and Laksh came towards swasan’s room and found them enjoying. Adarsh was happy seeing his brother laughing after so many years and Laksh was also happy to see Sanskaar happy but he felt jealous seeing the source of his happiness Swara. He burn in extreme jealousy and was fuming.
Downstairs Annapurna found that Adarsh came downstairs but Laksh didn’t so she asked Ragini to go and call Laksh and Swara-Sanskaar. Ragini went upstairs and saw Laksh standing outside Swara’s room and when she went towards him she saw Swara-Sanskaar running all around their room laughing as Sanskaar was trying to catch Swara.
Soon Sanskaar caught hold of Swara and pulled her towards himself and they share a loving eye lock. As Sanskaar was leaning towards Swara for kissing her and then he placed his lips on her. Their kiss was short and sweet just like a first kiss should be. Outside their room Laksh was burning in extreme jealousy and went from there. Ragini saw Swara who was lost in Sanskaar’s eyes with an another level of hatred and she thought,
Swara you are here enjoying with your fake husband and I even can’t move on with Laksh….don’t worry today after lunch you will cry and not only your eyes will cry but also your heart. Today is your last day in this house and I swear that I will make everyone you love hate you from the core of their heart. Ragini with determination went downstairs and after intruding swasan’s privacy and with hatred called them downstairs for lunch.
After swasan left for lunch Ragini went and took the camera from their room and took it downstairs with her.
At the dining table
Swasan are sitting together and that sight too made Laksh jealous. He silently had his lunch and was also continuously noticing that how Sanskaar was caring for Swara and was asking her to eat this and not to eat that as she still was feeling a bit weak which made her a bit irritated but was happy with his caring nature. Ragini didn’t do anything with the camera and she thought,
Swara be happy as much you want but I know that after watching the video of your room the entire story will be cleared and you have to leave this house and everyone will hate thinking that you are living with a stranger in one room without any relation. Then I will see what will you do.
After the lunch all were heading towards their room but ragini interrupted,
Ragini: maa, chachiji I want to show something to you guys. Saying this ragini connected the camera to the tv.
The recording showed Sanskaar restlessly walking in the room and how swara back hugged him and asked sorry and how she ran to washroom and then swasan sleeping in each other’s embrace peacefully and Swara had tears in her eyes seeing her sister stooped so low that she didn’t care about her dignity and Sanskaar just wanted to strangle ragini’s neck and seeing swara teary eyed he tightened his fist and saw ragini with utter hatred.
Seeing this ragini was super shocked and laksh literally burnt in jealousy remembering how swara hugged Sanskaar and how they slep in each others embrace.
Annapurna: what this ragini and were you trying to show how a married couple behave with each other in their personal time.
Ragini: maa I have a firm belief that swara-sanskaar didn’t marry each other and it is their fake marriage and they are here to separate me and laksh so I fixed a camera in their room but….
Sanskaar: enough ragini and maa if you want proof of my and swara’s wedding then here is the proof and saying this Sanskaar took swara’s phone from her and connected it to the tv and it had some pictures of swasan’s wedding like Sanskaar filling swara’s headline and making her wear the nuptial chain.
Ragini went numb on knowing that swasan are actually married and they took the wedding vows together and somewhere she was happy for her sister but the thing that made ragini literally happy that swara won’t try to break her and laksh’s marriage as she knows that swara valued relations from all of her heart.
Sanskaar: ragini ji agar aapka koi aur shak baki reh gaya ho toh mai aapko yeh picture frame karvakar de dunga taaki aap dobara mere room me camera fix na kare. Hmm. I hope that I am clear enough and if not then I am going to lodge a police complaint against you for trying to intrude a newly married couple’s privacy and also for trying to malign my wife’s character in front of the society and I am damn sure that you would be imprisoned for a year or two. So dare you mess with me the next time because then you will face the SM.
Hearing the SM laksh was super shocked and he looked toward Sanskaar in shock but he couldn’t say anything.
Sanskaar went towards swara and wiped her tears and nodded slowly in a no to which swara smiled with tears.
Sanskaar then took swara to their room and rest of the members didn’t say anything to ragini and laksh had a bit confusion in his mind regarding ragini and now he was determined to know the truth.

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