Love (swasan and raglak) Episode 1

Hello guyz this is my first FF. I am a silent reader but thought to write my own story.
My story will start when laksh give divorce to ragini and she leave for london. Swasan are married and have a child name maya. Ragini have a boyfriend name karan. So basically my FF will start when ragini come back to kolkata for business. So lets start the story.

The episode start with.
A girl is coming out from the airpot she have weared black dress with open curles hair. Camera roll and she is none other then our ragini.
Ragini. Finally i am back. My home. My sister, mom, dad everyone is here. Suddenly she remember something and say karan.
Karan holding bags.
Karan. Ragini how much staff is in this bag.
Ragini. Karan woh. Makeup, dress, jewelery, saree, prafume and many other things.
Karan. Stop it i understood that.
Ragini. Ok.
Karan keep bags in car and sit in ragini also sit in and both leave for home.

MM house.
Swara is doing arati she sings bajan. Everyone is happy listeing her bajan.
Maya. Mamma.
Swara. Yea beta.
Maya. When i come home will you take me out for lunch.
Swara. Ok beta we will see.
Maya. Ok mamma.
Swara kiss her on cheek.
Sanskar come there and all have breakfast except laksh.
Sanskar take maya and leave for school, office.
Swara deicide to go out for shopping.
She leave for shopping.

At ragini house.
Ragini. Karan i am going out for shopping.
Karan. I dont under stand you girls you have too much stuff but still always want to shop.
Ragini. Oh plz we girls are smart not like you boys. You guyz wear anything like dumb head.
Karan. Ragini.
Ragini. No i will leave bye karan.
Karan. Ok has your wish.
Ragini get angry and goes out for shopping.

At mall.
Ragini. Which dress should i chosse if karan haved been her then i would have chossed dress easliy.
Should i call him.
Ragini. No yaar what he said we girl are like that. Karan need to learn this.
She finally chosse a dress.
Swara come in and feel strange.
Ragini feels also strange and sees here and there. But ingroned it.
Swara chosse sone dresses and goes to pay.
Ragini also goes for pay.

Precap. Swaragini meeting.

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  1. awesome and something different thank god rags has no child keep writing

  2. who is going to play the character of karan i would suggest it as karan tacker or siddhant aka kunj of tashan e ishq and ya plz dont unite raglak plz as laksh deserve it

  3. Very nice introduction

  4. superbb ….

  5. Wowww awesome yaar karan really loves her

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