Love between swasan by rabia (season 2) (epi 3)

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Episode 3:-

Car is going with full speed… more than the max range…. It is the time of afternoon around 4 pm…road is clear.. but the driver is not seeing anything he was just increasing the speed with the increasing rage in his mind… his hands getting tighter on steering wheel and due to which his veins were becoming more prominent…we can easily see the cliff at the other end which is going to end… car he going towards the endd… few cms before driver pulled the hand breaks and car stopped in the rolling position just above the danger line…

Driver came out with full angry expressions….the driver is revealed to be sanksar….he was getting frustrated with the passing minutesss… he took out the iron rod from the back of the car… and in frustration he broke all the windows and wind screen of the car… he got minor scratchesss

Sankar fall down on his knees and shouts: swaraaaaaaaaa

Swara jerks and opened her eyes…. She was in her office cabin with close eye on her chair…

Swara signsss and start working on some files….

Like this the day ended….

Net day:-

4 am at morning…

2 bikers going with full speed… it seems like both r racing or wants to defeats each other… both r wearing black full body suits and black helmets due to which there faces were hidden…. Suddenly one among them loses balance and slips…. From the other side truck is coming….

Both the biker and truck were just few meters apart… suddenlyyyy…..

Sanky’s eye got opened….and the dream broke….(yes it’s a dream again)

Sanky was full of sweat… he grabs the glass of water from side table but his hand r shivering….

He took deep breaths and wipes the sweat… and sleeps again without saying anything…

Morning at 9 am…

Sanky was on the way to the police station… when he saw swara sitting in one park and hugging someone…

Sanky fumes in anger and jealousy…

Sanky in mind: Her bf… I wisshhh I can vanish him butt my bad luck…. He looks upwards and makes a crying baby face and storms out from there…

While in the park swara is talking to one boy..

Boy: hey beauty darling how r u?? we r meeting after many daysss… due to your work and my work did u missed me??

Swara smiles a little and said: my jaan I missed u soo much u know about my work naa sorryyy she said by holding her ears…

Boy melts after listening sorry and said: okay okay but next time don’t take much time and be aware of that ACP… huhh… he is such a flirt said while making facesss..

Swara laughs loudlyyyy: hahahaha okay okay jaan don’t worry I will stay away from him… okay jaan im getting late we will talk on call..

Boy : okay beauty bye im also getting late by saying this he hugged her and kissed her on her cheek and goes

Swara smiles a little and waves him bye and turns to goo but become shocked on seeing sanky standing behind her with fumed expressions and seeing the way on which her bf goes..

Sanky while gritting teeth: what r u both doing here?? And why the hell he kissed u??

Swara with whatever look: its none of your business just get the hell out of here….

Sanky while smirking and starts coming towards her: really??

Swara: heyy stop right there

Sanky: why?? R u getting afraid with my closeness??

Swara: what rubbish

Sanky coming her more close while swara is going backward….

Swara: ACP sanskar stop right there where ever u r otherwise consequences will not be good..

Sanky coming nearer: what will u doo haan?? Comes to her and holds her from her shoulder..

Swara struggle to free herself but sanky’s grip is tight

Swara: leave mee u jerk

Sanky: wowwww im a jerkkk

Swara glares him angrily

Sanky jerks her towards him more and give her a tight kiss on her cheek 😉

Swara freezes on the spot but later finally frees herself and gives him a tight slap…

Sanky become shocked…

Swara loudly: enough is enough… why don’t u leave me alone?? What I have done to u?? u always irritates me wherever I go.. but not nowww… understood?? By saying this she goes from there running..

Sanky hits his fist in the nearby tree hardly… and goes from there angrily

Swara reached inside the car and start crying….after few mins she composed herself and goes towards the office…

In office kd informed her about one case soo she goes there with kd…on reaching the site… she saw sanky is also there but this time he didn’t paid any heed to her.. on which kd and both constable become astonished…

Swara’s news channel has a special type of merger with police dept. that’s the reason all high profile cases were also discussed with her for a special coverage…

This time neither sanky said anything nor swara except the case discussion and later both goes towards their workplaces….

