love between swasan (part-22)

guys here is the next part.. sorry guys for the delay but i didn’t got time to write.. and may be u’ll find this part boring but i promise that i will upload next part interesting.. actually i was not able to think properly about this part .. because im writing it in a hury so bear this part till the next one.. and it will be on Friday and from Friday on wards i will be regular πŸ™‚

Part 21

Days were passing like dat sanskar has forgiven all for their blunder and all also came to know about what sanskar has done to them but now nobody discusses about all that because that was a closed chapter (maybe) kunal and his team is trying their best to search dr. John..

One day swara go to shopping mall for shopping alone with driver after a lot of insistence with sanskar….. While going to one shop she bumped into one person both said sorry to each other swara goes but that person while going stops and saw swara for some time and then take out one pic from his pocket..

Person: she is the same girl who is in this photo

By saying this he starts following swara…… swara is walking but she felt that someone is following her she turned but didn’t find anyone
Swara: may be its just my imagination

While the person hide himself behind the wall and when swara go the man again start falling her…. swara stops at the jewellery counter by putting her bags down….

On seeing this the person put something in her bag and goes out…. swara came back from shopping and found sanskar is already present there and talking to someone on phone with his back facing to swara….. swara smiles on seeing this and put the bags on table and hugs sanskar from back

Sanskar who is bzy in talking felt some weight on his back…. he smiles on seeing swara’s hand on his waist from behind… he put his hand on her hand and cut the calls and turns around to face swara…

He gavee her a tight hug and peck her forehead

Sanky: soo my darling wife came after shopping haan?

Swara: yupp and i bought something for u also

Sanky: wow let’s see but first u go and fresh up i will ask servant to bring juice for u

Swara smiles: okay and runs towards the room after giving him a kiss on his cheeks

Sanky smiles and turns to go but while going by mistake his hand hit one bag and the bag fall down

Sanky bends to pick up but founds a chit in that bag…. he opens that chit and after reading his eyes pop up

Swara came out from washroom but suddenly she heard sanky’s loud voice and she becomes scared and runs outside

While in hall sanky is calling swara loudly

Sanky: swaraa swaraaaaaaa

Swara came running and said sanky what happened why r u shouting like this?

Sanky: swara from where u got this chit? And show her a chit

Swara confused: chit??

Sanky: yes chit i found this chit in one of your bag….did u go somewhere besides shopping mall? Or did u meet someone in mall?

Swara: no i didn’t go somewhere infact i didnt met anyone

Sanky: did u put your bags somewhere?

Swara thinks for a while and said: ya when i was at jewellery counter i put my bags down but sanky what is written in this chit?

Sanky: swara this chit is from dr john’s son

Swara: whaatttt?

Sanky: yes i already called everyone they all will be coming at any moment

Swara: okay

After 20 mins…

Kiran,kunal and raj came

Sanky: kunal bhai look I got this chit from swara’s shopping bag

Kunal take the chit and read it

In chit:-

Mis swara gadodia.. u don’t know me but I know u… my father told me about u to me I’m the son of dr. John who inserted chip in your arm.. please contact me as soon as possible but keep it as a secret because parag verma and jai kapoor’s wife is back of us….

Kunal: so when we will meet him??

Sanky: I think we should kept the meeting in our farm house which far from the city…

Everyone nodes and swara contacts john’s son to meet them at their farm house…

After 3 hrs everyone reached at the farm house and waiting for the dr. john’s son…

After 10 mins he also reached….

John’s son saw all the boys with swara and gave them a confused look… kunal got his confusion and said

Kunal: hello sir actually we know about the chip and we are also trying to find out dr. john from many months iam dcp kunal secret in charge of this case…

And this sanskar meheswari swara’s husband and this raj and karan my brothers and also the protectors of swara

John’s son: sorry sir actually I didn’t know about all this my dad told me about the whole case and said me to search for mis swara btw hi I am… sagar singhania son of dr john aka as ram singhania..

