love between swasan (part-18 part-b)

guys here is the part b i know u all can’t wait that’s why im giving u the part-b but sorry if u don’t like it because i also don’t know what i have written in both parts…


Sanskar start telling her

(guys now I telling u the past in a complete separate scene)

Flashback 1.5 yrs:-

Swara has gone for a study tour to Australia there is a group of 25 students…. In a free time they were allowed to roam in the city… swara with her 2 frnds were roaming around when swara feels hungry while her frnds want to do shopping…

swara : sia,pia u both go and do your shopping I will be there in that coffee shop

Sia,pia : okay

Swara goes towards the coffee shop while entering she strike with someone and her wallet fall down…

That man pick up her wallet and while giving he saw her name on the id..

Man: r u a daughter of shekhar gadodia??

Swara: ummm yaa but who u know??

Man: actually I read your surname gadodia

Swara: ooo okay but how u know my dad??

Man: im Jai kapoor owner of kapoor industries

Swara: oo nice to meet u sir

Jai: same goes with me nice meeting u beta

Swara smiles and go inside while Jai looks her and goes towards his table where another man is waiting for him…

Jai to that man hello john

John: hi jai

Jai: soo why so urgently u called me??

John: jai we have to hide that chip immediately because more delay will destroy everything

Jai: but who will be the person in which we inject that chip??

John: now this thing u have to think

Jai was thinking suddenly his sight fell on swara … Jai is in a good terms with shekhar and Dp and he knows completely about their families…

Jai: john I think we got the right person

John: who??

Jai points toward swara : swara gadodia the daughter of my business partner Shekhar gadodia I know completely about his family

John: if u trust him then we can try but how can we inject?? Because we can’t tell her

Jai: we have to made her unconscious

John: okay I have a med we can put that med into her coffee

Jai: okay

John: bribe the waiter and they snd that coffee to swara…

Swara after drinking coffee start feeling dizzy and before she fall down jai catch her and both john and jai take her into there car…

And in car they inject the microchip into swara

Jai while putting hand on swara’s head : im sorry beta but I’ve no other choice I will tell all the truth to your dad…

And after that they drop her in hotel by saying that they found her in the coffee shop and drop her by finding out the address from her wallet…

Swara gain conscious but she didn’t know anything and that time she didn’t felt any pain into her arm.. after 5 days she goes back to London…

After 1 week shekhar and dp receives the confidential letter from jai kapoor

Shekhar: why jai snd us letter in a confidential form??

Dp: let’s see

They open the letter and read it and become shocked:-

In letter:

Dear Shekhar and Dp when this letter received by u may be I was not present in the world.. sorry guys but I have no other option that’s why I did that to your daughter… actually I found out that there are many illegal activities were going on in my companies but as u both know that I have no children all my companies is handled by by wife raina kapoor and her brother Parag verma and his son Rajat Varma…

But I came to now few months back that my wife and his brother and son were planning to kill me… and I also find out their all illegal activities and works…
I with the help of my scentist frnd john store all the info in on chemical microchip which will be injected in human body for safety I know I can’t survive for more days and I was very worried that who will store that chip in Australia I found your daughter and u both are my very close frnd and partners soo I injected that chip in your daughter left arm on the back side

DP and shekhar become shocked after reading this.. they read further…

Jai: I know u must be angry but believe me I have no other option… for 1.5 yrs your daughter will be save she can’t feel any pain or anything else… but after that u have to find my frnd john because he is the only one who can take out chip because that chip has a code if anybody tries to take out that chip from swara’s body without opening the code then swara will die on the spot because without code the chip will leave a poison inside swara’s body…

I don’t know where is john now because they came to know about us everything but they don’t know about swara they only know that we inject in someone but they try their best to track john because he is the only one who can track the person in which the chip is present.. and one more thing after 1.5 yrs swara will start feeling pain but u can consult any trustworthy scientist for that.. but plzzz forgave mee and try to help mee.. this is my last wish my all prayers are with swara that she will be safe and sound I hope u will forgave your this frnd


