Love between swasan by rabia (season 2) (epi 5)

Epi 5:- (guys swara’s past will be from next epi)

5 days have been passed sanky didn’t talked to swara only except the case discussion….kd also denies for helping her because he knows how much sanky is hurt… he can’t imagine swara’s that state once again which he saw in past… that’s why he can’t be able to forgive swara… case is almost on verge of completion.. Finally on 6th day swara loses her control…..

She reached in front of the sanky’s police station there he is standing outside talking with some officers… sanky saw swara but he ignored her.. on which swara fumes in anger…

Swara looked here and there and found one officer behind her she goes towards the officer..

Swara: sir I want your gun

Officer: but why mam??

Swara while looking towards sanky: I want to teach someone a lesson..

Officer laughs and gave her his gun..

Whole police station knows about swara and later things will be revealed later..

Sanky who is talking suddenly feels something near his forehead he turns and found swara standing while holding gun near his forehead..

Sanky becomes shocked..

Sanky: what the hell is this miss swara??

Swara becomes angry bird on hearing miss swara from his mouth..

Swara while gritting her teeth: I will tell u what is this hell in actual by saying thiss she literary pulls him with his collar… and to all police officers who were standing outside..

Swara: I swara gadodia kidnapping your this ACP are u having any problem in that??

All ppl surpassing their laughter said: noo maam not at all..

Sanky: u traitorsss here your ACP is kidnapping and u all r laughing let me free myself then I will tell..

Swara gripping his collar more tightly and putting the gun on his temple said: first free yourself then talk about anything else.. by saying thiss she throws him on the car passenger seat and throws the gun back towards the officer… and drives the car with full speed… when the left all burst into laughter.. while one constable calls the kd and gives him this breaking news…

On which kd burst into laughter in front of the whole office…

On employee or reporter aliya 😉 : kd sir why r u laughing…(both aliya and kd likes each other 😛 their love story will come slowly slowly)

Kd told them and on listening this whole staff start laughing like hell…

While in car…

Sanky is sitting while making a face like he is having to pani puri in each side of his cheek…and red nose due to anger..

Swara: soo u don’t want to speak with me??

Sanky nodes in no.. like a cute angry kid..

Swara: think again.. by saying this she increased the speed of car…

Sanky: do whatever u wants to do im not afraid of u.. huhh by saying thiss he turns his face…

Swara: if u didn’t speak with me naa then im going with my darling to goa for 2 dayss..

Sanky: whaaaatttt???? His eyes popped up after listening thiss…

Sanky while gritting teeth: don’t u dare to go with him.. understandddd???

Swara: then talk to mee..

Sanky being irritated: okay fineee…

Swara becomes excited and shouts realllyyy?? And she even left the staring in excitement on which car literary took a round it is their luck that the road is empty and sanky grabbed the staring on time and gave swara a death glare…

On which swara gave him a puppy smile and controlled the car..

Sanky in anger: r u out of your mind?? Who left staring like this?? When car is in such a high speed..

Swara with a pout: what can I doo u were angry with me and when u said u will talk with mee soo I became excited..

Sanky stares her in disbelief and signs..

Sanky: im hungry lets go to some restaurant..

Swara while grinning: okay boss…

They both spent some quality time with each other and finally left to their homes…

Finally the case is over… the girl got justice… all r very happy….

After one week of the case… swara got a call that 5 robbers entered in one bank and demanding coverage of this robbery from only swara’s channel.. and they also wants sanky on charge of this case…

Swara become amused: r they robbers or what?? Why they r soo curious for the coverage through my channel..

Swara reached there and there she found sanky…

Swara: sanky what is this who r these robbers?? And why didn’t they run after doing robbery in the bank??

Sanky: I don’t know swara I got to know only one thing that all 5 r girls and having very funny names..

Swara: what do u mean by funny??

Sanky: arrey listen naa the head is named as donut… and other members r pancake, cotton ball, bubble gum and tinker bell..

Swara being shocked: whaaattt??? And burst into laughter…

Sanky: hahahaha yesss but these r their nick names…

Swara: but these r very funny names..okay tell why didn’t they run after robbery?? Why they r still there inside the bank?/

Sanky: that I also don’t know we r trying to figure it out but no response…

While inside the bank….

The head donuts is sitting in manager’s chair by putting her legs on the table and eating donut…while all r watching her with open mouth….

Finally one child got the courage and said…

Child: r u a robber??

Donuts: yess why??

Child with frown: then why the hell u r sitting and eating donut??

On listening this donuts slipped from donuts hand while her gang member giggles…

Donuts: hey u half foot

Child: heyy u… stop eating donut and doo what robbers doo… huhh..

Donut seeing the child with wide eyes and open mouth….

Pancake comes near donut and said while closing her mouth: donut di please close your mouth..and giggles

Donut came into senses and to pancake: shut up pancake…

While bubble bum, cotton ball and tinker bell is surpassing their laughter..

Tinker bell: look na donut di this cotton ball gave me again heavy gun…

Donut hold tinker bell gun and glares at cotton ball

Donut: what the hell cotton ball cant u see tinker bell weight she even can’t be able hold the weight of pani puri and u gave her this much heavy gun??

