Shot 4 , Part 1:
“ He met with an accident…You could have dropped him to hospital…” Sanskar said as Swara stopped in her way.
She turned with a smile , “ It wasn’t that serious Sanskar , it was just…” She was cut by Sanskar.
“ It wasn’t that serious but still it got our date cancelled…” His voice now had the anger visible.
Swara tries to explain realizing his anger, “ Sanskar , he is a school friend , We met after years…”
“ And he became more important than me…well How Can I forget , The whole’s world’s important for your except me…” Sanskar shouted cutting her again.
“ Sanskar..” Swara tried to speak but was cut by Sanskar.
“ Or is Nikhil someone special…wait did he join my office because of you only?” Sanskar himself didn’t knew what he was speaking now.

Swara read between the lines , “ What do you mean Sanskar?” She asked , a bit of anger in her voice.
“ I suppose you are understanding it…” Sanskar replied , his anger overpowered his senses.
“Sanskar…” Swara shouted angrily , she couldn’t handle any allegation on her love.
“ What happened ….feeling angry , everyone does when truth comes out…You know what Swara , I am just a commodity for you…a use and throw commodity…infact a toy , you used me and then ignoring me when you are bored of me…..wonder when you’ll thro….” Sanskar stopped abruptly as a hard sound rang in the atmosphere , Sanskar’s cheek was red , Swara had slapped him.

Swara looked towards Sanskar , tears in her eyes as she remembered his LOVE towards her , his promises to her…His words which he spoke just now to her…
“You know what Sanskar…You have gone mad…I am over with you…sometimes I feel I am a toy of yours which you consider only yours…you can’t stand me talking to another man…you are not my Sanskar…My Sanskar was not like this … You are not…I am over with you…” Tears were filling Swara’s eyes.
Sanskar looked towards Swara as he held his cheek , “ Right…We are Over…” He said angrily as he left the house banging the door behind himself, tears in his eyes too.
Swara sat on the floor taking the support of the door as she tears fell down her eyelids.
Do pal ruka khwabo ka karva
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha
Sanskar was walking on the road mindlessly , tears continuously falling from his eyes , He took out the box of jewellery he had kept with himself and threw it down shattering it into 2 pieces as it opened revealing the flowery jewellery within itself , As Sanskar looked towards it , his tears increased , suddenly a drop of rain fell over his face , He Looked up , the drops started taking form of showers as Sanskar kept walking , his tears mingling with the rain now , The flower Jewellery got wet in the rain and slowly faded away in the drops of rain changing to rags.

Do pal ki thi ye dilo ki dasta
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha – 2
Swara cried as she remembered her and Sanskar’s collage days , the time they both were madly in LOVE…
Tum the ke thi koyi ujli kiran
Tum the ya koyi kali muskayi thi
Tum the ya tha sapno ka tha sawan
Tum the ke khushiyo ki ghata chhayi thi
Tum the ke tha koyi phul khila
Tum the ya mila tha mujhe naya jaha
Suddenly her thoughts moved back to today’s incident and she broke down further , Her tears coming from deep within her…
Do pal ruka khwabo ka karva
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha
Do pal ki thi ye dilo ki dasta
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha – 2

Sanskar remembered how Swara had been a light in his otherwise broken life…The time when his father had died , The time when his younger brother tried to commit suicide…The time when he most needed her…
Tum the aa khushbu hawao me thi
Tum the ya rang sari dishao me the
Tum the ya roshni raho me thi
Tum the ya geet gunje fizao me the
Tum the mile ya mili thi manzile
Tum the ke tha jadu bhara koyi sama
His thoughts suddenly moved the time in last 1 year when he needed her the most and Swara , for her own reasons though was not there for him…He fell on the lonely road itself crying , screaming …breaking…
Do pal ruka khwabo ka karva
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha
Do pal ki thi ye dilo ki dasta
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha – 3
“ This coffee powder needed to get over today only…” Ragini thought to herself angrily as she was standing in the kitchen , all ready to make herself a cup of coffee but only lacking the availability of Coffee powder , Realizing now that it was over , she was angry.
“ Coffee Powder , Beta its over in the container…I have told Kaka to bring new packet…Here it is…” Shekhar said coming into the kitchen and handing her the packet , Ragini looked at it and threw the packet down.
“ Mr. Gadodia , you think that I’ll drink the coffee from the coffee powder that you are giving me!” She exclaimed angrily as she left the kitchen and ran out of the house to get coffee from a nearby grocery shop.
“ Beta its Raining…atleast take the Umbrella…” Shekhar again tried to talk to Ragini who even though heard him , didn’t react and walked in the rain itself drenching in it.
As she was walking in the rain , Ragini felt cold ,some memories came flashing in her mind as she walked further , a drop of tear escaped her eyes , though it was raining heavily , the traces of the drop were easily seen on her cheeks , she wiped it and continued walking in a deep thinking now.
“ Ahh…” Ragini shouted as she fell down on the lonely road , she had hit a stone and ended up falling down due to it.
She tried to stand up on her own as she realized that no one was there to help her , suddenly her eyes fell on a boy kneeling a bit away from her , his face covered with tears. She walked towards him as she tried to get a closer view of the face as the rain was blurring her vision , as she neared him , she was shocked , It was Sanskar.
“ Sir…” She literally ran towards him as she sat next to him holding his shoulder and trying to talk to him while he was not responding , tears continuously falling down his eyelids.