Jai Kapoor…

After reading this letter shekhar sat down with a thud…

Dp: we don’t know anything about what happened with our swara and with our frnd

Shekhar: I know dp but jai trust us I know he stake my daughter’s life but he has a reason for it now its our responsibility to find john and complete jai’s remaining work… by this they contact sanskar and kunal and consult with juhi…

Kiran being a cop of special force also involves in this matter and now all are working and trying their level best to track john as soon as possible because swara is having 2 yrs after 2 yrs the chip will burst inside her body…

And after 6 months kunal came to know that parag,raina and rajat using their power to track down that person… so this is the reason they snd swara to india because in india there is less chance that they will found swara…

And now they got a lead as sahil arora he was a student of john but john rusticate him.. but sahil is a very intelligent student there is a chance that he will track down the chip but he was also hidden somewhere in france…

So know kunal and his team trying their level best to find john they only got to know that john got injured and his son took him somewhere but they didn’t found anything further till know

Flashback ended..

Swara: it means I will die in some months??

Sanskar,juhi,kiran shocked after listening this

Sanskar: no no swara don’t say that we are here na we will surely find them

Swara : but sanskar 1.5 yrs has been passed nothing happened now only 6 months is left

Sanskar hugs her and said: we are having the 6 months its enough I will do anything to save u

Swara with childish tone: promise??

Sanskar: promise

Swara: I want to sleep

Sanskar : okay u sleep now

Swara slept on his chest while juhi and kiran admire their bond and left from their…

Sanskar after confirming that swara slept.. he put her on bed in a proper way and left from their

In hall juhi and kiran where sitting and talking

Juhi: she slept?

Sanky: yes kiran di but I know what is going on in her mind..

Kiran: we have to hurry up because now swara got to know everything

Sanky: yes kiran

Juhi : okay we shall take a leave now and sanky whenever she felt pain again give her this injection it it erase the dangerous radiations which is now start omitting from the chip that is why swara feels pain…

Sanky : okay dii…

Kiran and juhi left while sanky goes to his room and found swara sleeping he slept on the other side by taking her in his embrace…

To be continued….

Precap: swara got to know that sanky’s culprits released from the jail…

Guys now I want a break of 2 to 3 days to think further about the story next update will be on Friday or Saturday .. I don’t want to write in a hurry… I hope u will understand and I will give my OS soon  till then Take care and don’t forget to comment


  1. Aliya khan

    awesome diiiii…….love u(sisy love okkk) u knw today i dont get shock i just loved this chappy …………come back with a bang dii i will wait!!!

    ohhh yaa i frget aap bhi na di chappy read kar ke mein toh bhul hi gayi
    u r thinking about ur plantet i knw it btao chalo rehne do…………ok bta deti huin u belongs to a plantet called WRITER’S PLANET okkkk bye tc

  2. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome sisi…. No pblm u update when u r free…. Sisi this episode is very emotional….. Loved it….

  3. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Awesome !!!!!!! And so this is the reason but is this can happen in real I mean some one can inject chip inside a human body through injections ????? Post next soon…
    Take care
    Keep smiling 😘😘😘😘

  4. Arshaanya


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    D reason of chip was sum illegal activities in his company 😕😕
    I thought reason wil b more big rltd to dere country n al 😜
    Nyc chappy

  5. Kakali


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    Valuable reason for d chemical cheap being in her body … !!!!she has now 6 months …hmmmmm !!

    yyoohhooo !!! lets partyy !!! lets party !! party !! lets party lets party party !!! lets party lets party yeee !!!!

    Thnk u Rabiaa dii for yr flashback flashback chappy … loved it …
    take care … come fast <3…

  6. Pramudi

    Both a & b parts were awesome dear. Loved it. Finally their misunderstandings got cleared. Swara also know the truth about her illness..
    Loved sanskaar’s care & love towards swara. 😘
    Really enjoyed the both parts. Post the nxt one soon dear. 😊

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