love between swasan (part-14)

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Kiran left and sanky starts thinking about the past….

Flashback of 2 yrs after the incident took place:-

Shan already told dp, ap about sanky being in love with swara but then that incident took place and sanky denies his love for swara but after 2 yrs… he receives a call from ap and she is very happy

Ap: hello sanskar beta how r u???

Sanky: im fine mom u tell?? How’z everyone??

Ap with teasing smile: everyone or just one??

Sanky with sad smile: noo mom its nothing like that

Ap laughs and said: okay okay u know im having a very good news for u

Sanky (in mind ) there is nothing good left in my life mom and to ao: yes mom tell

Ap: u know swara also loves u

Sanky shocked after listening this and said: what???? How can this happen??? I mean she didn’t even saw me than how??

Ap: relax relax my son I’ll give all answer soo listen

Sanky: okay

Ap: actually today sumi calls me to her home swara was not at home she is in school… there sumi show me a swara’s dairy in which she wrote all this

Sanky: what she wrote in that dairy??

Ap tells him

Now guys im telling u what is written in dairy

In dairy:-

Hello champ (dairy’s name) u know today also I played in the rain and u know what happened when I was playing.. I saw a tall and handsome boy standing in front of the main door by grabbing umbrella in one hand but due to heavy rain I can’t saw his face clearly but I got to know that he is soo white just like a polar bear (hehehehehehe) soo I decided to talk to him after rain stops.. but when rain stops I was going towards him but I got asthama attack due to which everything is going blur around me I just saw a fainting image of that boy who came running and picks me in his arms…

U know I felt something strange when he picked me up.. I know I know that this not the right age to think these type of thing but what can I doo (pouts)… soo I tried to look at his face but failed because my vision is going blur with the passing minutes and when I got up I found that he gone…. (sad smily)

I don’t know properly about him because I didn’t saw him but with the passing days im falling in love with him.. I didn’t asked mom and dad about him due to shyness but I hope dat one day I will surely met him

Dairy page ends…

Sanky becomes numb after listening all this tears start flowing from his eyes but he composed himself and said: momm u don’t tell anything to swara about me

Ap: but why beta??

Sanskar: actually I want to give her a surprise

Ap : oo okay beta

Sanky: okay mom I have to go byee

Ap: bye beta

After cutting the call sanky burst into tears and said: why god why u r doing this from last 2 yrs im lying to myself that I don’t love swara anymore then why u did this to me??? Why u made her to love mee why????? Sanky wipes his tears and said I will try my level best that swara will not be able to know that I was that boy she deserve more better person than mee

Sanky’s talk is listened by raj and kiran who came to meet him and both are having tears in their eyes..

Kiran runs and hugs him and said: sanky bhai plz relax everything will be fine soon

Sanky: how kiran?? How??? I don’t want her to love mee

Raj: sanky this not in your hand like u fallen for her she also falls for u

Sanky: but rajj….

Raj: no but u just leave everything to God

Sanky nodes and wipes his tears

Flashback end….


Sanky: I was very happy on knowing this but after that I remembered about my past and everything got shattered…

But I think God doesn’t loves me that’s why he snd u here… I know it is for your safety but what will I doo of the heart who only beats for u swara I made everything to make u hate me and somewhere I got succefull and the day when everything settled down and u will become safe permanently then that day I will free u from myself… that’s a promise….

To be continued:-

Precap: swasan cute fight and swara starts doubting sanskar

Guys in next epi I will give u full swasan scenes because I didn’t give any of them so next epi will full on swasan and after that I will start disclosing the main mystery


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