Our love – A swasan story Part 2

The next part is here, and I will post the next part longer.

Sanskaar came back to his room and saw Swara keeping her stuff from the suitcase in the cupboard and Sanskaar came towards her and helped her in unpacking her stuff.
Swara: Sanskaar are you still angry on me and yesterday you forgave me only because I was not well. I’m sorry I didn’t know that Ragini could do something like that and Laksh would be helping her. I’m sorry please forgive me.
Sanskaar: I’m not angry but scared that what if something would have happened to you then and Swara you promised me that you will take care of yourself and handle it carefully. Swara once I lost you and I can’t bear if something happens you sometimes. I love you…
Swara: I love you too…but now Laksh and Ragini has to pay for what all they did to us .
Sanskaar: yes and I am with you in this and let them also know who Mrs. And Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari are….so ready Mrs. Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Swara: always Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari.

After getting freshen up both went downstairs for breakfast and again Ragini started her drama of being her mother in law I mean her annoying nature and extra caring nature.
Ragini: Swara I know that you were unwell but you could have been awake a bit early and would have come downstairs for aarti… this kind of behaviour doesn’t soot the daughter in law of this house.
Sanskaar being pissed off said: my wife’s devarani ji I think you again forgot that you are talking to your bhabhi and even taking her name and mom and maa are there to tell Swara what she has to do …so I don’t think you should be bothered about what your jethani is dong.

Hearing Sanskaar Laksh tried to take Ragini’s side bit this time Sujata came forward and asked Swara to have some juice and only fruits as it is light and she would feel better.
Seeing Sujata caring for Swara Ragini felt jealous and thought that her plan backfired and she see Swara with venom filled eyes.
Soon after breakfast Sanskaar and Swara left to their room as Swara was advised to take rest and Sanskaar took a leave from office and seeing his caring nature for his wife the elders are overwhelmed and Ragini and Laksh burn in extreme jealousy.

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