Kd and constables also didn’t said anything after seeing their serious faces…

Kd and swara reached office and swara directly goes to her cabin… she put her bag but again it fall down and things got scattered… in the meantime kd entered in her cabin…

Kd saw the thing and before swara picks it up kd picks that thing..

Swara: kd pleaseee…

Kd: swara I always listen your every talks but not this time… why the hell u didn’t throw out this stupid locket in these yrs?? Why swara why?? Why u r struck to that stupid past??
Why u r not seeing your future?? What will u get by putting this locket near u?? nothing swara nothing u only gets pain and your this pain is destroying u from inside..

Swara: kd… but interrupted by kd

Kd: the girl u didn’t stop laughing all day today can’t even smile genuinely why swara?? 7 yrs has been passed… we all r waiting for your one smile which comes from your heart…

Shekhar uncle stop talking to u about past because he himself in pain seeing his daughter like this but he is helpless because u yourself don’t want to become happy in your life…

Kd: enough is enough swara now u have to take a decision that u want your past in your life or us??

Swara become shocked after listening this: kddd???

Kd : answer mee..

Swara become teary eyes… suddenly she start crying bitterly and fall down on her kneesss…

Kd is seeing her with teary eyes he goes towards swara and sat down infront of her and hugs her tightly.. (don’t forget kd and swara shares brother sister bond)

Swara cried her heart out by clutching his shirt…kd also didn’t stopped her because today she is taking out her pain in the form of tears…

Swara becomes tired after crying and slept in her frnd cum brother embrace… kiran saw this and lay her down in the couch of her cabin…. And pats her head…

Kiran came out from the cabin and takes out his cellphone.. on which shekhar is online..

Kiran: finally uncleee… she cried her heart out…

Shekhar who is one speaker said: thankuu betaaa.. and cuts the call..

Kiran saw the locket and clench his fist….he goes towards the kitchen and throws that locket in the oven…

2 hrs later kd came to swara cabin and saw swara is doing her work..

Kd: feeling better??

Swara smiles and nodes..

Kd: when u will be free??

Swara: kd I have some work u go I will come..

Kd: okay but take caree…

Swara: okiii


Sahil was have a meeting in his office soo he came out late from the office…sahil is walking towards his car… when one bike came towards him the biker is having the full black get up.. stops in front of him…

Sahil saw the biker and said: what??

Biker nodes in no and goes without saying anything…

Later sahil was in his car and 15 mins later he found the road is blocked by putting the rocks..

Sahil: what the hell?? In morning the road is completely cleared then now what happened to it??

He came out and goes to remove the rocks.. Suddenly he saw a shadow which is standing behind him.. before he can turn the shadow stabbed him..

Sahil: aaahhhhhh and turns towards the shadow and saw some goons were standing

Sahil in pain fights with them but they are empowering on him… goon is going to stab him again but after sensing another car is coming the runs from their while sahil fall down…

The car which is coming is off swara… swara saw only goons running and one car is standing on the road.. she got out and walks towards the car and found sahil lying unconscious on the road..

Swara runs towards him and turns him towards her

Swara become shocked after seeing sahil because he is a businessman and swara being in news channel knows him well…

To be continued….

Precap: swara crying miserably…..thuddddd…. Slap sound can be heard… sanky slapped swara (but not sure: P)

Guys guys I know u r having mannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy questionsssssssssss and confusionssssssssssss but don’t worry everything will be clear and small part may bee I will disclose in next epi otherwise in 5th epi I will surely disclose…. Iff I didn’t get any other idea: P hehehehhe and one more thing sanky’s dream has a very great meaning soo never forget them 😉 😛


  1. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Di now I am having so many doubts after reading this part…firstly what is swasan’s past…what is that locket…how is it related to swasan..omg my head is going to blast…now i can’t even think more di…post next one soon di

  2. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di loved it….. So swasan know each other before itself….. And i think the locket is of laksh’s and the bikers are laksh nd sanskar…. May be something happened to laksh….. Swasan were lovers i think…..

