love between swasan (part-21)

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Part 20

Sanskar is taking swara to room while carrying her in arms…

Swara is blabbering continuously

Swara with low voice: sanskar please listen to me once but sanskar remains unaffected

Sanakr lay her down on bed and put blanket on her…and turns to go

Swara grabs his hand and said

Swara : plz sanskar speak something plzzz and she starts crying

Sanskar removes her hand and moves towards his bag and from that bag he take out one tablet and mixes that tablet in water and give it to swara… swara didn’t saw him mixing the tablet because her head is down and she the crying silently

Sanskar: drink it

Swara : sanskar plzz

Sanskar in louder tone: drink itttt

To which swara get scared and drink the water in one go

Sanskar take the glass from her : lay down and not a word

Swara open her mouth to say something but on seeing sanskar red eyes kept quit and closed her eyes… after 5 mins she fall asleep because sanskar has given her sleeping pills

Sanskar goes towards her and peck her lips and goes out while wiping tears…

In hall all were sitting and stand up on seeing sanskar… sanskar with expressionless face

Sanskar: she is sleeping because I’ve given her sleeping pills and by saying that he goes out without paying head to anyone one..

Kiran: we hurts him a lot na raj bhai??

Raj: swara is his life and the way swara plans all this it hurts him a lot

Shan: I hope he will forgive us and swara too

All nodes…

While on the other side sanskar is driving the car rashly… finally he stops the car near the cliff

Sanskar came out from the car and sat down on his knees… he is crying bitterly… and shouts loudlyyy

Sanskar: why swara whyyyyyy?? U doo thisss??? Here im dying evry minute on thinking that how can I save u and u… whyyyyyy???? He cried bitterly by banging his hands on car’s door

Sanskar: u can’t do this to me how can u go to those ppl easily who destroyed my life have u ever though for a sec that what will happens if your plan failed I will lose u swara I will losee uuuuu …aaaahhhhhh he screams loud


When sanskar said to swara for dropping her at clg… sanskar feels something fishy when swara stammers…

But he ignored and goes to his office but after half an hr he received a call from principal that they need their signs for some papers because sanskar is also the trustee of the clg…

When he reached their he find out that there is no tour was arranged for students…

Sanskar: why swara lied to me and he was going to call her but stopped

Sanskar: no if she lied to me then if I call her she didn’t tell me I have to do something else

After a while he track down swara’s number and he starts following them…

After reaching Shimla he got to know about their plan because he was also hiding in that guest house

He fumes in anger on listening their talks but he compose himself for looking his wife’s blunder… I heard all the rubbish which they talk about my swara… my blood frees when I heard what they want to do with my swara… that time I literay wants to kill swara for this blunder I don’t know how much I controlled… I felt happy when my frnds and my life my wife gave them punishment but the thought of having swara in there den killed me several time and for that I will never forgive swara

Flashback end:

Sanskar wipes his tears and stand up and rove car to somewhere….

He stops the car infront of the police station…

Inside the police station he meets the officer who is already waiting for him

Officer: sir kunal sir tells me everything u don’t worry everything is ready and no one will disturb u to which sanskar nodess…

Sanskar goes towards the direction to which officer points…

Sanskar heart is racing fast because he is going to face his past but today for not himself but for his life on which they lay a bad eye…

Sanskar opens the door and found 4 of them were sitting in a very vulnerable state by putting their head downs infront of them there was a chair sanskar go and sat down on the chair

Sanskar: u know what I don’t want to see your faces even in my entire life

All four jerk up their head towards sanskar

Arjun: saaa..n..nssskarrrr

Sanskar: yup mee why r u stammering?? After even spending 8 yrs in jail u all four didn’t changed then what happened now?

Suraj: sorry sanskar we did very bad with u please forgive uss

Sanskar: yaa right u did very wrong with me but u know what u did a sin after putting an eye on my life

All four saw him with horror

Kavita: please sanskar we got our punishment on putting an eye on swara please forgave us now

Sanskar: sorry but I can’t

All four were having an idea what is coming for them butt they tried to give false hopes to themselves

Sanskar got up and sits on knees in front of kavita with one leg on foot..

Sanskar: u know what kavita when I make a relationship with u I am serious about that no doubt I don’t loved u ever but i respect that relation.. but when I found swara I decided
that I will break that relation

Arjun shocked: u loves swara from 8 yrs

Sanskar: yess I loves her from 8 yrss but due to u morons I have to go far away from her

Kirti: please forgave us

Sanskar got up and moves his hand in his hair…

Sanskar take out a folding knife from his pocket and see his sharpness while all gulps in fear..

Sanskar goes and sits in front of arjun..

Sanskar: u were trying to touch my swara na with this hand?? He grabs his hand and put on floor and stab knife on it arjun screams in painnn

While all closed their eyes in fear…

Sanskar stabs on his hand 2 timess…

Like this he craves each letter of his and swara’s name on four on them on their hands,arms,, all were crying miserably

Sanskar: I think u all will never forget uss?

Sanskar beats arjun and suraj hard many times bang their head on walls,, slaps kavita and kirti so hard many times that their lips bleeding heavily,, cheeks were also bleeding…

After taking out his frustration sanskar storms out from the police station…
Sanskar reached guest house at 1 am all were sleeping so he goes to his room and found swara sleeping peacefully but with tears stains

Sanskar looks her for some time and goes to take a bath

After taking 40 mins bath with cold water his rage somehow cool down but he will not be able to forget swara’s blunder…

He came out and lay down on the other side straight by putting one hand under his head… for few minutes he stares the roof but then moves towards swara and embraced her in a tight hug such a tight that if swara is not sleeping in the effect of sleeping pills she must be awake till now…

Sanskar is crying silently and kissing swara on all over her face and again embraced her tightly….