Ragini’s heart started beating fast she continuously tried to talk to him but to no avail , “ Let me…Let Me call his wife…” She thought as she tried searching for Sanskar’s phone in his pockets , he was still not responding.
Had it been some normal day , Ragini would have never done that but today , today she felt different , some feeling that life was fading away , life was going away from her , Her heartbeat raising looking at Sanskar’s condition.
She couldn’t find the phone in his pockets…suddenly her eyes feel on Sanskar’s hand which was on the road and the phone fallen near it, She picked it up instantly and tried switching it on…It wasn’t.
“Dead…” She thought angrily as she kept it back on road and again tried to move Sanskar but to no avail.
“ Sir..what happened? Atleast tell me…ok atleast tell me your wife’s…her name is Swara least tell me her number so that I can contact her…” Ragini tried to talk to him , hearing Swara’s name , Sanskar suddenly held her wrist.
“ Don’t take her name…don’t…” He said while Ragini looked at him confused , suddenly she remembered that Sanskar didn’t had good relations with Swara (According to her-read previous Shots for reference) .
“ Ok , Ok sir…” She was trying to speak looking towards her wrist , Sanskar had held it very tightly, it was hurting her now.
“ Go, go away from here…” He said as he left her wrist and again sat looking towards the empty road in thoughts on His Swara.
“ Sir , How can I leave you here…No , I won’t…”She said as she grabbed his wrist now.
“ Sir , I’ll leave you to your house…” She said trying to make him stand while he jerked her hand.
“ Go….” He shouted.
“ Ok sir…Don’t go to your home , come to mine…I won’t leave you in rain for sure…” Ragini said as she realized that Sanskar didn’t wanted to go back.
“ No , Just go away…” He said still thinking of Swara , he couldn’t think of anything else.
Ragini looked at him angrily now ,then she sat down on the wet road next to him while Sanskar suddenly looked at her , “ I said na I won’t leave you here…I won’t , I am also sitting here…” She said turning her face towards the other side angrily.

Ragini herself didn’t knew why she was doing it , She…She was never interested in people , Her interests were only materialistic things but today she felt like doing something for Someone…for Sanskar.
Sanskar kept looking at her angrily as she was facing the other side sitting next to him in rain , he suddenly grabbed her arm and stood up , “Where’s your home?” He asked , he couldn’t leave a girl like that on road , specially the one who was doing it for him.
Ragini smiled a little and then pointed towards the direction , she had completely forgotten about her coffee , she didn’t needed her now as well when she was completely sound and awake by the continuous drops of water on her whole body.
Ragini and Sanskar walked up to Ragini home while Swara still sat down crying.

Author’s Note: Hello friends , How are you? Hope you are doing well , Sorry for my delay…By the way I know most of you may not like today’s part infact maybe all thats why I request , Please read it further only if you trust me , As a writer , as a human , if you wanna say something to me or by-mistake you liked it then please do consider commenting. Now enough of seriousness , I have planned something, I will ask a question (Related to almost anything , to My story , To general Life or to the Writer *tongue out*) and you can answer it if you wish , only if you do , if the question has a answer then I’ll tell it in next part or else will just reply so Question for today , ‘ Did you notice anything peculiar in this part , Something related to a character or a story , if yes , do tell what?” , The part indeed has something , infact 2-3 things that are some kind of really different so answer me if you realized what it is , No answer from me , Don’t wanna disclose the story na…Now Thanks a lot Simi ,Simin ,SwaSan , a , anu ,Arshaanya , Mica , Febi , Vyshu10 , Sorry SwaSan dear for doing what you didn’t wanted , Arshaanya , truly said but no fault of Swara , She is responsible , its Sanskar who needs to Understand.
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