    • Rabia



      thankuuu sooo muchh shaann andd naaa i dont want to tell other things butt i will tell u one thing laksh is not there 😉 ehehehe

  3. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Api you don’t know policy “doubt should be out”
    So how could you leave us in doubt
    Clear all doubt here itself
    As usual I am not going to guess anything ( why I should waste my energy) you’re here na so started to tell me all secret( with cute face)

  4. Srusti


    |Registered Member

    Amazing di nd u again given me shocks what’s this locket nd plz disclose the swasan past and i am totally confused and i firstly think that laksh and may be it’s ragini coz these r my doubts and post next episode soon

  5. Aliya123

    api thats nt fair..,u na giving too much shocks nw a days thats nt fais….api u r my sweet sis na.,…always shares everything with me na(cute face)so share some secerts also na….nt all only 2…..3nkkk

    nd epi is awesome as always

  6. Aliya123

    today i m very busy miss rabia so fast fast give me interview i will nt take ur much time

    after reading this epi one thing is clear sanky knws about swaras past(i think)bcoz after seeing the locket sanky gets angry nt angry super angry bt why….why this much of anger….fursteration
    2.. boths past r connected……….bt the question is kya sirf connected hai ya aur kuch bhi hai dono ke dermiyan
    3. lagta hai kd ko dono ke baare mein nahi pata bt aisa kaise ho sakta hai usse swara ke past ke baare mein

  7. Aliya123

    swara ke past ke baare mein pata hai
    4.swara saves sahil toh why sanky slaps her
    5..what is the secret of sanky dreams
    6..swaras bf knws sanky nd sanky knws him,…..too much confustion in one epi next epi ke liye kuch bach ya nahi

    ap toh kuch batane se rahi par hum bhi news reporter khabar paa hi lete hai.,,…..humin kd ji mil chuke ap nahi toh wo ISS SAAL KE SABSE BADE RAAZ SE PARDA UTHAYENGE……..bacha sakti hain toh bacha lijiye suspense

    • Rabia



      Soo madam aliyaaaa aap tou promotion paaa kr attitude he dekhanay lug gaii 😲😲😲😲 dont worry i will see u 😆😆😆😆 sooo aub ye tou next epi may he pta chalay gaa k sanky k slap kyn kiya bakio har epi may raaz khulay gaaa 😆😆😆

  8. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear yaar but one question were swasan lover before…n now Swara hating or something ahhhhhhh u know what u are confusing me like hell…
    Plzzz dont let sanskar slap swara plzzzzz

    • Rabia



      heheheh rabiaa dont worry its not for a stupid reason 😉 and thankuuu sooo muchhh :* and your question i will answer in future epi 😉

  9. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Rabia its getting so intrstng and m so egr to knw abt swaraz past n sankyz dreamz…
    Plz clear all cnfsns disclose evrythng hahahahhahaha i srsly cnt w8 more…
    M loving it 😘😘😘😘

  10. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Dii, I am already unwell,upar se itni confusing chappy,jitni bhi bachi kuchi dimag thi na shayed yeh bhi jane wali hain*pout face… I am going*run
    .BTW I am back to tell one thing,yeh dono kya tappad ki competition karrhe ki”kon accha tappad mare”huhh😏😏..Anyway, keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  11. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Awesome diii…..
    Dii I m not confuse wid ur story definitely not but I m confuse with my next exam preparation…..😂😂

  12. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Dii.. M having my FAs and after reading your this much interesting story i m not able to study..
    So i guess you should help this small child😋
    Plz thoda reham toh karo yaar..

    • Rabia



      Hahahahaaa no no plzzz one aliya is enough mumpi she always run away fot saving her ears if u also say like her naa then i will pull your ears 😆😙😙😙

    • Rabia



      Hehehehe thankuu soo muchh dearr actually naa i said because i cant take gurantee of my mind thats why or else i will try to start showing in next epi 😊😊😊

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