Sanky: hello mister sagar please have a seat

Everyone got settle down

Sagar: actually mr. sanskar I was searching for mis swara for past many months I got to know that she left for india so that’s why I came here and today I saw her at mall that’s why I put that chit in her bag

Kunal: sagar where is dr. john?? Swara is having a less time we have to remove the chip from her arm as soon as possible..

Sagar: kunal sir actualy when dad inject chip in swara’s arm.. after 2 week he and jai uncle met with an accident which is actually planned by rajat verma…

They all think that jai uncle and dad are dead but in actual they were in coma for 2.5 months… but before slipping into coma dad told me about everything.. actually im also a scientist by profession but only dad can take out this chip from swara’s arm

Kunal: so where is dr. john??

Sagar: both jai uncle and dad are with me but dad lost his memory

All : whatttt?????

Sanky: then how can we save swara?? He panics on hearing this while swara put her hand on his hand to calm him down

Sagar: we have to take swara to dad.. because jai uncle told me the code from which we can open the chip is situated with dad’s mind and if we connect both with each other scientifically then dad’s mind will automatically generate the code.. and in this way I can take out the chip from swara’s arm…

Kiran: then what r we waiting for I think we have to take swara

Sagar: yess within 4 days we have to take her

Suddenly all stops talking after listening kunal’s cell phone ring..

Kunal: yes??

Otherside : …….

Kunal: what???? And he cuts the call

Raj: what happened kunal bhai??

Kunal: they found sahil

All become shocked and mostly sagar

Sagar: what????? Sahil?????

Kunal : yessss

Sagar: then we have to take swara before 4 days

Sanky: why??

Sagar: sahil is a very devil minded person he is such a brilliant student of dad that he made such things which can read one’s mind and if they found sahil it means they will reached to swara as soon as possible.. because sahil can use such techniques which can track down the swara… after dad sahil is the person who can hack the codes inside human body… and if sahil succeed in tracking minimum range of the chip’s signal then it will we difficult for us

Swara become’s cold on hearing this and sanky whose holding swara’s hand realized it.. he saw towards swara and become’s shocked on seeing her state.. she is looking all pale.. her lips turned into white in clr and her body turned as cold as ice..

Sanky shouts : swaraa??

All saw towards swara and become shocked..

Sanky pats her cheeks to calm her down but swara only gave him a faint smile and faints in his arms..

Kiran sight goes to her arm because she is wearing a sleeveless shirt due to heating inside the farmhouse there is no need of heating

Kiran: sankyy bhai look towards swara’s arm it is turning red from the chip area

Sagar: oo god I think her veins got raptured due to radiations

Sanky on a verge of crying: sagar please do something

Sagar: relax sanskar I have an injection.. and by saying this he inject the injection

Sagar: she will get well within 5 to 6 hrs

All nodes and left sanky and swara alone…

Sanky picks her in his arms and left to there room…

Precap: swara kidnapped

guys tell me that whether i wrap up this track in next epi or drag for 2- 3 episode?? choice is yours after that i will give proper swasan scenes


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    Awesome part di…finally got the lead to Dr John so our swara can be saved…this track is really interesting di so u can take any no. of parts for this track I will surely enjoy readingggg but pls give some swasan scenes also in between…I don’t know that the one is in dp is u only but now I got know so I will tell u that both r so cute di..😚😚😚😚

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    Awesome rabia !!!!!! And the choice is urs ….. seriously when I read the proglogue of this story I never thought that it will be like this !!!!! So much suspense !!!!!

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    Sisi no wonder u nailed it today too…. Who said its boring??? Not at all sisi….. Its very awesome….. Loved it…. I do no y i have a mild doubt that sagar is not good….. I cant believe him….. Waiting for friday sisi….. 😜

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    Chip n dad’s mind was little illogical acrdng to me πŸ˜› dat was little funny.. i was laughing aftr reading datπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…
    Sorry if i hurt u bt dats wat i felt..

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