Love (SwaSan OS after six months)

The story starts when swaragini left there house and come to badi. Saskar engaged in finding laksh. After one month he found laksh. Laksh had met with accident. He went to coma before one week he recover from accident and saskar found laksh in hospital and bring back to home. Laksh brought ragini at home but saskar does not brought swara. He lies everyone he wants time to except swara.
After one week swara calls saskar
Saskar : ohh what a surprise u are calling me?? Itne dino baad mare huve pati ki yaad aayi…. What you want know?? Do you think I am again except you never??? (he was continuesly shouting without listening why did she call him???
Swara close the eye listening saskar words tears are continue flow from her eyes. But after getting frustrated swara interrupted n shouted him makes something saskar shocked
Swara:I am pregnant saskar…. Bas itna hi batana tha… Bye (she cut call without listening him)
Here saskar was shocked more than happy. Both swara and Sanskars wish come true. He wants to hug her. But his ego not to allow to do.
After lots of things next day he comes in baaki. And bring back swara in mm. Yes saskar bring swara back but he forgive her???
Two months pass. Swara now 3 month pregnant. Saskar take good care of swara and baby. But many times swara ask forgiveness from him but he always ignore her question and change the topic and say you take care of baby stress not good for you and baby.
One day sanlak sitting together and talking
Laksh : I am very happy bhai today all are happy ragini and me together u forgive swara and
Sanskar :who told you I forgive swara?????? I never forgive swara we are living together because of my child ones my child come I divorce swara and keep child with me….
Laksh :bhai what are you saying
Saskar : plz laky I don’t want any argument in this topic…
Laksh turn to go but shocked to see something standing at door with teary eyes
Laksh :swara???
Listening swara name he turn to see swara before he say something she ran away from there and locked herself in the room.
Saskar continues bagged door but she didn’t open the door. She sit on the floor and continues crying remembering saskar wards “ones my child come I divorce swara and keep child with me….”

Swara pov
I know I did wrong with you I asked forgiveness from you… But how could you separate our child to me???
The night went like this…
Swara come out from the room with pale face. Saskar see and feels bad. She did not talk to him.
But afternoon swara about to fall but sujata hold her then she faints her arms. Sujata call saskar he comes running and seeing swara fainted panicked. He pic her arm and placed her on bed and called doctor.
After examining her doctor told that she fainted because of stress. She collect the blood sample for test.
She told to them collect the reports after one week. She told to saskar keep swara happy stress was not good for her and baby.

After one week
In this week swara did not talk to saskar.
Doctor cabin
Saskar didn’t come with Swara bcoz of important meeting.
Seeing report doctor face turns in sad face
Swara :what happened doctor report are good na???
Doctor :wo Swara you have to abort the child….
Swara 🙁 angrily) what are you saying doctor are you out of mind?.
Doctor :because you have brain tumor swara. Because you Have to further treatment
Swara :how can I abort my child aur koi toh raasta hoga??
Doctor :no swara there was no way
Swara : (cryingly) I don’t want to Abort child
Doctor :decision is your swara but you want to continue pregnancy please bring mr maheshwari sign on this paper
Swara :what are these paper??
Doctor :if any thing happened you hospital are not responsible saying this she leaves from there
Swara think how saskar care for child. She thought this was her punishment. She took paper and left home.
In evening saskar come back home. He asks about report she told reports are normal and he about to go she call from back..
Swara :you want me to leave you and our baby forever na
Saskar listening this shock but composed himself and said :ha
Swara:I am ready but you have to sign this paper
Saskar :which paper???
Swara :divorce papers and contract paper which you have to do what I said to you till baby come out
Saskar angrily takes paper and signed without reading and left angrily,……
Swara :I am sorry saskar for lieing but I am sure you will be great father…
She submit paper in hospital