Cotton ball: oo sorry donut dii..

Bubble gum: what sorry?? U your self is a cotton ball and u r giving that much weight to poor tinker bell??

(While tinker bell is giggling on seeing cotton ball gets scolding and remembering that she herself changed the gun because cotton ball ate her cotton candy)…

Pancake: okay enough and donut di don’t forget we r here for robbery not for the entertainment of these customers….

Donut: oo ya I forgot

Bubblegum while giggling: di this is your old habit of forgetting everything..

Cotton ball murmurs: because di is a patient of short term memory loss naa…

Pancake listened this and burst into laughter..

Donut raising her eye brows: what????

All four nodes noo…

While the child who scolded donut came again..

Child being irritated: hey u dunkin donut when u all will go im getting late I have to watch my doremon episode..

Tinker bell: don’t worry chotuu doremon comes all the time on Disney channel..

Child: hey u whom u called chotu?? U yourself is a choti.. huhhhh…

Tinker bell eyes pop up while remaining four giggles…

Cotton ball: okay mister big man…

Child: better… now tell when u all will set us free??

Bubble gum while chewing bubble gum: when swara ji and sanky ji will come…

Child twitching his nose: why u want my DC??

Cotton ball: DC? Means direct current??

Child while slapping his forehead: oo u stupid fellow DC means dumbo chachuu… (the child is non-other than ayyan sahil’s son… who came here with ap.. and while ap is laughing on her grandson’s talk…

Pancake: ooooooooo it means u are sanky ji’s nephew??

Ayyan while pulling his collar with proud no : he is my chachuu im not his nephew…

All the ppl giggles on hearing thiss..

Donut: okay okay now stop and pancake go get the info that they came or not??

Pancake: okay dii.. and pancake goes with bubble gum…

While cotton ball is eating chips which was snatched tinker bell..

Tinker bell: u cotton ball why u always eating alone??

Cotton ball while snatching again: my wish goo from here.. huh..

Tinker bell made a crying face and goes towards donut..

Donut: what happened??

Tinker bell: dii this cotton ball is not giving me chips..

Donut: cotton ball give chips to tinker bell cant u see her health day by day she is becoming tooth pick…

Cotton ball while making faces: what can I doo dii this tinker bell always snatches my food..

Donut: don’t argue and give her chips.. in the meantime pancake and bubblegum came..

Bubble gum: di both swasan came..

Donut: call them in..

While outside sanky got a call from bank’s number…

Sanky to swara they r calling us in but only we both…

Swara: what they want??

Sanky: I don’t know lets go.. sanky hides the gun soo that if there was any emergency he will use that..

Both goes in… while the whole robbery gang is standing facing their backs….ayyan saw them and waves his hand in excitement..

Sanky smiles on seeing him and waves back…

Swara: heyy u all why u called us here and what u want from us??

Pancake: treat..

Sanky: treattt..

Tinker bell yesss :T..R.E.A.T… treatttttttttttttt..

Swara: which treat??and who r u all?

Cotton ball: don’t u know us??

Swasan: noooo..

Bubble gum while making balloons: look these both forgot uss..

Ayyan: oo hellloo u all jokersss iff u don’t turn how will both be able to know about u.. dumbossss..

Donut: okay okayyy..

By saying this both 5 turnsss..

Swasan become shocked: uuuuuuuuu all???

All five: yesss weeee..

Donut: rabia

Pancake: shan

Cotton ball: Swarmayi

Bubble gum: anniya

Tinker bell: shreeyu

Rabia: u both didn’t told us about your engagement naaa that’s why we made this plan.. because this bank is owned by shreeyu’s father…

Swasan blush and said: guysss sorry but u know the reason naaa…

Shan: okay okay we know but we also wants the treat…

Swasan okay done…

All five r swasan frndss and when they came to know about swasan engagement the made a plan for giving them a big surprise off their arrival…

All five hugged swasan and wished them a great life ahead and left…

While sanky hugs swara butttt….. someone pushes him…

Sanky being shocked looks towards the source and found ayyan is glaring him…

Sanky: what????

Ayyan: heyy dc.. don’t u dare to hug my darling don’t u know she is my gf?? (hehehehe guys swara’s bf is non-other than aayan)

Swara and ap giggles while sanky makes faces..

Sanky while joining his hand: plzz my father spare mee u always stick to my fiancé

Ayyan: sooo whattt it is due to mee only u will be able to make her your fiancé or else u r now also standing alone…

Swara: yesss and due to only ayyan I accepted your proposal…

Ayyan gave sanky a winning smile while sanky signs…

While ayyan hugged swara tightly… swara winks to sanky and said don’t be angry my Kuala bear…

Sanky: seriously swara kaula bear?? Am I looking u like a kaula bear??? U can call me polar bear instead…

Swara: nopeee that word I already used in first season… and grins..

While ap and ayyan giggle and sanky gave her an impossible look

To be continued….

Precap: full of past….

I know guys this epi is little bit boring but don’t worry I will start telling the whole past from the next epi and all your question and doubts will also be cleared in next epi like how swasan r engaged, how whole police knows swara…etc….