Next day swara woke up first her eyes were heavy and head is paining like hell because due to crying and due to the effect of sleeping pills… soo she didn’t realized that she is the embrace of sanskar because she is not in her proper senses..

Swara : ouchhhh my headdd aahhh

Sanskar sleep broke on hearing swara’s slight scream he immediately break the hug and saw her with concern while swara’s eyes were closed and she is twitching them

Sanskar: swaraa??

Swara opened her eyes with difficulty because they were all swollen and saw towards sanskar first she didn’t get anything and saw him with blank face than later everything struck into her mind…

Swara : sorry sansk…aaarr.. please forgive mee

Sanskar : saw her with blank expression but didn’t said something just peck her forehead and got down from bed..

Swara is hell confused with his behavior.. and murmurs

Swara : before he give me punishments on my mistakes now even not saying anything

Sanskar: I heard that

Swara : sanskarrrrrrrrr she said with a most sweet voice

Sanskar: I am not a person u can easily slips on the butter

Sanskar is talking all this while doing his work

Swara got up but feels pain in head : oooiiiii

Sanskar saw her with narrow eyes and said: it is due to the effect of sleeping pills

Swara : whaatttt?? U gave me sleeping pills?? She said all this by standing on the bed and putting hands on her both sides

Swara : u know it is a crime u give anything to wife without her consent she said all this while making faces

Sanskar: and what we calls to those which a wife done without a consent of her husband?? He said with a smirk of his face

Swara bits her lips and jumps from bed and sat down on his lap with a jump

Sanskar : oooiiiii swara what is this I know u her not soo heavy ut it doesn’t mean that I am a king kong who can’t feel any pain

Swara: whateverrr but please tell mee naa u forgive me or nott

Sanskar gave her a serious look : u knw what swara that was a blunder

Swara with lower head : I know sanky but I don’t want them to haunt u again

Sanskar: I know u did all this for mee but swara how can u stack your life like this

Swara : like the way u stack yours by getting far away for me for these long eight years

Sanskaar: u r having all the answers for my questions naa

Swara nodes with a puppy face and sheepish smile

Sanskar smiles on seeing her cute face and grabs her by her waist and kissed her on her lipss..

To be continuedd…..

Precap: first lead to dr john


  1. Lucy

    Hey Rabia di was a silent reader till now but now I will definitely speak Rabia di u r jst an owsom writer luv u to the core do nt get disheartened coz of less response it’s just that people dnt have time … hehehehehehehehe nd continue ur ff

    • Rabia



      hahahahaha i know lucy 😉 and don’t worry im not going to disheartened 😉 and thankuu for reading and commenting 😉

  2. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Wow di u updated today awesome part di…Sanskar also took revenge for our swara and swara convinced our sanskar really so cute di😍😍😍…Di from tomorrow I may not be able to read or comment as i am going out of city di and signals will not be available I am sorry for that..But i promise after returning I will read all the parts I missed and comment for sure…Love u di😘😘😘

  3. Rosey


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    wow Rabi it was fab
    sanskaar’s agression passion junoon swara ke liye was just awesom
    and swara’s puppy face and romanic noke jhoke with sanskaar was sweet

  4. Aliya khan

    i just want to say 2 words awesome loved it api and love u also ap meri addat mat bigado surprise de dekar by the way i am sry in advance agar ap kal update karte ho toh i am sry mein read or comment ni kar paungi due to some family function so bye take care nd gud night in advance

  5. DivzS


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    Wwaaawww!! So awesome part… Sanky’s anger is undescribable, unpredictable.. Nice.. It was really cute and precap is exciting…. Loved it 💗💗💗😍

  6. Mahjabeen


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    Wow dear awwesome..nd sanskar also gave dem good punishment..thy will nevr forgt dat hope so😃😃
    Waitng fr precap..its excitng

  7. SHAN


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    Wow awesome sisi….. Sanskar punishment is superb…. Now feeling happy….. Finally sanky forgived swara…. Good…. Overall superb chappy sisi

  8. shinchan1205

    U knw I saw part 5 of ur ff on fb and started reading it but den I remembered reading the name of ur ff many time in TU and read all 21 parts….but each part gave another stroke to my heart…god so many twists but nonetheless I loved every twist and is eagerly waiting for next part….post soon

  9. Trisha-Balani


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    i am so sorry…………..i didnt got to know that the part is published………..sorry for late comment n yaa i loved swasan romance………….once again really sorry for not commenting……………i wasnt aware that he ff is published………….i am feeling so sorry………pls forgive me…………so sorry

    • Trisha-Balani


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      di i know i am not a daily reader……….i am but i dont comment as i am a silent reader but i decide to comment from today n trust me di i just love ur ff……..hemanshi di recommended me to read it n i read just on her saying………and i loved it sooo much that i am reading it for the 15th time now………… r awsumm diiii………………

  10. Hemanshi


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    I am so sorry Rabia……..I wasn’t aware that the part is posted that’s why I didn’t read it……so sorry………….I have no words… was awsummm…….but yar m so sorry I am feeling so ashamed that how could I not comment on my favorite ff……m so so sorry yarrrrr

    • Rabia



      Arrray relax hemanshi no need to be sorry sometimes i also missed many ffs sometimes i missed your also actually sometimes it happens that page reloaded late and before we already read the stories on the specific pages and few stories come later in between the other stories its totally okay yar 😊😊😍😍😚😚

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