I am in love?…..Swasan promo

Swara-a nerdy girl who wears black rimmed glass and long skirt and top. Every boy thinks she is very boring…her best friend is ragini…swara has a crush on laksh….but she knows that he will not love her….she is very much intrested in studies…but not only books she has many dreams….
Sanskar-a handsome famous cool boy in college..he has a girlfrnd named naina…he and swara studies in same college but they dont know each other….he has also some dreams in his life.
Ragini- swara’s best friend…she is very supportive n a trustworthy friend…..actually she also likes laksh but she knows that swara likes him so she leaves that.
Laksh- a good looking guy who is very nice behaviour towards everyone this is wat made swara attracted to him. Here swara n sanskar studies in same college but didnt see eachother….but because of some business deal between both their parents they make their children marry eachother….which means swara and sanskar….they both r not intrested but becoz of parents force they have to….lets see what happens after their marriage n after they know that that they study in same college……

lets see that whether love blooms in their life or not!!……how the promo is guyzzzz???……did u all love it??…

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  1. Rita

    Intresting Dear… Do Continue

  2. Very interesting

  3. Mahisha

    continue soon

  4. Mahisha

    interesting dr

  5. quite interesting dear

  6. awesome ? pls continue..

  7. Shiksha

    Interesting.. Continue soon..

  8. The story sounds interesting… looking forward for further chapters… pls post soon… eagerly waiting for it…

  9. interesting..continue soon

  10. loved it…continue soon

  11. seems interesting?continue soon?

  12. nice…continue soon

  13. interesting dear…

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    Nice dear

  15. Phoniex

    Nice dear sweetheart

  16. Nice concept. Continue soon

  17. Nice dear..are u on wattpad??

  18. Mars

    Very nice continue soon dear

  19. Neptune

    awesome dear i just loved it you know i got a mini shock when i came to know that they are married please continue dear

  20. IME

    continue soon

  21. Neha_01

    interesting concept..continue!!

  22. Gayathri.visu

    Really interesting….. Continue soon.

  23. Aarushi_99

    It’s really interesting! Would love to read how the story unfolds!
    Continue soon! :-*

  24. Kakali

    Interesting..!! Would love to read more..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u. ;-*

  25. nice continue

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    nice…continue soon

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    Continue soon

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