love between swasan (part-6)

guys this epi is for tommorow because may be im not able to write for 1 to 2 days because i having a sprain in my neck and shoulder which is paining like hell.. soo guys please comment i wrote u seeing your response if i got a huge response than i will give u a surprise in next epii.. till than enjoy this epi and don’t forget to comment and guys i gave u blackmailing part in precap but guys there is a time for that soo have patience 🙂

Part 5


Swara is seeing sanky with wide open eyes and shocked face…. While sanky is seeing her with blood shot eyes.. his face turn red due to anger but before he said anything swara runs backward..

Swara runs towards her room and tries to close the door but…. A hand came in between to stop the door being closed… and jerk the door with little force..

Swara who is closing the door fall down with a sudden jerk….

Swara turns and saw upward…. There is sanky standing holding the door..

Swara gulps in fear and she starts moving backward while sitting on the floor….. Whereas sanky close and locks the door..

Swara is now also going backward slowly slowly and sanky is coming near to her step by step… his eyes were red due to anger….

Swara while moving hits with the bed and there is no more space to move further….

Sanskar stops in in front of her and sit down like one knee is on floor while one leg is on the support of foot…

Sanskar: sooo u have got the guts to slap me?? Haaan???

Swara become numb

Sanskar with anger: answer meeeee????

Swara shivers in fear :…mmm.. ss…ooo..rrryyyy I didn’t do that intentionally

Sanskar: nobody ever raised a finger on me and u slapped me??? By saying this he holds her from her hairs tightly

Swara winces in pain: aaahhhhhh plzzz imm sorry plzzzz

Sanskar: there is no word of sorry in my dictionary… I only give punishment of the mistakes he said by gripping her hair more tightly

Swara starts crying: plzzz but her words remains in the mouth because sanskar shuts her mouth by putting his lips on her lipss..

Swara froze on the spot but few sec later she tries to free herself by hitting him on his chest but nothing works.. he is kissing her wildly and biting her lipss harshly..

Swara feels like her lips got separated in any moment from her mouth.. tears of helplessness starts flowing from her eyes but sanskar didn’t showed any mercy.. her lips bleeding badly and the devil is sucking her blood like is he tasting a juice…

Swara is not having any energy to fight she become tired of hitting him.. finally sanskar broke the kiss after more than 10 mins…

Swara is crying bitterly but sanskar didn’t paid any heed to her tears and wipes her blood from his lips..

Sanskar: now u came to know what will be the consequences after messing with mee..

Swara while crying: I told u that it was by mistake I didn’t slapped u intentionally

Sanskar by patting her cheeks: ooo my baby for mee mistake is mistake whether it is intentionally or unintentionally understands??

Swara didn’t said anything she is just looking this merciless heartless man who is having no guilt in his face after what he done..

Sanskar: now stops this drama and come have your dinner

Swara shouts in anger: im not coming anywhere in fact im not going to stay with u even for a single day I will call my dad

Sanky: go ahead I don’t care butt forget this thing that u r going anywhere from this housee by saying this he goes out…

Swara starts crying by putting her head on her knees….

Swara: why this is happening to mee why???? She cries bitterlyyy… later she composed herself and goes towards the washroom.. in mirror she saw her lips which is all swollen and turned into blue…

She lightly touched her lips and screams in pain due to which she starts crying again… that night she slept crying…

Next 2 days swara didn’t goes to clg and closed herself in the room… sanskar also didn’t bother her only servant came and serves her food every time..

That is the 2nd day swara calls her dad…

On call:

Swara after controlling her tears: hello dad how r u??

Shekhar: im fine my child how r u?? how’z your clg going?? Do u having any difficulty??

Swara: no dad but dad im missing u and mom a lot I want to come there I don’t want to stay here please dad.. I will complete my studies there itself

Shekhar: my bachaa plzz calm down sanskar already told me

Swara shocked after listening this and said: what he told u??

Shekhar: yehe k u r missing uss and wants to come here but beta we have to sacrifice something for achieving something na?? Completing your studies in India is your dream than why u r leaving your dream

Swara: but dad…

Shekhar cuts her: no my bachaa u have to be strong… me and your mom will visit u soon.. now be a brave girl and fulfill your dream okay??

Swara with sad tone: okay dad I will….

Shekhar: that’s like my daughter okay beta talk to u later… bye take care luv u

Swara: bye dad luv u too

She became sad and her anger rose for sanskar more… she stands and goes out… her steps were towards sanskar room… it is a night time… she enters with a bang in his room buttttt… the scene make her numb and disgusted because sanskar is laying on bed with a girl in an imitate position….

To be continued….

Precap: swara pleading to sanskar….


  1. tani

    Omg…why is sanskar behaving like a beast….how will love happen…very exciting…. Pls update soon n ya take care of urself….

  2. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Awwwww Sanskar u made me feel proud today… u did just like i thought… u just only brutally kissed her,,, sooo sweet of u,,, u didn’t croosed ur limits… But after seeing u i wanna punch u… huhhhh… her pink lips were blue *yucckk*…
    wait i’ll apply some blue lipstick on ur lips n then u’ll get to know how will u look… *awwwwww*still i cant resist to adore him….

    Rabbia dii take care,,get well soon…thnk u..

  3. Mica


    |Registered Member

    damn !!!! i cover my mouth unknowingly when i read that harsh kiss ..
    uuhhh innocent me !!!
    Swara!!!! you again entered his room 😀 😀 , omgggg!!!!

  4. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Omg.. beasty sanskar and angel swara.. hw harsh hw was??? Bt this true.womanizer are like this.. and poor swara agn she end up in awkward situation. Rabi tc and dnt forget to read my nxt part may b i wil post today.. enjy ur rest day with..

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