Love or………swaragini (Intro)


hlo guys its anu i m a die hard fan of swasan i m a silent reader but sometime use to comment also

lets stop all this nd come to point i m here to share my views by the love stories of swaragini

the pairs will be
swasan the best?
Ragkar(ragini md kartik)
kavlak( kavya nd laksh)

so guys i m not starting today not even giving intro i just want suggestion tpday then i will give prologue according to that

1st suggestion i needed inis that u want swalak or kavlak nd plz dont say that we want swasan not swalak
i m just asking between swalak or kavlak nd as a swasan r main leads nd couple so dont worry about them

nd 2nd suggestion i want on which theme u want swasan love story i m giving option just chose 1 or of u want u can give your suggestion also
1) childhood love story
2) college love story
4) hatred to love

i personally going to chose 5 because i will revenge hate story of swasan?

so plz tell me about which type of story u want nd abour swalak,kavlak
i m thinking of swalak as a also like them

i will not going to stop my story in middle if i will feel nobody liking it then i will finish it in one part but stop in middle nd its my request to all writer plz guys dont stop in between if u r feeling its boring then finish it but dont Stop

i m really thankful to writers who r giving new concept nd really doimg well i real mostly all ff of swasan kritika,eva,rini,angel,nive,rabi,anjali,piya,kaynaat khan,duggu,meher,malar,Sindhuja(i really love your one shot of swasan nd swasan ff dreams one i dont remember title properly sry),shnaya,irrena,labdhi(sry yr for incorrect spelling but u write swasan together nd swasan true love na),heer,priya,jyoti,nd more writers sry I don’t remember name
but one of them is the writer of love the way to hell and many more nd swasan u r mine nd many many many more nd one of them fallen In love nd L khan I think u also have started one ff of yes then plz continue thanks for wonderful ff yr

nd plz continue your ff love u all nd your ff

plz give suggestions to me if u want me to write nd plz guys suggest me title also nd sry also for mistake in spelling nd grammer sry actually I m not so gud in english

Credit to: Anu

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  1. I go for option 5…but isn’t this intro as same as “a new story swaragini”??

    Msg from Team: Deleted duplicated one.

    1. First dear its not intro nd dear I don’t know about a new story swaragini….if it would have swasan ff then surely I have read it but doesn’t remember sry but I think that one is of ragsan
      Nd thnx for suggestion

  2. 1st suggestion – swalak…coz I like swalak n love swasan.
    2nd suggestion- 5
    N dear, im very thankful u included me in the 1st..! Tq tq soo much,.. actually u know as I read that u are anu ( not the one who writes destiny) , I had a feeling which reminded me one of my regular commenters, which was u, see I guessed rite..! Well, do continue…n plz post asap..n tq again for including my name and reading my ff..

    1. Thanks for giving suggestion nd also thnx for remembering me nd plz also try to upload your ff fast nd I must say one thing u r like me in case of swasan because we both love swasan nd like swalak
      Will post prologue fast but it may take time also because I have to decide also na

  3. Suggestion 1: swalak
    Suggestion 2: 5

    1. Thanks for suggestion I m also thinking of this only

  4. I would say 2 and 5

    1. Thanks for suggestion nd u also write ff on swasan na plz upload that also

  5. hey anu , dear i would like to go with swarlak as option and option 5 but if possible then option 5 with rebirth
    andare you the same anu who commented on hidden chapters, actually your one option is just like how she suggested me to write an ff on swasan and you are a swasan fan , so just my doubt, all the best for your ff ………………………i know it will surely be superb…………………be happy dear………………………..

    1. Thanks for suggestion nd first I m also thinking 5 with rebirth then think that I will ask u guys after prologue will surely imply it I will ask about it OK na nd so mch thanks for encouraging me actually its my first ff so little bit nervous but I will try my best nd dear I doesn’t remember that I m the same anu or not? actually I forgot but I think I m same because one time I have asked anyone to write a story of swasan may be that’s u….but thanks a lot piyali

  6. 5 i like most swalak….

    1. Thanks for suggestion

    2. Guys so mch thnxs for suggestion nd encouraging me but plz suggest title also na

  7. you can write college love story with revenge na.. it will be awesome

    1. Thnxs jwala for suggestion but I submit prologue for 5 option as many r saying nd it is starting from current track so sry but will try to start that one also

  8. Suggestion 1: swalak
    Suggestion 2: 5 or 3

    1. Thnxs sanam for suggestion will surely make swalak nd will try to add rebirth in 5 one

  9. For poll its no 5
    And for pairs swalak
    And at last i want swasan

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