love between swasan (part-25) final part

Guys I said before that I not going to be an active writer after this ff because I am going to join my job I am just waiting for their call everything is final just location is not yet decided because the job is bank job… its not difficult for me to start a new ff but in actual I don’t want that u ppl wait for my episodes… because bank hrs are 9 to 5 or 6 which is very hectic and it may take time to become use to from this routine… and I don’t want to write in a hurry.. that’s why I am not going to write any further ff… but ya OS will be surely given to u hopefully weekly 

Part 24

Part-25 (last part)

3 yrs have being passed… in these yrs many things have been changed.. like kiran neha got married and shifter to Switzerland…

Dp and shekhar opens the one more branch….

But the thing is not yet changed is swara and his polar bear… but only one thing is changed between them is that there love increases day by day…

Swara completed her studies and helping sanskar in the business… every year they both go to meet their parents… and also roam around the world…

They also take their relation to the next level 1 yr before after the completion of swara’s study…

Their parents done a huge reception of them…

Sanskar’s past culprits.. and now also in jail… but in a very bad condition…. Arjun did suicide… kavita become mentally unstable… and suraj sentenced to be dead because he killed one prisoner in jail…

Kirti is also in a very bad condition he always remains silent…

Jai kapoor is also arrested by kunal and team and they killed him in police encounter…. Jai kapoor’s business was taken over by his step brother son dev…. Who is a very kind hearted person…

One fine day as usual swasan is sleeping like swara is hugging sanskar being upon him…

Sanky woke up first and see his life sleeping peacefully… he peck her forehead and lay her down beside him without disturbing her sleep and go for freshing up…

Swara also woke up and both got ready for office…

In office swara is coming from the stairs suddenly she start feeling dizzy.. she is on the first step from above… she was going to fall but in nick of time someone hold her hand from behind…

It was kiran ( guys not always hero saves heroine 😉 who came to meet them

Kiran pulls her and swara faints in his arms..

Kiran pats her cheeks but she didn’t got up… kiran calls sanky and he came running

Sanky : swaraaa he pats her cheeks but no answer

Kiran : bhai I think we have to take her to hospital

Sanky picks her in arms and both go towards hospital…

There in hospital doctor tells them the good news that swara is pregnant… butt

Sanky : but what doctor??

Doctor: actually mr. meheswari swara is having a sist in her uterus.. it may not harm her baby but if after the baby we operate the sist then mrs. Meheswari can’t be conceive again

Sanky : whattt??? He knows that’s wara loves children and she wants 2 to 3 children 😉

Doctor: yes mr. meheswari

Kiran : doc is there not any solution??

Doctor: there is

Sanky : tell us doctor??

Doctor: cist is not harmful and if u want more babies then we can operate the cist after when u don’t want more… ( guys this not imaginary my relative is having a cist and doctor advise them to remove the sist when u don’t want any more children)

Sanky: it is not harmful na doctor??

Doctor: no mr meheswari not at all only just precaution nothing elsee

Sanky: thanks the doctor

Whole family came to know about swara’s pregnancy…

Ap and sumi came to live with them because sanky don’t want any risk regarding her health…

Swara is weak so doctor advice her a complete bed rest but with 10-20 mins walk daily…

Sanky consult a dietitian for swara’s diet

Swara didn’t bother much more sanky during pregnancy.. in fact she became calm and obedient 😉

Sanky is the one who always saying her at mid night to come with him for eating this or eating this…

Swara one day said : sanky it seems like u r pregnant not I

Sanky : why??

Swara : look na u always woke me up at mid night to come with u

Sanky pouts : what can I do I always heard that pregnant ladies make their husbands for late night craving and look at u.. u didn’t woke me once… soo for fulfilling y wish to fulfill your demands I myself take u every where

Swara laughs : what can I doo I didn’t feel any cravings but I am happy that I got the best husband lovee uuu by saying this she hugs him tightly

Sanky : love u 2 dear

Now the delivery month has come… dp and shekhar also came…

Few days are remaining for swara’s delivery

One day sanky is in office he got a call that swara fainted

She becomes panic and reached the hospital as soon as possible..

There doctor told them that cist in swara’s uterus got infected and they have to do delivery as soon as possible… and cist will be removed after delivery…

Sanky become numb and he composed him and tell doctor to do the operation…

Operation got successful and swara deliver twins…one boy and one girl

Sanky hold his babies in his hand and pecks their forehead

Sanky : look mom my babies.. even god don’t want my swara to crave for one more baby so that’s why he gave us twins 

All smiles… after 3 hrs swara’s cist operation were also done and it also got successful…

After 2 hrs swara got conscious and she holds her babies…

Swara : our babies sanksar she said with a teary smile by pecking them..

Sanky : yes swara our babies… both are sitting on hospital bed by holding babies and shekhar capture their dis moment 

They name their babies as ranbir sanskar meheswari and sanaya sanskar meheswari…

The end…

Thanku soo much guys for your lovable support throughout my this story thanks a lot and love u all guys  take care and OS will be tomorrow (Volcano sign of destruction but not for swasan )


  1. Simin


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    Di i am sad u know coz now who will give us shocks
    I can understand your situation all i can say is all the best di i know u wont be able to stay away from us and will come with some other story soon
    love u di take care

    • Rabia



      Hahahahaha ya simin i will be back with a new ff just need some time for setteling the things after that i will be back dont worry till than enjoy my os 😆😆😘😘😘

  2. Aliya khan

    nt fair api manti huin apko shock dena pasand hai bt thats nt fair i cant believe i m reading LBS last chapter huuuuuu i will miss u a lot sachi

    nd ya nice ending simple bt cute so loved it

    all the best fr ur job

    • Rabia



      aliya who said im going??? dear im not going and for u all i have posted a surprize must read that when it will be uploaded 🙂

