Love between swasan by rabia (season 2) (epi 4)

Episode 3

Shot 4:-

Swara calls sanky…

Sanky who was in his room become amused on seeing swara calling at night time..

Sanky: ooo wowww look who called mee the great swara gadodiaa..

Swara: can’t be u serious sometime?? Just shut your mouth and come to Gadodia hospital..

Sanky becomes serious and said: why what happened??

Swara: u just come by saying this she cuts the call..

Sanky frowns but later goes.. while going in hall he saw his babhi navya..

Sanky: bhabi what happened why r u worried??

Navya: sanky sahil didn’t come yet and he is also not picking his phone

Sanky: don’t worry bhabi bhai will be bzy in meeting he said the in morning that he will be late.. soo don’t worry he will come…

Sanky goes to hospital there she found swara but she is having blood on her dress..

Sanky: what happened to u?? and why this blood??

Swara: its your brother’s blood

Sanky become shocked:…

Swara put hand on his shoulder: sanskar nothing serious he was stabbed at his back but the wound is not that much deep… and explain him the whole incident..

Sanky clench his fist and goes towards his brother’s ward…

Sahil was laying sanky goes and put hand on his forehead

Sahil opened his eyes

Sahil smiles and said: hey sankyyy

Sanky: bhai I will not leave them they attacked u now they r crossing there limits..

Sahil: hey dude just relax they wants us to get scared… nothing else..

Sanky: bhai I can’t tolerate a single scratch on my family.. and here they dared to harm ACP sanskar’s brother…

Sahil: sankyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Both look each other with serious look later burst into laughter….

Sanky: hhahahahhaa bhaii u r too much whats the need of having that much fake blood??

Sahil pouts: some idiot biker came to me while I was leaving from office (guys in last epi I mentioned that one biker came to sahil while he was leaving) and he gave me this much blood only what’s my fault in that

(Sanky came to know about attack on sahil soo that’s why he gave him lifesaving jacket with having a fake blood inside it)

Sanky: bhai u r calling me idiot?? (yes the biker in sanky)

Sahil: nope im calling that biker and winks…

Someone knocks on the door…

Both turned towards door and saw shekhar standing there..

Sanky: hello doctor

Shekhar: hello mr sanskar..its good that mr sahil is wearing life saving jacket but he got a cut which not that much deep due to jacket but he have to take rest 2,3 days..

Sahil: doctor can we go home??

Shekhar: yaa sure…

Sanky: I will complete formalities…

Sahil and shekhar nodes.. sanky came out and didn’t found swara..

Sanky: maybe she left.. I will say thanks to her tomorrow…

After completing formalities sanky took sahil home.. they didn’t family member about the attack they only said that sahil slipped from stairs that’s why got injury on his back..

Ayyan: dadd how clumsy u r?? don’t u know how to walk??

All smiles listening his innocent scolding…

Sahil while holding ears: sorry baby.. next time I will be careful..

Ayyan sits on his lap softly and kissed his dad’s cheek and said: good boy

Navya smiles on seeing her son’s love for his father.. she got teary eyes on which sahil ask through eyes.. Which she nodes nothing… later day ended..


A girl is crying while sitting in the corner of one room… she has her head on her knees.. and she was sitting by completely wrapping her through her hands…the room is having no light… only moonlight is coming…

She is shaking badly due to crying continuously…..suddenly room door got opened… the one who came switch on the lights and scanned the whole room… and goes towards the girl…

Person puts hand on her shoulder on which girl just hugged the person tightlyyy…

Alarm ringing…..

Swara opened her eyes…(yes its swara’s dream)

Swara is having tears in her eyes… but she wiped them and got ready for office…shekhar was not at home because he had gone for some conference…

Swara checked her cellphone..

2 msgs came.. one from sanky and one from her darling her bf…

Sanky’s msg: thankuu soo much for helping my brother it means a lot…

Swara just replied: it’s my duty being a civilized citizen soo no need of this thankuu..

2nd one:-

Darling msg:- hey beauty sorry today I can’t come.. having an important work.. meet u soon…

Swara smiles and replied: it’s okay darling.. no problem

Later she goes to her office…

In office:-

Kd: swara one case came but it’s a very horrible case..

Swara: why?? What happened??

Kd: girl was a teenager… her family due to property purpose.. first made her marry to the one who is elder double of her age.. then when she was 8 months pregnant they tortured her and made her deliver the baby by force and later they leave dogs behind her..(guys this was actually a real case happened few years back in Pak.. they did very wrong with that girl I forgot the complete case but treated her very badly after leaving dogs behind her they I think shot her)

Swara closed her eyes in pain..

Swara: how cruel this world they never thinks before doing these type of cheap things..

