love between swasan (part-4)

guyss im feeling very happy on seeing your curosity u knowww bara maza aya hay suspense may marnay ka 😀 ( don’t beat me plz) and after seeing your comment i am uploading the next epi earlier and dont worry i will update tomorrow also it is just a bonus episode 😉 and dont u dare to leave without commenting otherwise no bonus next time 😛 (hehehehehe)

Part 3


Guys I forgot to tell u 2 things

One is swara is having breathing problem whenever she take a shower in cold weather and goes out with wet hair she feel difficulty in breathing and one from access crying remember this 😛 and the second one is swara calls kiran as kd (short form of kiran d) while neha KJ (short form of kiran ji because she can not calls him as di na 😉

Soo let’s starts the story…

Swara take few seconds to realize what happened and when she came in senses she hiss in pain..


Sanskar pins her more tightly to the wall due to which swara’s shoulder bones are paining like hell

Swara: leave mee its painingggg

Sanskar: why should I leave u?? haan??

Swara tries to free herself in heart she is feeling scared like hell but she composed herself

Sanskar: I know u are feel scared soo whats the need of showing a fake brave face?? Hee said this while griping her shoulders more tightly..

Swara become teary eyes and said in a low tone please leave its paining a lot…

Sanskar didn’t show any mercy and said: who the hell r u to say anything??

Swara gave him a confused look while crying

Sanskar: I know u came to know everything about mee and I’ve heard what you said sometime before in the kitchen…

Sanskar: listen I don’t need any character certificate from u understand??? Soo u should better stay in your limits im only sparing you because u r my father’s frnd daughter otherwiseeeeee u will be on my bed on the very first dayyy

Swara gave him horrified expressions on listening thiss

Sanskar smirks on seeing her scared face and lean to kiss her but swara turns her face while giving disgusting expressions..

Sanskar smiles and kissed her on her neck sensually and left immediately…

Swara starts crying bitterly and runs towards her room… she starts rubbing her neck badly to remove his touch but she didn’t…

Swara runs towards the washroom and open the shower… ( guys it’s the month of December)

But she didn’t realized that she opened the cold side of the water because she is crying bitterly due to pain and due to sanskar’s touch.. she is feeling disgusting…

After rubbing her neck for more than half an hr in cold water she finally calmed down and comes out…

She changed her cloths and goes towards the balcony…

Her eyes were swollen due to excess crying… after few minutes she starts feeling difficulty in breathing

She is trying her level best to inhale some air but she is failing… she goes towards her cupboard and take out the inhaler.. she inhale and calm down after fex second,, but tears were also flowing down from her eyes… she slept on the bed in sitting position…… after taking the painkiller…

While on the other side sanky is throwing things in frustration….

Sanky: why??? Why?? This girl affects me soo much?? Whyyyyyy??? Aarghhhh I will become mad one day

He goes towards washroom and splash water on his face several times to calm himself…

After that came out and start drink wine and he slept when he became drunk and while sleeping a tear escaped from his eyes…

Next morning swara woke up with a heavy head and paining eyes but she didn’t want to stay at home soo she got up and got ready….

In the hall swara saw sanky is sitting in the dining table and eating breakfast but swara didn’t feel hungary soo she starts going outside and stops on hearing sanskar voice… she is shivering inside but compose herself and turns towards him…

Sanskar: swaraa

Swara: yee..sss….sss.

Sanskar: come and have your breakfast

Swara: in n…o…ttt hungry

Sanskar comes towards her while swara starts moving backward…

Sankar stops at a little distance and examine her from top to bottom..

Sanskar: is anybody dead here??

Swara being confused: what???

Sanskar in loud voice : is anybody dead here????

Swara jumps in fear and said: nnn…o….oooo

Sanskar: then why u r going like u r going on someone’s death???

Swara stares him with teary eyes but didn’t said anything..

Sanskar fumes in anger on seeing her and goes near her and said in a harsh tone goo and change your get and facial expressions and don’t you dare to tell anyone about me and all the things happened last night One word from your mouth leads you to the state when you will regret that why u came here got it????

Swara again stares him

Sanskar louder: got it????

Swara in fear nodes her head and runs towards her room……

Precap: kiran, neha confront swara and sanskar blackmails swara


  1. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Awwwwww Sanskar she effects u… that tooo very badly…. do u know what it means “. . . . . . . . ” … let it be.. Rabia dii will tell u…

    Thnk u dii… it was breath taking…

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  3. Pramudi

    This is the 1st time i’m commenting in your ff..
    Read all parts in one go & loved it.Swara is a beauty 😘 & Sanskaar is a beast. Ha ha ha.. Kiran is a boy..😆 i thought it as a girl’s name. Loved neha & kiran’s characters.
    Dear.. I also have commented here.. So want the bonus now. 😉

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