love between swasan (part-18 part-a)

guys i’ve split this episode into 2 parts (a&b) i will try to upload part b today itself but i can’t promise because i was literary very tired mentally and i need a break for thinking about the further story and how can i describe the scene i know this part will not be much interesting but plz bear this part for mee and thankuu soo much for the great response in last epi

Part 17


Scene starts from:-

Sanskar panics after seeing swara’s state her arm is becoming little blue… on seeing this sanskar breath stops on the moment…

Sanskar: swara plz open your plzz don’t do this to mee plzzz he starts crying…

nothing is coming in his mind suddenly his cell phone start ringing…. He looks at caller id it was karan…
sanskar: karan plz immediately come at my home with juhi dii plz hurry up

karan without saying anything said okay we r coming because he came to know why sanky is saying to bring juhi di

(juhi wife of kunal bhabi of raj and karan but sanky calls her di scientist by profession and also works in forensic lab)

In the meantime sanky picks swara in his arm and runs towards his room… all the time he is crying and patting swara’s cheek to bring her into senses but she is not opening her eyes…

After half hr karan and juhi came running…both runs towards sanskar’s room there they find sanskar is sitting behind swara and continuously trying hard to wake her up

Juhi: sanskar???

Sanskar who heard juhi voice immediately turns towards them

Sanskar with teary voice: juhi dii look na she is not getting up and her arm also turning in blue

Juhi: let me chck sanskar nothing will happened

Sanskar nodes and give a space to juhi and goes to karan

Kiran/karan : hugs him in assurance

While juhi is checking swara’s arm and she inject something after 1 hrs swara’s arm starts turning normal..

Sanskar: di when she will gain conscious?

Juhi: within and hr sanskar but after gaining conscious I have to chck her again

Sanskar nodes

After 45 mins swara opens her eyes slowy

Sanskar who saw that engulf her into a tight hug

Sanskar while crying : thank god swara u r awake

Swara pats his back and said: im fine sanskar but sanky I want to know the truth

Sanskar,juhi,kiran startled on hearing this

Sanskar: wwhat truth swara??

Swara : sanskar plzzz

Sanskar: butt

Swara : u have my swear

Sanskar: swara dis is not done

Kiran: bhai I think it’s the time to let her know the truth

Juhi : yes sanskar kiran is saying right

Sanskar signs and hold swara’s hand who is now sitting on the bed with the help of bed crown and seeing sanskar

Sanskar: actually swara u r having a chemical microchip in your left arm which is injected with a help of scientific injection (yes shan u r right)

Swara: wwwhhhaaattt??? Chipppp????

Sanskar: yes

Swara’s POV:-

Im swara gadodia who is now swara sanskar meheswarii.. I came to India for completing my studies… first time when I saw sanskar I felt some connection with him but I was seeing him for the first time….

With the passing days his behavior sometimes becomes soft and sometime become harsh.. and when I came to know that he is a womanizer I was literary shocked and felt a sudden pain in my heart but I don’t know why…

Then he forcefully kissed mee that day I felt like killing him but I don’t know why I didn’t felt any kind of hate for him….

After that when on kiran neha’s engagement he blackmailed me by showing my video I felt totally broken… before that I always think about my polar bear whenever I saw sanskar but that day I hate my self being here… I wanted to kill myself on that moment….when he asked me to marry mee I was numb on that moment….i complaint to God that why is he doing this to mee whyyy but he didn’t listened to mee… and here sanskar forcefully marry mee…I was soo broken dat that…. I got the asthma attack due to crying but before I done something I start feeling dizzy and before I touch the ground sanskar hold me and give me inhaler…. That day I again imagine my polar bear in him due to blur vision and after that I didn’t remember anything…

I just felt a peck on my cheek and forehead and I woke up but before I do something I’ve heard sanskar talking to himself… that day I got to know that he is my polar bear I was soo happy on that time I wanted to go and hug him but then reality hit me that he is a womanizer… I start thinking that why he became like this when he loves mee…

Then I came to know about the horrible past of my bear I felt his pain from his voice… I curse myself that I was not there with my love… and now he is thinking that he is not reliable for mee butt instead of all this I was not accepting his truth of being a womanizer so I decided to confront him… I gave him many clues that I have a doubt on him when I came to know from kiran’s accidently phone call that my polar bear is not a womanizer he is only doing this because he thought that he didn’t reliable for me but I want to know about what plan they are talking about from which thing they are guarding mee…

I saw kiran many times guarding me after the clg time.. and I got this chance when sanskar go out of city for a meeting.. I found a file which is different from others file… but sanskar caught me and again misbehaved with mee….

I know that he was in gym after hurting me and beating himself with hunter and today I can’t stop myself soo I go and stop him… and confront him.. finally he accept his love… but I felt sudden pain in my arm which is unbearable….

And now they are saying that I have a chemical chip in my arm woowwww.. I don’t know about this and they all know about thisss …. Ooo God soo much confusion

POV end…

Swara came into reality when sanskar shakes her….

Sanskar: swaraaa

Swara: haannn…haaan but why I don’t know about this all

Sanskar: because u were unconscious that time

Swara: plzz sanskar it was soo confusing tell me in detail plz…

Sanskar: okayyy so listen….

To be continued:-

Precap: complete truth about the chemical microchip incident


  1. Kakali


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    Chemical cheep !!!! hmmmmmm !¿!
    Swara ur body is technically sooo famous i think !!

    I guess i need some sleep !! hmmmm !!!
    thnk u dii .. chappy was poller bear less.. n blur blur …

  2. Aliya khan

    okk so it is the main mystery nd what is this chip ? i am full of ques. nw bt loved it u rocked it again waiting fr next chappy

  3. Arshaanya


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    Ok i knew it dere must b sum chip wen she felt pain first tym infrnt of kiran…
    Bt y swara?? I mean y sumone wants to put dat in swara only?? Sum rvlry or for saving himslf frm situation somebdy did it…
    Its getting more intrstng
    Continue soon

  4. Sanjanaagrawal


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    Awesome ….
    And sry for not commenting in previous ones was busy in exams …. and I have read all the parts …. they are just awesome ..
    and plz continue soon ..
    Take care
    Keep smiling 😘😘😘😘😘

  5. SHAN


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    Awesome loved it sisi…. Wow i just thought about that chip but didn’t thought it will be correct…. Ha ha i m happy…. Very very nice….

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