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Hey guys im back well my exams e getting over this saturday but i could not control myself from writing…..pls support me dears and ya give me more and more love……well this is just a short episode u may consider it to be a promo or intro…….and ya if possible i will post one episode tomorrow or on saturday i will give 2 episodes…
Guys my story start from teenage… .well nowadays adoloscents…..commitments are common in high school i hav seen many myself…….so
Swara bose- class 8 student……star of the school……in relationship with the handsome stud karan malhotra…..she is topper too…..lives with her mom…..very rich but not spoilt…….loves her mom.

In her school students were not weighed upon by marks infact they were given status depending upon whon they were comitted with. Swaran r the hottest couple. Well they were damn cute too……
Karan- stud of school……u know right swara bf. Rich guy…..not bad but. Class 10
Sanskar- rich guy. New to school. Dont know about status and stuff. Swara classmate. Innocent( wait and watch how he gets spoiled by swara?)
Ahana- rich bi***. Crazy for karan. She is hot but disliked by all. Has her own gang. Flirty. Hates swara.
Maheswari family- same guys….
Ragini- sweet and cute. She and laksh r in relationship. Laksh is not ssnskars brother. Both r quite rich but not so much. Both r the cutest couple. Laksh is king of romance. Even karan sometimes is jealous of him( its fun jealousy guys) swaran and raglak are a gang.
(Guys i love namish. So i will focus on him too.)

So tell me howz the plot guys…..u liked it?? Then oks comment….. Its all the sweet little infactuations amd crushes of adoloscence. All would have experienced it right?? I wont make karan villian. Dont worry guys its swasan and not swaran…..we will see a break up ok. But swaran r friends. And suggest characters for karan and ahana pls

Love u guys …..??

Credit to: shreya

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  1. nice plzz contiue

  2. Very nice

  3. Very nice…

  4. No i wanna swaran as couple plzz yrrrr

  5. yaar its nice
    ahana as madhura naik
    karan as karan wahi

  6. Sorry guys cant post todat will try my best……pls comment guys and tell me do u feel the plot is too immature or something…..i got so less comments thats y and im discontinuing swasan d best sorry

    1. Plz yr continue your previous ff there r many silent readers if u don’t want to continue then u can end it in 2 part but don’t stop in between u can give it a proper ending plz

  7. Really nice

    1. She didn’t ask u.

      If u dont like better stay away.. Don’t judge her hardwork… And shreya.. Keep it up yaar..

  8. Hey shreya… swasan d best is really a very good story and has an amazing story line pls continue it I’m an eager fan… I’m sure there are many silent readers for ur ff. Please continue swasan d best it’s a small request..

  9. Superb yaar waiting for next episode

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