Swara personally handles this case sanky being an ACP made the culprits suffer while swara being a news channel owner drags the case throughout the country…

She even got threat calls but she being a strong lady didn’t put ears on these type of calls.. and didn’t told anybody about this and this as her biggest mistake…

The case is in headlines from almost 2 months and now also running…

One day.. swara got a call from unknown number…the caller calls her alone at some place.. by saying this that he was having some imp news related to case..

Swara being bzy in the case too much without thinking anything goes on the respected place without informing anybody even kd…

Swara was going from lonely road.. suddenly one heavy bike came with full speed from backside and stops in front on herr in a drifting manner..

Swara stops the car with a jerk..

Swara came out from the car in full anger and burst on the biker

Swara: is this the way to ride a bike?? What if u got hit by my car??

Biker: is this a way to go without informing anybody??

Swara: what do u mean?? And who the hell r u?? take out this helmet…

Biker took out the helmet and is revealed ad sanky..who was seeing swara with blood shot eyes..

Swara gulps in fear…

Sanky came down from the bike and moved towards swara…

Swara in fear steps back….

Sanky came forward.. swara tries to run but sanky holds her hand and pulls her towards him and gave her a tight slap..

Swara becomes shocked and saw towards sanky while putting the hand on her cheek..

Sanky is going to raise his hand again but stopped near her cheek while swara closed her eyes in fear..

Sanky put his hand down and jerks her harshly from her shoulder..

Sanky: whattt the hellll swaraaa?? How could u doo this?? U didn’t even inform me about threat calls and today also u r going to lone places without informing anybody???

Swara whole time seeing down while having tears said with a feeble voice: s…ooo..rrryyy

Sanky becomes more angry: what soory han??? From lastttt 7 yrs…. Jerks herr…….. from last 7 yrss swara i was protecting u and today again u r going to do the same mistake again which u have done 7 yrs before??? 7 yrs before also I warned uu but u didn’t listened to mee.. I know u done mistake that time because u were a teenager but today swara??
He leaves her with a jerk and in frustration hits his fist on the nearby tree…

Swara is crying miserabley….

Swara: ii..mmm…mmm. sorr…yyy… sankyyyy.y….

Sanky turns towards her with painful and hurted eyes: not this time swara… not this time… by saying this he left from there on his bikee with full speed…

Swara fall down on her knees while crying when she felt a hand on her shoulder.. she looks upwards and found kd was standing there…

Swara stands and hugs him tightly and start crying…

Swara:kk..ddd.. im sorrryyy I don’t want all become worried for mee.. trust mee im not a that foolish swara who…o.. I waassss.. pleaseee say him naaa im sorrryyyy..

Kd : while patting her back and head.. ssshhh swara stop crying we will talk to him.. but its also your mistake… u know naa he is her very possessive related to your protection… 7 yrs back what happened that time he also hurt alott.. he was always there for u as your savior and today when he came to know about threat calls and today’s call he became shattered that again u didn’t told him…

To be continued……

Precap: past start revealing…

Soo guysss… u all thought correct that sanky and swara is having a past.. but he didn’t did anything bad with her.. he was her savior…in past and today also….

And guysss remember one thing sanky’s dreams and swara’s dream will be disclose in coming episodes soo don’t forget them..


  1. Monaa

    Wow.. its intetesting… i have recently started reading this ff.. its so awsome.. nice sispense.. hope to get next epi soon..

    • Maha016


      |Registered Member

      hi navi akka.nan laaa maha’s bestiee nanga pudhusa oru ss eludharom actually ungakita sola try pannom but ungaluku enga solradhunu theriyala so inga solren…I LOVE U ::: SWASAN SS this the ss and it is now in the second page apparom indhu mudiyavum pogudhu…sry akka ivlo late-a sonadhuku…and ungaluku time irundha padinga…bye akka.

  2. Aliya123

    😯😯😯😵😵😵😵 ……what to say…..what is happening…… Swara…..sanky……savior….7 years……possessive……………..*sorry bt i m nt in my senses……..let me gain it………

    Huuuui😍😍😍 loved it api…..awesome……..swasan r frnds….they r frnds…..yeyyyyyy………what happen seven years agoo????

  3. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Awsm api, I am ready with my equipment to bear further shocks ….
    And yeah about dream I will start eating almond not to forget it

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    7 years*eating samosa,one bite
    Sanky is her savior*another bite
    They have a past*one more bite
    Sanky is possessive about her*one more bite..
    Ummmmm, no words bcz my mouth is full..Keep going..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  5. Antara

    Very nice, awesome, marvellous, fantastic i have no other words to describe it. Its simply wonderful😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    I know you and kakali and mica from other ff but never did have the courage to talk to you people but today i thought to, just telling keep on writing as i know you will be hurt after knowing that swaragini has ended😢😢😢😢😢😢 but reading your ff makes me feel happy so keep writing

  6. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    wow di wow
    fake blood and i was worrying that something really happened
    i will never get enough of ur twists
    the last part i loved it
    pls di make their past a lot more emotional
    i have a guess that swara’s darling is sanky only but nobody knows it

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