love between swasan (author’s note and teaser)

Guys im soo sorry while writing both the parts I missed many points due to which many reader are in confusion… I know it’s my mistake that I didn’t tell you about my state and now im even not be able to reply to your comments.. im sorry for thiss extremely sorry.. and at the end I also gave the teaser don’t forget to read that also 
I just want to say to u all that please neglect these two parts of episode 18 I will rewrite the episode 18 with proper scenes and with detail…

if u want new episode then don’t see the links 😉

And for now im explaining the chip scene properly again.. after this u cane decide that u want me to rewrite the full epi or this detail is enough for u all…

Let’s start:-

Guys it is possible to put a chip in human body if it is of just a dot sized… because if a human can hide poison in his tooth crown then it is also possible ( but u all think it as imaginary after all it is a story na) (I hope u understand my point sanjana 😉

And one more thing not 1.5 yrs back it is 6 months back… and now 6 months have been passed and only 6 months is left for swara…

The chip which is injected by Jai Kapoor it contains the secrets of his companies’ illegal activities because his company is one of the leading companies of the world…

If the illegal work didn’t stopped then it will also destroy the country because Jai Kapoor’s one company is making the equipment or machinery which is used for the safety of citizens and the other one is in the field of pharmaceuticals ( i know there is no combo of equipment and medicines but companies always tries to diversify their business in unrelated field many who read HR must know about this ( I hope this point is cleared Arshaanya?? :P)

John is a scientist so he prepared chip in that way which can easily become a part of human body but it is all covered with a shield which will burst if someone tires to take him out without opening the code…

And know swara starts feeling pain because of 2 reasons one is that they didn’t give her injection which will erase the radiations of chip because jai forgot about this and it was told by Juhi to all because she also a scientist and forensic expert… and second reason is that the half time has gone and it is just like an alarm that less time is left and now they will hurry up to do something for taking out the chip…

There is no information regarding Jai Kapoor Dead body or something else but nobody has seen him from last 1 yr… only Shekhar and Dp received that letter in which he gave them all the detail…

May be Jai is also alive but this thing will be revealed with the passage of time..

John is also nowhere to be found because they only got information that he is with is son.. but where they don’t know…

John original name is Ram Singhania….. he is one of the top most scientist of the world who is the loyable and best frnd of Jai Kapoor…

I hope some of the points got cleared if now also u want the complete scene properly again then without any hesitation u can tell me u all are more than welcome but u all have to wait till Friday or Saturday… and if u all want complete epi again than forget the episodes 18 with both part I will give u a new one don’t forget to tell me about this 

And now the teaser time…

2 girls were laying in the room while 4 ppl also present there…

The girls are shivering in fear but the ppl is not listening to them

One person out of the 4 ppl said

1st person: baby u enjoyed a lot that night naa soo now its our time to enjoy with uu

1st girl: please we know we did a big mistake but please don’t do this to uss

2nd person among the 4: why???

2nd girl: how can u do this to us?? U r also a girl

1st person slaps the 2nd girl hardddd

Scene ends

Soo guys I think many of u must guessed the scene correctly and if yess then tell mee for sure who wants to join this scene 

Luv u all thankuu soo much for the comments and support


  1. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Wow sisi no need to rewrite….. U cleared all confusions…. Even ambani has business in many sectors…. So no pblm about that and all sisi…. Then about teaser i m damn sure its kavita group…. And the girl surely must be my cutie-pie swara…. 😃😍

  2. Simin

    Rabia there is no need to write those chappies again i understood them and after this note it is very clear dear.
    And about the teaser i feel kavita and the other girl are being tortured for doing bad with sanskar
    I am pretty sure kakali is one of them but dont know about the rest 3

  3. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    rabia…there is no need to rewrite the eps dear. And guessing….the teaser scene is after swara getting to know abt the release of sanky’s culprits….she might hv wanted to punish them

  4. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Rabia so sweet of u 😙
    Dere was no need to explain dear… i said dat coz i thought reason shud b big for dis chip n al 😜
    I was smiling litrly dat u explnd it al 😚
    N no need to write it again…
    Continue next part 👍

    • Rabia



      Hehehehehe thanku arsha actually it was already in my mind but when i wrote it i forgot to mention it and then u said all this so then i realized that i missed that point infact im thankful to u that u raised the point 😊😊😊😍

  5. akki

    i hope swara ,sanskar kunal neha are 4 members they r treatening kavitha n others.epis were good n totally claried all the doubts

  6. Kaynatk01


    |Registered Member

    wow rabia u made me in thinking what eill be the next parts chalo waiting and abut my guessing i really cant guess but waiting for ur part

    • Rabia



      Mica dear you can ask freely about yor confusion and next will be on saturday i need a time to think properly because now a days im competely out of focus for this ff 😊

  7. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Rabbiiaaa !!! dii no need of explaining more !! no need of again dat chappy…

    instead of that we need our chappy long as much u wished to write d part 18 again… soo now 19th part same lenth of 18th part = i’ll tell u after ur next chappy…

    “”YOU R ALSO GIRL”” — wahhhh they finally realized!!!!… butt babes it’s too late !! tooooo latee… u r gonna witness d living hell in heaven..
    i gonna order “”KHUJLI WALE POWDER”” huhuhuhu !!! thnk u … !!

    • Rabia



      Thankuuu sooo much kakalii and dont worry next chappy will be long 😊 afer all it will be after many days na soo i have to compensate for all the days 😊😊

  8. Niku


    |Registered Member

    I want to say one thing mne toh ye sb points soche hi nhi whn I m reading ur 18 part ….pta h aasa ku bcz whn I’m reading d story I assume it all d points which u r written today…but still thanks …
    One question I have …..R u a student ??

  9. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Awesome ….. no need to rewrite …. but I till now can’t under relation between JAY JOHN AND SHEKHAR … plz clear it …. and I understood about that chip …update soon …
    Take care
    Keep smiling 😘😘😘😘

  10. Mumpi


    |Registered Member

    awesome story.. i m ur new reader.. i completed d previous parts today itself.. nd no need to rewrite dis part cleared all d loop holes.. now waiting for d nxt episode.. 🙂

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