Love (swasan and raglak) Episode 2

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Shopping mall.
Swara was saying Bill and sees ragini on the other counter. And get teary eyed. She pay Bill fast and run from there to ragini.
Swara hug ragini.
Ragini is confused but then sees swara and hug her back both get teary eyed. After some time they break the hug.
Swara was happy but was also angry that ragini did’t told her anything to her and leave the city.
She goes from there in angry.
Ragini also go after her.
Ragini. Swara listen.
Swara. Ragini what. You did’t tell me when you was leaving.
Ragini. Listen to me ones.

Swara. Stop it ragini.
Ragini. Ok swara if you did’t want to listen then its okay but plz dont get angry.
Swara. Ragini.
Ragini. Swara.
Both hug eachother and swara say.
Letz go to home.
Ragini. No first my home.
Swara. Ok ragini.
They leave for ragini house

At ragini house.
Karan is eating and seeing a movie. Dilwale.
The song play janam janam. Karan is not listeing anyone because volume is full.
Swaragini enter the house.
Swara. How is that boy.
Ragini. Swara…. Woh……. Mera boyfriend hai.
Swara. Ok.
Ragini. Are not you angry.
Swara. For what.
Ragini. Nothing.

Ragini goes to karan.
Karan abh uncle mujhe kuch or nahi chahiya.
Ragini shout. Karannnnnnnn………………
Karan get up and say why are you screaming in my ear its hurting.
Ragini. Whatever listen she is my sister swara.
Karan. Swara.
Ragini. Ha.
Swara. Hi.
Karan. Hi beauty.
Swara laugh.
Ragini. Stop flirting ha.
Karan. Jealous ha.
Ragini. Jealous my foot.
Swara. Ok you guyz stop fighting.
Karan. As your wish darling.
Swara. Stop flirting are alse ragini will not leave you.
Ragini. Swara.
Swara. Ok BABA just kidding.
Swara. You both give me your number.
Ragini. My number is ********.

Karan. My number is ********.
Swara. Ok guyz i will leave maya is waiting for me.
Ragini. Who.
Swara. Your nephew.
Ragini. Really.
Swara. Ha.
Ragini on i will come tommorow to meet her.
Swara. Yes at mm house.
Ragini nervous. Ok.
Swara. Ok bye.
Karan. Bye bye swara.
Swara leaves.

Ragini. Karan tum mujhe si bahat maat karna.
Karan. Thaik hai.
Ragini angrliy leave from there.
Karan smile seeing her angrliy.

Precap. Ragini karan moments

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