Hey guys just thinking about the story..!! Nd i dont wanna stop this at middle so thats y thought to end this today..!! Hope u guys will support me..!! So here we go..!!

Its a bright morning indeed a breeze morning too..!! Here we can see a villa named SS villa..!! It is no bigger nd not a small one too..!! It is a simple nd eligent villa..!! There in a room a lady in her mid twenties standing infront of dressing table..!!

Getting ready in a formal suits for her daily work..!! I mean she is getting ready for her office..!! After setting her bun..!! She took a pinch of Sindoor nd adored her maang with it..!! Nd took the Mangalsutra she wored it..!!

Swara’s pov :

Here i m standing..!! Whenever i look myself at the mirror..!! i can adress myself with three names..!! First one is Swara the orphan…!! Second Swara the Ex girl friend of Laksh..!! Nd then finally now Swara Maheshwari..!! This three things happens happens against my wish..!!

I dont wanna be Orphan but destiny made me orphan by killing my parents..!! Than laksh ka girl friend..!! He is a possesive lover till now i dont know did i loved him or not..!! May be it was a infactuation..!! Nd Sanskar he forcefully married me in his druken state against my wish with the help of arjun..!!

Nd now standing infront of the mirror..!! The first thing which got my attention is my sindoor nd mangalsutra..!! Which is the thing i dont want to be with me now..!! But the destiny or someone trap made me wear this..!! It doesnt mean i hate the realationship but i dont want it forceibly..!!

Its been two years since that marriage happens..!! Sanskar forcefully filled my maang with his blood..!! I hate that day..!! Nd the nxt day when laksh came to know about this..!! He even tried to kill Sanskar i dont think that laksh will do that..!! Laksh was aressted by police but Sanskar ask them to leave Laksh..!!

I didnt xpect this from him too..!! Nd Sanskar’s nxt move had shocked me like hell..!! He gave me divorce papers nd asked me to sign it..!! But how can i Coz my only property my mom’s diary the lines which is again nd again written on it is

” Swara beta..!! Marriage is a pious relation..!! It should happen only once in ur life..!! Its by will or not..!! But u should need to keep up the relation..!! ” this words of my mom didnt allowed me to sign those papers..!!

But without love i can be with him in one room,,or in his house..!! So i m living in seperate house..!! Nd i m having my private concern too..!!U know that today i m not less than Mr.Sanskar maheshwari in bussiness..!!

Nd coz him i got a MOTHER yes Sanskar’s mom..!! When she came to know about that marriage..!! She gave a tight Slap to SanArj..!! She left them..!! Nd living with me here nd taking care of me..!!

Pov ends…!!

Her trance was cutted by a voice ” Swara bahu..!! Come down fast..!! Breakfast is ready..!! ” Sujatha shouts from downstairs..!! Swara looks final time at the mirror nd left downstairs with a warm smile..!!

She takes Sujatha’s blessing..!! Sujatha kissed her forehead nd made her sit..!! Nd give her bf..!! ” 2 yrs Bahu..!! Really i dont how yrs flew like seconds..!! I m really proud of u Swara..!! Nd if i m not wrong today u r going to sign the deal with Sanskar rite..!! ” said Sujatha..!!

Swara nods..!! ” yes mom..!! Now m going to his office only..!! ” said Swara..!! Sujatha smiles nd after some simple talks..!! After that Swara leaves to Karma industries..!!
Conference hall

We can see a group of men Sitting in their respective chairs..!! But there is one man restless or we can say waiting for someone..!! Continuously seeing his watch..!! Its non other than Sanskar..!!

Sanskar’s pov

I think u all know me..!! Yeah i m the same shy baby..!! But not now Coz of my doings..!! Coz i forceibly married a girl against her wish that too in my druken state..!! Even i kissed her against her wish..!! Damn man..!! How can i do that with MY LOVE..!!

I know about MY LOVE she wont accept after all what i did..!! So i thought to give her divorce nd let her free from this relationship..!! But no she didnt sign that papers..!! She proved me wrong..!! I thought she ll accept to live with me after rejecting the divorce..!!

But she again proved me wrong..!! She went leaving me the surprised thing is my also went with her..!! I agree i commit a sin by marrying a girl against her wish..!! Its been two yrs..!! Dont think Swara doesnt come infront of me in this two yrs..!!

She is infront of me only..!! She continued her job as my pa..!! Nd after six months she started her own bussiness..!! Nd bcm sucessful too..!! I m really proud of MY LOVE..!! She proved me wrong again nd again..!! But i m really happy seeing her raise..!! Nd today she is signing a deal with my industries..!!

A big deal which i have ever done..!! Nd now i m waiting for MY LOVE..!! oh god there she is..!! Again killing me with her formal looks..!!

Pov ends…

Sanskar looksup at Swara who just entered the conference hall with her files..!! ” Sry gentle men..!! Sry for the late..!! So Mr.Maheshwari shall we start..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar again amazed by her..!! Nd just nods..!!

After that they sucessfully sign the deal..!! Swara shake hands with everyone..!! She is arranging her files..!! Everyone left the hall only SwaSan is left..!! Sanskar getsup nd walks towards Swara..!!

Swara’s pov :

Actually i forgot to tell u all one thing..!! U know in this two years i fully forgot about laksh..!! Now he is settled with ragini even i m happy for them..!! I thought i love laksh..!! But its just an infactuation not more than that..!!

In these two yrs..!! Sanskar nd me used to meet frequently coz first i was his pa..!! Than after that coz of bussiness we used to meet frequently..!! Nd on that time i noticed that Sanskar is really a very good gentleman..!! Nd the surprised thing is i m falling for MY HUSBAND..!!

yes i love him..!! I know Sanskar loves me too..!! But i dont know how to start this nd from where to start this…!! Now Sanskar is coming towards me..!! Dont know what he going to say..!! Now a days his proximity is affecting me more..!!

Pov ends..!!

Sanskar walks towards Swara..!! He stands near her..!! “Swara..!! ” he called out her name duet which Swara came out of her world..!! ” han..!! Han..!! Mr.Maheshwari..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar smiles ” Swara now the meeting is over u can call me Sanskar..!! ” said Sanskar Swara nods..!!

“Now the deal is sucessfully signed so shall we go out now..!! If u dont mind..!! ” asked Sanskar..!! Swara’s heart is doing marathon..!! She smiles little nd nodded..!! Sanskar smiles nd both leaves..!!

SwaSan leaves for lunch..!! Then goes to movie..!! After that its a party for the sucessfull deal..!! Swasan is talking with theit respective bussiness partners..!! Suddenly the lights went off..!! Spot light falls on Swara..!!

Nd another spot light falls on Sanskar who is having a boquet of red roses in his hands..!! He walks towards Swara..!! The Bg starts Tere Sang yaara..!! While He walking towards Her both shares a cute eyelock..!! Sanskar sits in his knees infront of Swara..!!

” Swara i know,,i did a big mistake..!! But i really love u Swara..!! I m deeply , madly in with u..!! I dont know cheesy words i m not that type too..!! The matter is i love u MY LOVE..!! Will u marry me..!! ” said Sanskar while forwarding the bouquet..!!

Swara looks at Sujatha..!! She nods with tears..!! Swara smiles nd takez the boquet nd whispers ” I love u too..!! ” Sanskar took her in a hug..!! All claps for them..!! SwaSan stayed like that by finding the peace of their lives..!!

*-*-*-*-THE END -*-*-*-*

Hey guys i know its a boring one..!! Sry for that..!! Will meet u with KOI MIL GAYA..!! Babye..!! Love u all..!!

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