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Shot 3 ;Part 1-
1 week later:
“ Sir , here’s the file……” Ragini said coming in Sanskar’s cabin.

“ Wow , You are really excellent in your work Ms. Gadodia….amazing…” Sanskar said as he looked towards the wall clock , he was expecting the file to be completely at 1:00 , it was 11:30.

“ Thanks sir , I’ll complete the rest files also today…..”Ragini said smiling.
“ Alll???” Sanskar asked shocked.
Ragini happily nodded in a ‘yes’ leaving the cabin.

Sanskar looked at her going shocked , his thoughts moved back to some flashes:
“ Swara yaar , whole day work , work , work…till when will you do all these projects…..” Sanskar said to Swara from back as she was completing one of her collage assignments.

“ Oh God Sanskar , I just want to complete the assignment by today….please , its just over only…..” Swara replied without raising her eyelashes because she was engaged in her work.
“ It’s about to be completed??? I haven’t even started it…..” Sanskar asked shocked.
Swara turned leaving her files , hit him a bit on his head and smiled , “Then start it buddhu……”

“ I’ll start it na Buddhu 2…..” Sanskar said hugging swara smiling while Swara laughed.

“ You buddhu…..”
“ No you…..”
Sanskar smiled , “ She’s just like Swara…” He thought as he looked at her photo kept on the table.
He moved out as he was free and moved about in office. Soon he came near Ragini’s desk where she was looking towards her computer biting her nails tension visible on her face.
“ What happened Miss Gadodia???” He asked as he realized that she didn’t seem to realize that he had arrived.
Ragini stood up as she saw him and looked at him , “ Good afternoon sir….” She said.

“ Good afternoon Miss Gadodia but I asked what happened??” Sanskar said as he came closer to her desk.
“ Sir , My computer has some problem , it seems to hang…….” She said as she tried grasping the Mouse to show him but before that he had already his hand on the Mouse and so her hand was placed on his.

She looked at him tensed but didn’t raise her hand , Sanskar didn’t seem to pay heed to what happened and so tried to move the cursor moving the mouse while her hand was still on his. Ragini , unknown to her own self had a smile on her face while Sanskar was trying hard to move the cursor.
“ Miss Gadodia…..” Sanskar said as Ragini suddenly looked towards the screen realizing what she was doing.
“ Miss Gadodia….” Sanskar again said while this time Ragini looked at him but as an employee.
He pointed towards the mouse through his eyes while she picked up her hand.
“ Sorry Sir….” She said lowering her eyelashes.
“ I think it has some problem , you take some other computer for this work….” Sanskar said as Ragini nodded.
Sanskar left the place while Ragini looked towards her palm and smiled, her smile had something different , a feeling of winning with an added feeling of LOVE.

“ So how was your meeting???” Sanskar asked Swara who was on the other end of the phone.
Swara grasped his photoframe from her table and smiled , “ When you are with me , how it would have been…??”

“ Amazing??” Sanskar asked knowing her answer.
“ Yup….” Swara smiled.
“ By the way , dinner with me today at night…….” Sanskar asked.
“ Ok , I’ll be ready by 9:00 but I hope you don’t have a meeting…” Swara asked like a teacher.
“ No babaa…….” Sanskar said like a cute innocent student who was being questioned by his teacher.
“ Acha Bye……then I need to look good na……I to thought you won’t agree only….” Sanskar said smiling.
“ Sanskar….” Swara said as the phone was cut , she smiled looking towards the receiver.
“ Mere Mr. Buddhu….” She said.
Sanskar ran out towards Ragini’s desk and came to her , “ You got the computer….” He asked as he waved his car keys in a gesture that he was in a hurry.
Ragini nodded confused , “ Ok…” He said as he started walking out.
“ Sir , I am sorry to ask but where are you going???” Ragini asked from back while Sanskar turned looking towards her with a confused look. Ragini lowered her eyelashes.
Hello My sweet readers and writers and friends , I just wanted to inform you that I have my exams starting in this month while will go on till the end of March so Ii may not be able to Read your works as well as write my ff’s for a few days , though I’ll try my best to come online to read and write but I may not be able to most of the times , Ii hope you all understand that how important studies are so please forgive me , I promise , whenever I am free I’ll try my best to upload my ff’s but please bear with my delays this time , 9th is really difficult and I really don’t want to be a second comer again like I was before , this time I want to be the first so please pray for me and wait for a while , hope you understand , Love you all……be happy…..

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