  3. Nagamanasa


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    Awesome diii this is one of the wonderful stories I have ever read…A love story with lots of suspense I really loved it to the core…I am gonna miss ur story and I will miss u also dii but I know career is also important so you concentrate on ur career…All the best dii👍👍👍Love u diii😍😍😍

    • Rabia



      your answer of all this is posted already 😛 soo im not going to tell u here 😉 karoo waitt araam say of it to be posted 😉

  4. Ankita

    Hey dear I m silent reader…but ur story is just amazing n congrats for job..I m also preparing for bank jobs

  5. L Khan

    Nce dr loved it I was not a regular commentator but ya I read or full n enjoyed alot it was amazing hope u come back with something new n exciting like this n will always wait for ur os…….😉😉😉😉😊😚

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    Rabiaa diii !!! congo for ur new job..
    hope u will rock … God bless u..

    love d chappy diii… i was ready with my pim pom ball.. but thank God u gave d baby name.. uhhh !!!
    it was a awesome journey of mine with u n ur FF.. m surely gonna miss it..
    but m happy also..Thnk u..

    Dii !! don’t be angry haa !! actually i thought u was married.. huhuhuhu…
    Take care dii..

    • Rabia



      Thankuuu sooo muchh kakaliii and why would i be angryy 😉😉😉 after seeing my dp many ppl thought ne as a married 😆😆 but im not i only graduated in may this year and being a youngest one i denied got a marriage for sometime 😆😆😆

  7. Vyshu10


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    Awesome….will miss u a lot fainting, shocking and rocking queen and my door ka neighbour. All the best for d job and come back soon with an ff

  8. SHAN


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    Sis its awesome….. I dont have words to praise u…. But i m very sad on u that u have ended this….. Its k i understand sis…. Buf i will be expecting another ff from u…..

    • Rabia



      shan read the post when it is updated which i posted 😉 and for ending this actually i thought its enough of shocks 😉 more will be in next stories 😀

  9. Scooby


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    Wow beautiful ending rabi… its k u post ur os regularly dhn…
    congratz for ur job bcz nw nly i knw abt ur job..

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    Wow loved it plz come back soon I’m gonna miss you and you know I also live in Switzerland ❤️😘😂

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    Congratulations Rabia Di …. May you get successful in ur job 😘 … And sorry Di from last two three episodes I was not able to comment ….m actually from then I missed the track so read it all now itself …. It was an amazing journey with u nd ur ff … Will miss you a lot Di …. Come soon with a new idea as m sure u r gonna Do it …..
    Waise I wanted to ask a question that from which city u r … Pls don’t mind it ….

    And lastly wanna say stay blessed😇😇😇

  12. rhythm

    I was a silnt reader…bt i thought 2 wish u all d bst 4 ur future n also 4 ur future ff…50-50 ending…dont get confuse its just thora sweet n thora salty😉…n a diffrnt type of endng bt a nice 1…tilll dn will be waiting 4 ur os…n once again all d bst…..👍👍👍👍👍

    • rhythm

      N sorry 4 nt commntng regulrly coz as i commnt frm phon it take a lot of time to be posted…sorrrrrrryyyyyy………………………..n once again congo…n alll d bssstttt.👏👍👍👍

  13. Sarswati


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    i loved ur story….but u could have extended it….their meeting, their staying together, his torture, past revelations, their love, their fight for their love,in all these there was big room for extension…..revealed everything so soon…..but as i said i liked the concept very much…

    • Rabia



      thankuu soo much saraswatii actually dear this is my first ever ff before that i wrote only ss which is only 10 to 11 chapters… i always wrote in covering form.. this is the first time i go in deep and detail… so that’s why it is very difficult for me to explain to much… i will try when evr i give next ff it will surely be a detailed one…
      i am a person who always in a hurry soo that’s the reason i ended it because if i more extented it may be a possibility that i will lose interest in it 🙂

  14. Aliya khan

    huuu no one!!! i mean i will miss ur regular writing fr some days nd u have a surprise fr us i thing i knw the surprise even i have a surprise fr u which u get in some days or a week i hope so fr nw gud night api sweet dreams

  15. Pramudi

    Superb part.. Lovely… 😘 so swara delivered twins. kids names are nice rabia.
    But feeling sad yaar.. Bhumija went after finishing entangled love & now u r also leaving by finishing this ff.. 😔
    I can understand your complications.. So i’m not forcing u.. But dear plz try to comeback with a new ff.
    Love u. 💗
    Take care..

    • Rabia



      Pramudii arrayyyy but i think u just wait for my post which i alreadyy posted it will be uploaded soon then tell mee 😋😋😋😋😆😆😗😗😙😙😙

  16. lavu

    Rabia hatsoff to ur writtings..all ur works r truely amazing!!..i jst came to knw tht u write this ff by reading ur previoys os..
    I couldnt comment on ur stories bcos i am vry busy with my studies as well as job sry fr tht
    Can u pls giv me the link to all episodes of this ff if possible..bcos i am tryng vry hard to find unable to find it..
    Tqs in i think i won’t b able to comment again…nd on tht of tht i am new to this site

    • Rabia



      Thankuuu sooo much dearr and dearr i gavee links of every previous epi in next epi u just go on top on can easily find the blue clr test which is a link of previous one in evry epi i have given the link and if u will not be able to find then doo tell me i will give u the link 😊😊

  17. Sanjanaagrawal


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    Sry for late comment … was busy with studies ….. and coming to episode it was awesome !!!!!! Will miss u …… 😭😭😭😭all the best for ur future … will u stop reading all the ffs ?????? Ok so waiting for ur volcano wala one shot … tata …

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