love between swasan (part-9)

guys here is the next part 🙂

Part 8


Swara is seeing sanskar with shocked expressions

Swara while stammering: www…hhh..aattt.. u..uuu ju..sssstt… said??

Sanskar coming close to her and bend down to her level and touched her cheek sensually and said: I said marry me sweet heart??

Swara while crying: why r u doing this??? Why??? By saying this she burst into cryinggg.. she is crying miserably..

Sanskar: enough of your drama stop crying and be raedy tomorrow because we are going to get married..

Swara jerks her head towards him: noooooooo

Sanskar: yess darling and u r having no other option

Swara: I will kill my self

Sanskar anger reached its peak and with this his hand raised and he gave her a tight slap……. Swara who is sitting on the floor fall down and a mourn left from her mouth..

Swara: aaahhhhh

Sanskar grabs her arm harshly: if a evr listen this word from your mouth than I will kill u on that moment by my hand understood… and now before I gave u time till morning but now we are going to get married now

Swara:…ooo plz nooo

Sanskar didn’t paid any heed and calls his p.a who completes the preparation at temple

Sanky grabs her by arm and take her out and pushed her hardly on the car front seat….

All the way swara is pleading to him but sanskar didn’t pay any head.. when the reached the temple sanky again drags her harshly inside the temple.. and they both got married with each other.. but swara all the while struggling to stop the marriage and trying hard to get out from sanskar clutches… but failed and finally the got married

They reached home swara is crying miserably and but sanskar again don’t look at her.. and he ordered her to stay in his room infact he drags her towards her room..

Swara is sitting on sanskar’s bed lifelessly and crying bitterly sanky is gone outside the room..

After sometime swara starts having difficulty in breathing.. she is trying hard to make her breathing normal but she is getting weak she get up from the bed and starts moving towards the room door she is stumbling due to weakness and stress.. she is going to fall but before she touched the ground sanskar came in and catch her on the right time…. He falls in his arms and she is in half conscious state and breathing heavily…. Sanskar is seeing her with moist eyes and take out the inhaler from his pocket and make her to inhale…

Swara’s breathing becomes normal but she got unconscious and before going to complete unconscious state

Swara to sanskar: whoo r u?? and fainted in his arms

Tears start flowing from sanskar’s eyes and he peck swara’s forehead lovingly and picks her up and lay her down on the bed.. he cares her hair and goes out…

Sanskar is sitting on the bar counter and drinking when he gets a call from the same man how called him earlier..

Man: how r u??

Sanskar while composing himself: im fine and she is also fine

Man: did u complete the work??

Sanskar: yes the work is completed and now she is sleeping.. she again got asthma attack

Man: access crying and shower in cold weather creates a breathing problem for her

Sanskar: yes I know that’s why i always have an extra inhaler for her

Man: tomorrow morning u will having a tough time but why u done this today??

Sanskar with bitter smile: I know but it’s not more than that which she will face iff we didn’t made this plan and i did this now because she will surely do something to her

Man:yaaa u r right…. I know that’s why we are having complete trust on u.. and thanks a lot for helping us

Sanskar: u don’t need to thank mee u already know that how I loved her

Man: I know sanskar but she don’t know about this all

Sanskar: and I also don’t want it

Man: why??

Sanskar: nothing and u also take care of yourself

Man: im absolutely fine and today become more fine when u took such a drastic step in a very short period of time for saving my daughter (yes guys the man is shekhar gadodia)

Sanskar: uncle it’s my duty because she is my love my life..