  1. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Ha ha awesome di….. I was laughing during the robbery scene di….. Amazing….. About swara’s bf superb di….. 😜

  2. Nagamanasa


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    Di don’t u dare to say it is boring…it is really funny di…I am laughing like hell reading this part…loved it…post next one soon dii…

  3. Shreeyu


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    Rabiiiiiiiaaaaa diiiiiii….. I’ll not leave u…. U r always calling me toothpick… M not so thin even …. Huh…. Gandi labia Di….😒😒😒😒 And hawww Sammy u were eating alone…. Ufff so cruel of u

    • Shreeyu


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      BTW Episode was awesome… I was literally laughing during robbery scene…and Swara hehe Sanskar on gunpoint it was really hilarious…. Waiting for next one

      • Swarmayi


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        Hawwww… Rabia diiiii… M not so bhukkad yaar.. 😢😢😢 my family members literally pushed food in my mouth.. I dont eat much.. I only like rice n my mom always give me chapati forcefully.. saying dont eat rice or u’ll bcm moti! 😣😣😣 and u always scolded me not cutie..bad rabia dii.. huhh..n u cutie.. deliberately kept that gun na.. veryyyyyyy bad.. gandi cutiee..

    • Rabia



      hehehehe shreeyu what can i doo u r not eating properly naa soo thats whyy andd sammy shreeyu is a baby naa 😉 hehehehe and thankuu sooo much shreeyu :*

  4. Manasvi


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    Hahaha😂 dii.. Amazing episode.. Loved it..
    I m laughing like anything!!
    But you didnt included me😭
    So bad of you Rabia dii..
    Jaao mein aapse baat hi nahi karne wali!!

  5. Niku


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    Lol!!! Diii it’s a super duper fun epd. Dii u use ur whole tu family in this …..great job….but donut she is my fav. Hehe😂😂😂…n ayann he is such a cutie pie diii😘😘…whn did sawsan get engaged…..

    • Rabia



      hehehehe thankuu thankku for liking me 😉 hehehe thankuu sooo much dear 🙂 :* and about their engagement i will reveal in next epi 🙂

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Oh God, I am laughing like hell…Robbery scenes are damn funny😂😂.. Ayaan is swaras bf😅😅..Haww😱😱they are engaged.. Keep going di.. Loved the chappy.Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  7. Aliya123


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    oh,.,,my god….hahahaha……i cant stop laughing ……donut….api….cottonball…..tinkerbell….oh.,….pehle rulati ho fir hasati ho…….super amazing epi….i love this chota packet bada dhamaka……..ayyan……swasan r couple whoouuuu……..loved it api

  8. Aliya123


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    heeellloo…..miss me….i kmw kiya hoga…i was on a leave…..thats why last epi ka interview miss ho gaya…….koi ni hota hai bade bade news channels mein aise choti choti batein hoti rehti hai….miss rabia

    nd fr todays epi i dont have any question it is perfect…-apart from it.,.u include ur tu family in it……

    bt i have one question…..r u following me hw u get to knw about me ……haaan

    • Rabia



      Yeesshh i missed u alott andd naaa im also having a part time of detective from there i came to know about your love story with kd 😁😁😁😁 soo u tell me when u r going to give me a treat? 😛😛😛

  9. Aliya123


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    one more thing miss rabia……..some scientist called us……they want to do some experiment on ur mind,……they nt only them whole world wants to knw about ur mind……..ap kya kehna chahegi iss bare mein…..kya ap unhe apna mind dengi ya nahi kya apke extra ordinary mind ka secret kabhi kisi ko pata chalega………share ur views……

    • Rabia



      Miss aliyaa why would i tell the secrets of my mind 😁😁😁😁 its my secrets and always remains with me only 😂😂😂😛😛😛😛

  10. Anniya


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    Now enough of laughing, seriously you in one story you make me cry like hell and here I am laughing…
    Superb one

  11. Amore


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    Nahi nahi bata do k abb kya karu mai iss keede wala brain wali ka???? ek pe nai toh dusre pe bakra banaya… mujhe laga tha k swasan saath hain par ye twist pata nai tha… engage hi kara dia… lead se leke supporting characters tak sabko bachha bana dia hai… ek madam kidnapping karke steering wheel chhod deti hain aur unke dost Milne k liye DEMANDING ROBBERY karte hain *sigh* hasa hasa k thaka diya reeyyyy!!!

  12. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Hey Rabia (Api),
    Well I never commented on your any Fan Fiction. But trust me you have got magic when it comes to writing. The best part of your Fan Fictions is that they make the readers burst into laughter or so intense that the reader has to hold his/her heart 😉

    Well this was something epic, which I loved to heaven 😛 The Swasan scene and robbery scene was far beyond imagination. You rocked it!

    Well as you are elder than me – a lot elder than me, so…may I call you ‘Api’ and will you befriend me? Please………..
    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    • Rabia



      hehehehhee thankuuu sooo much dear and that do commented on my story… andd yaa obviously u can call me api and i love to become a frnd of yours 😉 thankuuu sooo much deara once again stay blessed 🙂

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