Love between swasan (intro)

Guys it is just a intro… I don’t know whether it is a ss,ff,few shots,two shots or three shots story because it depends on all my mind that what ideas will come… plz do let me know that u like the concept or not and don’t worry I will not copy the story from any other ffs..


One Sunday morning a boy of 27 is sitting in the launch of his pent house which is situated in the 6 stories building of a posh area…. He is reading newspaper… suddenly doorbell rang… and one of his servant opened the door…

A girl of 21 is standing at the door…

Servant: yes mam??

Girl: I came from London mr. gadodia snd me on this address…

Servant: wait a min mam.. by saying this he came towards the boy and said in a low and fearfull voice..

Servant: sir???

Boy in a stern voice: what???

Servant: sir a girl came and she is saying that mr. gadodia snd her..

Boy thought for a moment and said: let her come

Servant nodes and go towards the door

Servant: mam u plz come in

Girl nodes and goes behind the servant… servant leads her towards the boy and goes out..

Girl nervously: h..ii… mr meheshwarii

Boy said hello by looking towards her and froze at the moment on seeing her because the girl is just looking like a cute little fairy in pink t-shirt and blue jeans with high pony tail….. but the boy compose himself and his inner lust and said mr. gadodia told me that he wants to snd her daughter for studies in India.. u r from London na?? ye ask the girl

Girl reply: yess

Boy: oookay dad told me to accommodate you… mis??

Girl: umm sw…aar.aaaa gadodia..

Boy: don’t be nervous swara… and call the servant to take her towards her room…

Swara goes with servant..

While the boy is seeing her with lustful eyes…

Boy: woowww what a beauty butt poor mee I will not be able to enjoy with herr because she is dad’s frnd daughter I don’t know I can a control myselfff…. Control sanskar control… (yes the boy is sanskar)

Sanskar meheswari businessman by profession but ruthless heartless and womanizer he became like this when his girl frnd ditched him with his frnd and sanskar caught both of them red handed in his frnd’s home… from dat day sanskar start thinking that every girl is same as his gf…. But his parents don’t know about his this side because he is living in India and handling India’s branch while his family lives in abroad… due to which he is living in a pent house because he said mansion is too much big for him…

Swara gadodia: a sweet cute bubbly girl.. jolly in nature but at a same time a shy and reserve type girl.. who cannot talk to new ppl freely….she wants to complete her study in India her parents agreed but on the condition that she have to stay with sanskar because her parents were not allowing her to live in a hostel or alone in a flat…

To be continued…

Guys i will only continue if i got a good response 🙂


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Rabiaaaa!!!!! yay! it’s u again….luv it soo much!
    hmm, swara is shy ? uuhhh it’s difficult to imagine 😀

  2. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Rabia di !!! is it really u??? but i didn’t find any fainting scene…ohhh god!!! now m really gonna faint..hahaha*kidding di*… but awesome 1st one… loved it… plzz continue ..thnk u..

  3. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Hahaha Mica!! actually m also surprised..after 2 days of struggle … huffffff!!!!
    .*sparkling water* Mica get up!! get up!!!open ur eyes…

  4. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    U r rit dii… nice name ‘”How they fainted” but “how d readers fainted” ..its my own name for urs SS…. hihihihihi…n thnk u…

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