Next days
Swara wake up and saw saskar but he was not there. Then she listened shower sound and she realized he was talking shower. He comes out wearing office suit and he about to leave she call out from back
Saskar:what happened???
Swara :u promised me jo main kahoon gi vo tum karoge?
Saskar :what I have to do?
Swara :u always kiss me in morning?
Saskar :what??? are you out of mind? Swara :do what I said to you or divorce cancel ?
Saskar comes close to her and place lips on her and gently suck her lips when they out of breath saskar immidetly left from room becoz he don’t want show his emotion.
Swara was now her last month but in this month saskar take good care off her. He full filed all her mood swing. Saskar behaviour also changed towards swara. But swara also successful hide her truth.
As usual in night swara and saskar sleep each other embrace .But suddenly swara feel pain in her belly. She try to control pain but she failed. At last she shouting in pain. Due to shouting saskar wake up and he saw swara shouting in pain. He immediately pick up her and left to the hospital. And inform in home.
When swara took to the ot she said to saskar plz take care of our baby and and I always love you and plz forgive me and she left saskar left.
Saskar was all confused he thought becz of divorce she told him. He brush her thought. After some time doctor come to saskar ask his signature
Saskar :dr what happens? ??
Doctor : mr maheshwari I want your sign this paper again
Saskar :which paper dr?
Doctor : you already know swara has tumor and you both choose baby?
Saskar (:in ager) what rabish talking are you doctor. And who said my wife having tomer she is perfectly fine.
Doctor : what are you talking mr maheshwari look this sign this is your signature na and Mrs maheshwari submitted last six months back.
Saskar immidetly take paper and read he don’t know how to react. Tear are continuely flowing from his eyes.
Doctor;: mr maheshwari plz sing fast
Saskar come to sense
Saskar: plz save my wife….
Doctor :but
Saskar angrily dr do what I said
Doctor : k
Saskar sign the paper and give to doctor
Saskar sit down on chair. He was all shivering. He don’t know what to do.
Saskar: Q swara Q kiya yeh sab . I know I only said to you I hate you and i was with you only because of baby. But you know swara maine tumse khabhi nafrat nahi ki aur nahi khabhi karpavuga. Main tume sirf yeh yehsaas dilana chahatatha ki kisi say door jaane ka dard kya hota hai…… but you again give me punishment. …..

Docter come with baby
Doctor : congratulations mr maheshwari you bless with baby girl
Saskar seeing baby girl he was on nine cloud but next movement reality hit him..
Saskar :aaand swara…….?
Doctor: ……….
Listening this Saskar sit down with thud tear continue flowing from his eyes .


Five years girl running in the hole mention.One man running behind the girls.
Man: Princes plz drink milk na?
Girl :no Papa I don’t want that milk.I hate this milk.
Man: if your mamma today here she only drink you milk. I miss you yaar .
Girl: I also miss mamma.
I also miss you my bach and Ab pata chala Mr maheshwari aapki pricess ko milk pilana itna aasan nahi hai mera tum hamesha majak banate thy ki mai merethon may bhagti hu…..saying this one lady enter into house from main door wearing pink sadi.
Saskar : nothing like that hum toh khel rahe teh….
Girl : mamma today papa k sath pakdam pakdai khelke bhot maja aaya
Lady: (picking her arms )u and ur papa are same and went to room and saskar behind them
Lady: (in angrily ) saskar what is this…. u both what have you done with this room…
(All room are mess up .all things shelter here and there )
Saskar :swara woh…. (with pappy face ) yeh sab pricess neh kiya hai i don’t do anything.
Swara : don’t put blame on saskriti(angrily )
Saskriti : ha mamma ye sab maine aur papa ney kiya hai (innocently with clapping hand ) bohot maaja aaya…
Swara : saskar woh toh bachi hai par tum aabhi b bacho k tarah behave kar rahe ho……. agar kabhi mai nahi rahu toh pata nahi tum dono kya karoge said this casualy and went from room with saskriti.
In Night
Saskar standing looking outside from Window something thinking. Swara enter in the room. She went towards saskar and call out Saskar but he busy in his own thoughts.
Swara : what happened saskar u don’t eat your lunch afternoon and now dinner also
Saskar : nothing swara u go and sleep
Swara : kahi maine dhata issliye toh naaraj nahi hona na tum plz kaho na..
Saskar :how could you say tum nahi rahogi toh hum kya karege…
Swara : maine yehsehi keh diya tha…
Saskar : you know na 5 YEAR back kya huwa tha
Doctor :mr maheshwari we done operation of brain tumor operation was successful but If she don’t get consionees then sorry to say we can’t save your wife
Listening this Saskar sit down with thud tear continue flowing from his eyes .
Saskar : can I meet my wife? ???
Doctor : but
Saskar : plz doctor
Doctor : k
Saskar took baby and enter in ice u. Saskar went towards swara and sit beside her.
Saskar: plz swara get up na. I am sorry for hurting you. I promise you i never hurt you in future . Plz look na we bless with baby girl.
But swara does response
After some time baby start crying. Saskar trying to stop crying but baby continuesly crying. Hearing baby’s cry swara gets consionees.

Swara : sorry isske baad mai kabi nahi kahugi. Now happy? ??
Saskar : double happy but were is saskriti? ??
Swara : she sleeping with maa
Saskar : k cholo now we also sleep
Swara : saskar
Saskar : ha
Swara : woh tumari toh wish puri ho gai pricess ki mere wish ki kya Prince wali
Saskar :(with teary eyes )but I am sorry swara l don’t want more child
Swara : I know saskar tum q dar rahe ho iss baar kych nahi hoga trust me
Saskar : par
Swara : par war kuch nahi saying this she place lips on him and start kissing him after some time they get intimate.
After 1 year they bless with baby boy. They give name him swarash. And they live happy life.

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