Shekhar: I know beta know u also take rest and we will come soon

Sanskar: okay uncle take care bye

Sanskar cuts the call and he again become teary eyes.. he goes towards his room and saw swara who is sleeping with a dull and pale face…

Sanskar: I sorry swara u know I love u from last 8 yrs.. when u r just 13…

To be continued………

Soo guys how was the chappy?? u ever thought that the man will be shekhar?? And OMG sanskar loves swara from last 8 what u think about it?? Socho sochooo

Precap: secret is going to be unfold


  1. Simin

    Are u planning to kill us by giving shocks ineach chappy
    i dont know what to say
    he loves her since 8 yrs may be she suffered from some accident and forgot sanskar

  2. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Saannsskarr !!!!! how dare u to slap my Swara ??? how dare u ¿¿ this is d sanskar i give Sanskar through my messages….*i was thinking to write this * but after reading remaining part i got calm down….

    yeeeppiiee they got married n Rabiaa di u didn’t call mee.. *pout..

    Awwww Sanskar loves Swara from 8 years… soo long… huhhh late latifff…
    anyway.. der aaye durust aayee…

    thnk u dii chappy was hilarious…

    • Rabia



      hawwwww kakalii actually he also didn’t invite me :'( but don’t worry we will surely take treat from them 😉 and thankuuu dear :*

  3. ani

    Omg 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮sanskar love swara from last 8yrs n first I thought k sanskar is womanizer bt it’s really shock dear waiting for nxt part update soon dear

  4. Pramudi

    Rabia.. Are u serious? Sanskaar loves swara from last 8 years & shekhar is the man who supported sanskaar in this plan.. 😮 happy because swasan are married. But sanskaar is a womaniser.. Hai na?? If he loves her that much, then why the hell he left to other women??
    Chapter was awesome dear. Post the nxt part soon..

  5. ishu

    please save, save meeee i willl die by this much suspense plzzzzz yaar reham karo ham pe itna shock insaan nahi jehl pata it was toooo shocking epi love dplzz post next part dsooooonnnn plzzzzzz

    • Rabia



      hahahahahhaaa ishuuu butttt there is much more suspense dear 😉 (sorry) but u have to tolerate and u will get the epii tomorrow for sure 😉

  6. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Rabi it ws awesome. I had doubt on shekar in today chapie may b he is man. Omg my guess ws right and swara past im waiting eagerly… liked it rabi.

  7. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Rabia its awesome dr…. Loved it…. Seriously i didn’t think its shekar…. But when i start reading today’s part that too when the phone convo started i guessed its shekar…. Believe me…. Awesome dr….. But i thought sanskar loves swara but didnt think he will be loving her for 8 years….. Superb dr

  8. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    I knew it dat man wud b shekhar only😉..
    Okay dey r doing it to save her from sumthing or someone… bt d way used by dem is wrong… slapping hair pulling blackmailing manhandling her is totally wrong n hez a womanizer rite😠😠… sanky luvd her from past 8yrs still bhvd lyk dat n her father too.. dere r other wayz also huh…chappy was gud 👍

  9. Pratiksha

    hey hi im silent reader of ur ff u r such a genius yar really ….in every episode u rocked …..wooooow….n today its a peak of shock….i mean no one could have thought abt that two mysterious pple ….for a movement my heart bets stopped u know …

    • Rabia



      pratiksha im obliged that u broke your silence and commented on my ff im very happy seriously and i rocked in this epi but in next epi u will be shocked 😉 don’t forget to read next epi i posted already it will be uploaded in short period of time by TU 🙂

      • Kakali


        |Registered Member

        Diiii i need ur help
        …. actually i was about to post my chappy… but ->”plzz don’t load d page directly”<-… it's showing this… what does it mean ?? n what should i do ?? i wrote my chappy 3 times but … huhhhhhh… harr barr meri mehnat paani par…plzz help naa…

      • Rabia



        Kakali u r writing directly on tu page? If yes than write it on word file then copy paste it sometimes error occurs due to which data got erased i always write my stories in word file

      • Kakali


        |Registered Member

        Hmmm dii ,, but i write my 1st chappy on direct TU page.. it got posted… but now what happened don’t know…
        n i update it from cell phone… *wanna cry…!!!
        now what will a do??

  10. DivzS


    |Registered Member

    I started reading this from beginning… I expected it to be shekhar but want to know why sanskaar is doing this.. I’m reading…

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